Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 10

Royal Pain

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 16, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Royal Pain
Kim is forced by Ron to join the race for class president, but when they bring home a spoiled Prince who is in danger, he runs against Kim.

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  • A pain to watch

    So much is wrong with this episode. For starters Kim and Ron aid a snobbish prince who looks down on them because of his title and royal line. Prince Wally should've be more grateful or sought help from someone else. His father the King should've scolded him for being so ungrateful, arrogant and bratty. After all they are risking their lives for his safety and he is so spoiled. (I bet the King wasn't much good as a father). Heck this episode deserves a negative rating and here's why.

    To better hide the prince, they fly him to the States where he acts like a ungrateful guest. Most people would throw him out of their homes. And while at school where the prince should be hiding by acting like a typical student and thus blending in, he decides to run for class president against Kim! To make it worse, Kim's best friend Ron helps Wally by being his campaign manager. Talk about betrayal. By advertising Prince Wally for Class President, his enemies the Knights of Rodeghan find him and seek to take his life. Kim manages to save the prince but then it gets worse because when the votes are counted, Wally has an astronomical win with all but two votes. Seriously is the school full of a bunch of shallow idiots who only voted for Wally just because he was a prince? Didn't Wally have any other good positive traits besides being a prince and the ablity to flatter? If they voted for Kim, they would at least voted for someone who did great services and actually care about others, willing to defend them. At least have some 20% of the student body vote for her and maybe a few for Brick. The funny and cool parts are few and far between. Class elections are overdone and in real life if you betray your close/best friend for a self serving snob you'll have a very serious soul searching and apologizing to do. Regaining that friendship or trust back takes quite some time, isn't easy, or always possible.

    This episode was very dissatifying and a displeasure to watch.moreless
  • elections...

    Wow. I can't count how many episodes and shows and movies that have played on the student election idea. It's overdone and boring. In this episode, a rich, obnoxious prince comes to the US to live with Kim and Ron. He decides to run for office, annoying Kim. The story in this episode just wasn't interesting. On top of that, the prince was really annoying. His voice was annoying and his snobbiness was annoying. From what I can tell, a lot of people didn't like this episode. Overall, I didn't like it either. There were a few funny parts, but it was generall boring.moreless
  • Not good. At all.

    Okay, this episode was not good. At all. I don't liked the "royalty lives with average people" theme. It just doesn't take to me that much.

    And, well, the prophecies and the villains, and all, I just found it to be, well, not the best stuff I've seen.

    And Wally? He was a horrible character. Pompous, arrogant, looking down on everyone else, I mean, come on. Fair enough, he's supposed to be that "spoiled prince" character. But, I don't really like those types of characters. Done deal. That's nothing I can do anything about, really. Well, as I said, not good. At all. 5.7/10moreless
  • How bad is this episode? So bad that even if Prince Wally hadn't been so annoying, it still would've been flat out dull. Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS is the worst episode of Kim Possible.moreless

    This episode was nothing but a giant pile of horse crap, to this day I'm trying to figure out how this got past planning stages.

    Why is this episode so bad, lets get the reasons of why this episode sucks so much (believe me, there are alot of them) out of the way.

    -First the plot involving knights in the 21st century was terribly convulted (even for this show). Let me repeat that, "Knights in the 21st century", who thought up this crap and thought it was a good idea?

    -Second, the class president stuff is played @ this day and age, and this episode did nothing to make it seem more original. But it gets worse.

    -Prince Wally decides to run for class prez, but stupidly puts himself in the spotlight to make himself a target. Not that I cared, because the minute he got to the U.S., I didn't care if it was Disney Channel, I wanted somebody(even the dull villains) to tear apart Prince Wally right on the spot.

    -Speaking of the villains, the Knights of Rodeghan are easily the worst villains this show has ever seen. Sure we've had some villains that seemed bad on paper (Frugal Lucre, the Mathter) but they were out for laughs. The knights (heck this episode) trying to be serious made this episode worse.

