Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 6

Rufus in Show

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 22, 2003 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Dogs in international shows have to have part of their voice box removed so they won't bark and distub. However in this fancy show, the dogs could bark normally.

    • Collars in dog shows are to be choker collars, but in this episode they are wearing normal collars

    • Ron pays off the dog show judge with a blue five dollar bill.

    • Kim's left glove appears and disappears as she lands on Sam's boat.

    • When Kim is being told what to feed Gigi, the red can flips from one hand to the other and then back again.

    • When Kim swings out from under the bridge overhanging the eel moat, she turns on a pair of jet-powered rollerblades, however stealth suits would not have something that loud.

  • Quotes

    • Kim: (when Falsetto hooks her and Ron up to the death trap) Uh... aren't you going to leave now?
      Falsetto: Leave? Why would I do that?
      Ron: Well, usually the villain says his bad pun, then, you know, leaves us to our doom.
      Falsetto: But then I'd miss the show. Where'd the fun be in that? I'm not going anywhere.
      Kim: Okay, but I should warn you you are really broaching a supervillain tradition here.

    • Ron: The Peruvian Hairless saves the day.
      Kim: Rufus is definitely best in show.
      (Rufus sighs with pride)

    • Judge: I'm, eh, still not seeing anything here in the official --
      Ron: Maybe you should consult with my friend Mr. Lincoln. See if he can help improve your eyesight a bit, if you -- y'know -- catch my drift.
      Kim: Ron! This is a prestigious international competition.
      Ron: And I'm speaking the prestigious international language of cold hard cash!
      Kim: Five dollars is hardly --
      Judge: Ah, yes! Here it is. A Hairless Peruvian. Very good. (pockets money)

    • Falsetto: (of Rufus) He's a Naked Mole Rat. Purchased at the Middleton Smarty Mart by a Mr. Ron Stoppable, sidekick to teen hero, Kim Possible. I ran a check on his autograph.

    • Falsetto: I think you'll find this quite shocking.
      Kim: Called that one.

    • Ron: Ok! You can hit the button for the parachute any time now.
      Kim: Sorry. No parachute.
      Ron: No Parachute?!

    • Ron: Sorry, KP, The low profile thing