    -Next, Ron was so out of character it's not even funny. Say what some of you might say about Ron past season 1, but at least you never saw him try to stab his best friend (since Pre-K)in the back for an unlikable snob. This totally went against his Charlie Brown-esque charm.

    Kim getting two votes didn't bother me that much like it did some other people. I can let a certain margin of logic slide on this show. Not much, but some. Usually I'd complain about Prince Wally not being seen again for continuity, but I can let it go as long as I never see or hear Prince Wally ever, ever again. The only positive I can see in this episode is Barkin's bit at the beginning.

    So there it is Royal Pain, easily the low point of the series. Season 1, had more clunkers (Downhill, All The News, Monkey Ninjas in Space, and THIS episode all come to mind) in a season than the others so far, but if a worse episode could ever be seen from this show, I'll be shocked.If you liked this episode, then God have mercy on your soul.moreless
  • This episode is about when a royal person joins Kim school because she has to save him from something.

    When Ron nominates Kim to run for class president, Bonnie nominates Brick Flagg to run against her, much to Kim’s dismay. However, when Kim is assigned to bodyguard a spoiled prince from an ancient prophecy that predicts his doom, she is forced to deal with his constant bickering while worrying about her own campaign; though matters only get worse when Prince Wally runs against her for the presidential elections, which not only gets the attention of the school, but the attention of the knights who seek his demise as well. This episode had a lot of action but it wasn't a good episode. There was something missing but this was just not a very good episode but we finally get to see Kim with her hair tied as a pony tail. :Dmoreless
John O'Hurley

John O'Hurley

King Wallace II / Ancient King

Guest Star

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Prince Wally

Guest Star

Corey Burton

Corey Burton

Officer Hobble

Guest Star

Gary Cole

Gary Cole

Mr. Dr. Possible

Recurring Role

Patrick Warburton

Patrick Warburton

Steve Barkin

Recurring Role

Brian George

Brian George


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • This is one of two episodes where Mr. Barkin has blonde hair, with the other episode being Tick-Tick-Tick. He has brown hair for the rest of the series.

    • When Kim pastes up her own posters, her bottom lip is showing and both her lips are flesh-colored.

    • As Kim tells Wally and Ron what the tapestry said, Ron's sandwich is made of white bread. When Brick sits down, both his and Ron's sandwiches are made of brown bread. By the end of the scene, Brick's sandwich is on white bread, and Ron's is on brown.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • (In the Middleton High gym hall)
      Mr. Barkin: Listen up, people. Time has come to choose Middleton High's new student government. Class president is a magnificent burden, an excruciating opportunity. Now, let's have some nominations for this glorious, thankless task. (no one gets nominated) It's a democracy, people! Now, do as I say! Let's hear some nominations!
      Ron: (Kim elbows Ron in the arm) Huh? Mr. Barkin, from the great State of Confusion, I am proud to nominate our next class president, Kim Possible. (everyone applaudes)
      Rufus: Second.
      Ron: Done and done, KP.
      Kim: (annoyed) Ron! I wanted to run for class president, not class clown!
      Ron: Suit yourself. Clowns have more fun.
      Mr. Barkin: Challengers?
      Bonnie: I nominate Brick Flagg.
      Kim: (surprised) What?
      Brick: What?
      Mr. Barkin: The cheerleader versus the quarterback... classic.
      Ron: Don't worry, KP. Brick Flagg may be the most popular jock in school, but you have something he doesn't. You've got Ron Stoppable as your campaign manager!
      Kim: (sarcastic) Great.

    • (At the day of the class president election)
      Mr. Barkin: Alright, that's two votes for Kim Possible, zero votes for Brick Flagg... nine-hundred and ninety-eight for Prince Wally!
      Brick: You had my vote, Dude! Way to go!
      Ron: The guy has leadership experience! He's very good at giving orders!
      Prince Wally: Well, this was quite an invigorating race!
      Kim: It sure was.
      King Wallace: Congratulations, son!
      Prince Wally: Daddy! You made it!
      King Wallace: I wouldn't miss it for the world! Now we must go home so that you may continue to prepare to take over the crown!
      Prince Wally: Yes, actually, Daddy, there's something I've been meaning to speak to you about. I decided that after you retire, I would like run for president of our land!
      King Wallace: Presidents don't get to wear the day coat with the ermine trim.
      Prince Wally: Oh, I hadn't thought of that. Oh, well, sacrifices must be made. This contest has shown me that democracy is, as my Middleton peeps would say, bon-diggity!
      King Wallace: Democracy?! But that means no more kings!
      Ron: The prophecy! The monarchy ends with Wallace the Third! It came true!
      King Wallace: So it has.
      Kim: Cool! Now you can go home and show the democracy thing.
      Prince Wally: No, Kim, I've decided to stay in Middleton and finish my term as class president. It's a magnificent burden.
      Ron: (excited) Wally's staying!
      Kim: (down)That's great... just great.

    • (the Knights of Rodigan are arrested)
      Officer Hobble:: So, you expect me to believe that these knights came to Middleton Mini Golf to carry out some kind of ancient prophecy type deal?
      Kim: Officer Hobble, I can't make this stuff up!
      Ron: Did you get the part about me in there?
      Officer Hobble: (angry) Vandalism to the Mini Titanic?!
      Ron: And my name again is Barkin. Mr. Steve Barkin. That's B-A-R...
      (Prince Wally jumps down from the tree he was hiding in)
      Prince Wally: Kim Possible, you saved my life!
      Kim: No big. Just doing the teen hero thing.
      Prince Wally: No, you are a true leader. You have my vote.
      Kim: Well, that's at least two votes.

    • (The Knights of Rodigan has Wally cornered)
      Knight #1: Now, about you.
      Prince Wally: (panicked) Ah! Please! My father will give you anything! Whatever you want! Please!
      (Ron and Rufus loosen a ship decoration, and it slides toward the knights)
      Ron: The Titanic's going down... again!
      Prince Wally: Gold! Jewels! Just speak the word, and I will grant you...
      (the ship knocks the knights away)
      Prince Wally: Nothing! On second thought, I will grant you nothing!
      (they grab him again)
      Prince Wally: (scared) Ah! Please! I'll give you anything!
      (Kim uses her grappling gun and gets Wally up in a tree)
      Kim: Stay here, and be quiet!
      Knight #1: The prophecy never mentioned her!
      Kim: Prophecy, schmophecy.
      (Kim knocks one of them over)
      Kim: Maybe you should rethink this whole career choice!
      Knight #2: Richie?
      (the knight falls unconscious)
      Knight #2: That's it! No more Mr. Nice Knight!
      (he throws the morning star at Kim, and it explodes)
      Knight #2: All too easy!
      (he notices Kim clinging to another building)
      Knight #2: Give it up, girl!
      (she jumps down, on the other side of the geyser)
      Knight #2: We don't want you. We only want the prince.
      (the geyser knocks him unconcious)
      Kim: Old Faithful, indeed.
      Ron: Boo-yah!

    • (at the golf course)
      Prince Wally: (impatient) Where is that caddy?
      Rufus: (angry) Degrading me to this!
      (Prince Wally hits the golf ball, and it goes in, but then comes out again)
      Prince Wally: Hey! By royal decree, I demand a do-over!
      (the building explodes, and a knight appears. Kim appears in the last minute, and knocks him over)
      Kim: I can not allow you to smash my presidential opponent!
      Prince Wally: Oh, thank goodness you've arrived! Does this mean I can leave?
      (another knight runs at them with a morning star)
      Ron: A pointy ball stick! (it fires laser beams) Aah! Laser pointy ball stick!
      Knight #1: Awaiting the light of a full harvest moon...
      Knight #1 and Knight #2: ...Rodigan's foe will soon face his doom. In the shadow of the palace, it will not be deterred. The monarchy ends with Wallace the Third!
      Prince Wally: Well, as you know, I am known far and wide as Wally, so surly?...
      (one of the knights attack him)
      Kim: Leave him alone!
      Knight #1: This is none of your concern, little girl!
      Ron: The voters will not like this. Kim! Catch!
      (he throws a golf club over to Kim)

    • (Kim is sneaking through the school at nighttime, replacing Wally posters with ones of her own, and then the Kimmunicator beeps)
      Kim: Hey, Wade.
      Wade: How's it going?
      Kim: I'm all over it. I'm putting up oomphier posters, and I'm focus-testing my new hair. Voters wanted it pulled back. What do you think?
      Wade: I mean since the prince is on TV! Do you think the Knights of Rodigan know he's in Middleton?
      Kim: Don't know.
      Wade: The prophecy mentioned a full moon?
      Kim: Sure did.
      Wade: Tonight is a full moon!
      Kim: Yeah, but it's like Wally said. He's no where near the palace. No palace, no prophecy.
      Wade: Where is he now?
      Kim: I'm guessing miniature golfing with his campaign manager... (realises something) At Middleton Mini Golf! The sixth hole... it's a palace!

    • (on the golf course)
      Ron: Your Highness, maybe we've pushed the royal angle too much.
      Prince Wally: (gasps in shock) Bite your tongue!
      Ron: Okay, sure. Being a prince is how you got the voters' attention, but now, they seem to actually like you!
      Prince Wally: As a person? (they laugh)

    • (two Knights of Rodigan are going through the airport in black suits, and they hand over their passports)
      Customs Agent: Is this a country? I've never heard of it.
      Knight: You will.
      Customs Agent: Welcome to Middleton!

    • (Kim runs, entering the Middleton gym hall for cheer practice)
      Kim: Hey, guys! Sorry I'm la... ahh!
      (Kim notices a big banner of Wally)
      Cheerleaders: (admiring voice) Aah! Wally!

    • (Kim is handing out campaign buttons)
      Kim: Vote for me! Kim P!
      Boy: Sorry, I'm already voting for Prince Wally.
      Kim: Oh...

    • (in the school cafeteria)
      Prince Wallace: (after Kim told him of the prophecy) So, for my own good, I should keep a "low profile"?
      Kim: Guys, this is serious! Wally, you are definitely the target! And next week is a full moon!
      Prince Wallace: Hmm, next week also happens to be the election, which you would like very much to win, wouldn't you?
      Ron: She's trying to get you to stop campaigning!
      Prince Wally: Would you forget about the election?!
      Ron: Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?
      Kim: (angry) I would like to save him from the knights of Rodigan!
      Prince Wally: Miss Possible, this prophecy clearly states that I must be in the shadow of the palace. Now, do you see the palace? I don't, do you?
      Kim: That's true, I guess.
      (Prince Wally gets up and is abotu to leave the cafeteria)
      Prince Wally: Farewell, all! I'm off to biology class.
      Everyone: Bye, Wally! Bye! Ta-ta!
      (Brick sits down where Wally was)
      Brick: Man, he could go all the way!
      Ron: Yep, it's looking like prince Wally is our next class president!
      Brick: I bet he'll make regionals.
      Kim: (annoyed) Brick, there are no regionals for class president!
      Brick: Oh, well, he'll definitely be all-state!
      (Kim moans)

    • (In a lab)
      Prince Wallace: (through the Kimmunicator) I assure you, Miss Possible, my best people have examined the tapestry. They found nothing.
      Kim: Can't hurt to double check. Thanks for shipping it over so fast. I'll IM you if I find anything. Bye.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Alright, Kimmie, we're ready to run the sequence.
      Kim: Great. Thanks for letting me use your lab, Dad
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Hey! What's federal funding for?
      (they start to scan the tapestry)
      Mr. Dr. Possible:See anything?
      Kim: Hmm... nothing yet. (something gleams on the tapestry) Hold up! There's something there. Can you widen the beam?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Sure thing.
      (he widens the beam, and some text appears)
      Kim: "Awaiting the light of full harvest moon. Rodeghan's foe will soon face his doom. In the shadow of the palace, we will not deterred... The monarchy ends with Wallace the Third."

    • (at the Possible house, after a short interview on TV about Wally and Kim's competition)
      Reporter: Who will win? The prince or the pauper?:
      Kim: Pauper?!
      Prince Wally: I believe she was referring to you? Well, I shall consider my campaign strategy while lounging in the bath. Excuse me. Who plans to draw it this evening?
      (Kim grunts, whilst Jim and Tim run away)
      Prince Wally: Perhaps you, Mrs. Possible? You haven't been pulling your weight around here of late.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Wally, I think we need to have a little talk about how we do things in the Land of the Free.
      Prince Wally: Blah, blah, blah. Talk is cheap. Three drops, not two, not four, and then sprinkle this lavender. You are a good man and true.
      (Mr. Dr. Possible walks angrily away)
      Prince Wally: I suppose to need some posters and buttons and such. (To Kim) You'll get on that, of course?
      Kim: (angru) No! You shouldn't even be running at all! You weren't even nominated!
      Prince Wally: Oh, I see. You feel threatened! I will gladly withdraw if that's what you want.
      Ron: But that's not what the people want!
      Kim: Those same two guys in the caf?
      Ron: Yes! And Brick is yesterday's news.
      Kim: Really?
      Ron: Totally, it's Wally all the way! I've gotta all planed out. But we have to get started immediately because the Possible campaign is way ahead of us!
      Kim: The Possible Campaign? You're my campaign manager!
      Ron: Yeah, about that. It's like a conflict of interest. Good luck, Kim.
      Kim: I'll just run my own campaign... with less golfing!
      (the Kimmunicator beeps)
      Kim: Hey Wade, what's the sitch?
      Wade: I checked out Rodigan's website!
      Kim: And?
      Wade: I found something. But I can't figured out what it means. "The tapestry holds the truth."
      Kim: Hmm... oh! There was a tapestry in the palace!

    • (a reporter is talking to Wally)
      Reporter: It's not every day that sleepy little town of Middleton plays host to royalty. Prince Wally was kind enough to grant us an interview. Your Highness, we were told you want to endorse someone for the school's upcoming election.
      Prince Wally: Hmm? Oh, yes, yes. That one over there. Kim something or other. A bit high strung to ever be a world class leader, but perfectly adequate for public high school.
      Reporter:Perhaps you think you'd make a better class president?
      Prince Wally: Well, naturally, I had been groomed for greatness.
      Reporter: Are you saying you would be a better president than Kim Possible?
      Prince Wally: No, no, no. I'm not saying that...
      Kim: (relieved) Phew!
      Prince Wally: ...because it goes without saying! (they laugh, whilst Kim is very angry)
      Prince Wally: Hmm, perhaps I shall toss my crown into the ring after all.
      Reporter: Kim Possible, you're running against royalty. How does it feel?
      Kim: (somewhat angry) I relish the competition. After all, that's democracy is all about. Earning the right to lead.
      Prince Wally: Unless, of course, one has the birthright to lead.
      Reporter: There you have it, folks, Middleton High is in for a battle royal!

    • (Outside Middleton High)
      Prince Wally: Please, I beseech you, let me wear my own garments, not these... ugh... commoner rags!
      Kim: You're keeping a low profile, remember?
      Girl: There he is! Prince Wally!
      (Ron is walking through a big crowd of people and press members)
      Ron: Excuse me. Pardon me. Pardon me. Everyone, please listen up, the press conference will begin shortly.
      Kim: (annoyed) Press conference?! What part of low profile don't you understand?!
      Ron: Kim, your campaign needs a boost!
      Kim: Are you going on again about how popular Brick is?
      Ron: Sure, he's popular, but he's never have a prince to endorse him... on TV!

    • (at the kitchen in the Possible residence)
      Prince Wally: (in a song-tone) Oh, Mrs. Possible!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: (with the same tone) Yes?
      Prince Wally: My cucumber sandwiches must have the crusts removed before they are presented to me.
      (Mrs. Dr. Possible takes Kim out of the kitchen)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: (angry) Kim!
      Kim: Mom, I know! But Wally won't be here long, just 'till he's out of danger.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: (angry) I'll show him danger if he doesn't get a clue!
      Prince Wally: (in the same song-tone) Oh, Mrs. Possible!

    • (after lasers have stopped)
      Ron: What... was that?
      King Wallace: (worried) Wally! Wally! Where's my son?
      (Prince Wally arrives)
      Prince Wally: Tea time!
      King Wallace: (delighted) Oh, thank heavens! Oh! You see, Miss Possible, I have urgent need of your services. You simply must stay.
      Kim: Can't.
      King Wallace: But my son is not safe here.
      Kim: But I have to get back for the school for the election.
      Prince Wally: What's an "election"?
      Ron: Something we'll lose if we don't get back on the campaign trail.
      King Wallace: I've got it! What say Wally tag along with you? America is so much larger than our land. It would be a perfect place to hide.
      (Prince Wally claps his hands in excitement)
      Kim: Well...
      Prince Wally: (excited) Is your crib in a hood? Oh! That could be quite exhilarating!

    • (lasers are shooting at Ron)
      Kim: (in the Kimmunicator) Wade. Come in, Wade.
      Wade: (in pyjamas) Do you have any idea what time it is here?
      Kim: Are you picking up any aircraft in this area?
      Wade: No, my scans show nothing.
      Kim: Scan higher. There's gotta be something.
      (something beeps)
      Wade: Hey, that's weird.
      Kim: What?
      Wade: I'm picking up a satellite in geosynchronous orbit.
      Kim: Government? Military?
      Wade: Private. Some company called Rodigan Industries.
      Kim: The Knights of Rodigan! I need the communicator to broadcast a scramble signal!
      (Kim jumps on the go-kart)
      Kim: Stop!
      Ron: You got it, KP!
      (Ron stops the go-kart)
      Wade: The laser fire should stop about... now!
      (the laser fire stops)
      Ron: Hey!
      Kim: You rock in stereo, Wade!
      Wade: (tired) Can I go back to sleep now?

    • (Kim is talking with King Wallace)
      Kim: I just can't believe that there are knights in this day and age.
      King Wallace: Oh, they're quite modern. They have a website.
      Kim: A website?
      King Wallace: They have embraced the 21st century. And they are more determined now than ever to abolish the monarchy.
      Kim: Well, no offence, Your Majesty, but how do you know that this website is really run by these knights? It could be hackers playing a prank.
      King Wallace: No. I fear for my son.

    • (at the go-kart course)
      Ron: (about racing jumpsuits) Can I wear these?
      Prince Wally: A commoner wearing my racing togs?!
      Ron: Ew! No! Not your togs, just your clothes!
      Prince Wally: (thinks) Hmm... I suppose I could just have them burned later.
      (Ron puts on the racing jumpsuits)
      Ron: Yeah, baby! Let's ride!
      (they start to drive)
      Ron: Woo-hoo!
      Rufus: Woo-hoo!
      (Wally drives another route than Ron, without him noticing)
      Prince Wally: Ta-ta! Common Ron!
      Ron: It's good to be royalty! You get go-carts!

    • (Kim is talking with King Wallace)
      Kim: So, what's this all about, Your Majesty?
      King Wallace: (sighs) I have a problem. A terrible, ancient problem.
      Kim: Ancient?
      King Wallace: It all started centuries ago with our first king. Unfortunately, my ancestor ruled the kingdom with cruel arrogance.
      (flashback of Wallace the 1st)
      Subject: Please, Highness! My entire flock ran away and I need a few days to pay me taxes.
      Ancient King: (burps) Cry me a moat. Off to the tower with you.
      King Wallace: He was despised by his subjects, particularly his own knights... the Knights of Rodigan. They were determined to dethrone him. Secret plans were drafted, but they failed. (we see a flashback of the knights trying to attack the king, but failing) Their grudge was passed down from generation to generation. Even today the descendents of the knights are still out there, still plotting to end the royal lineage.
      Kim: If your royal family has been okay for all this generation, what's the problem now?
      King Wallace: You've met my son. "Weak Link Wally", as the press has so cruelly dubbed him.
      Kim: Oh, yeah.

    • (At King Wallace's castle)
      Prince Wally: What's up, homey homes? I'm your main dude, brother man and such.
      Kim: Uh, hello. I'm Kim, and this is Ron.
      Prince Wally: Hold that thought and if you could sidestep just a smidge... sun in my eyes.
      Ron: (enthusiastic) I'm on it!
      Kim: Wait a second, Ron. Uh... Wally?
      Prince Wally: Royal Highness! If it is all the same.
      Kim: (annoyed) Couldn't you just move over a few inches, Royal Highness?
      Prince Wally: If I fancied to move, I suppose I could.
      Kim: But you don't fancy.
      Prince Wally: I haven't given it much thought, have I?
      (A trumpet blows, and the King arrives)
      Prince Wally: Daddy!
      Ron: (kneels) King Wallace, dude.
      Rufus: (giggles) Hi.
      King Wallace: (ignores Ron) Kim Possible! Welcome to our kingdom.
      (he shakes hands with Kim, but Ron interrupts)
      Ron: We are here for you, Your Majesty. (he giggles)
      Ron: (to Kim) Your Majesty... how cool is that?
      King Wallace: You must be Wade! The super genius who runs Kim's website.
      Ron: Uh, no, I'm Ron. Ron Stoppable... sidekick?
      King Wallace: Oh,... I've never heard of you.
      Ron: Right. U-huh. That because I prefer to, you know, work behind the scenes. I do all the important..
      King Wallace: Hmm... Miss Possible, could I speak to you... (points to Ron) privately?
      Kim: Sure.
      Ron: See? I cover Kim! I'm backup!
      King Wallace: Excuse me, Don, but I really need to speak to Miss Possible... alone.
      (Wallace and Kim leaves)
      Ron: That's Ron! (spelling) R-O-N! Thank you.
      Prince Wally: Well, I'm bored. So I'm off to ride the royal go-cart.
      Ron: (excited) Go-cart? Freestyle!
      Prince Wally: Oh, um, would you like to come?
      Ron: Dude, I'm all about go-carts!
      Prince Wally: Very well.

    • (At the Middleton airport)
      Kim: They sent the royal jet! Spankin'!
      Ron: As campaign manager, I must veto this mission. This whole "helping thing" is definitely not helping you in the polls.
      Kim: What polls?
      Ron: These two guys I talked to in the caf.
      Kim: Let's worry about my poll numbers later.

    • (At a minigolf course)
      Ron: Imagine the ball going not only into the Eiffel Tower, but through it.
      Kim: What is this to do with my campaign? Bonnie's probably painted dozen of "Pick Brick" posters by now.
      Ron: Kim, duh! The best political strategies are figured out on the golf course. Now let's move on the Old Faithful, shall we?
      Kim: (annoyed) I don't care about the big political deals! I wanna help the people!
      Ron: Kim, you gonna have to cut out this serious thing if you wanna beat Brick. Voters hate that! Or maybe you should get a dog! Voters like dogs.
      Kim: I...
      (the Kimmunicator rings)
      Kim: What's the sitch, Wade?
      Wade: We got a hit from the majesty King Wallace.
      Kim: And should I know who that is?
      Wade: He rules a tiny European nation.
      Ron: How tiny?
      Wade: The Middleton Mall is more crowded. Anyway, he has a son, Prince Wally, who needs your help.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Knight: All too easy.

      Towards the end, one of the knights says "All too easy" as he is trying to defeat Kim. Darth Vader said this same line as he was trying to defeat Luke in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back. He and Vader were fighting on Cloud City. Luke fell into the carbon freezing chamber as Vader used the force to activate the lever. (All too easy!) Luke escaped, as did Kim.

    • Sleeping Beauty:

      The ancient king looks exactly like King Hubert from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. The outfit, the beard, the necklace -- right down to the eating chicken on a bone thing.

    • Prince Wallace (about the bubble bath liquid): Three drops. Not four, not two.

      This is a spin on the famous line from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie. The actual scene is "The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch", in which the second brother speaks the following lines:

      "First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three. No more. No less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then, lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it."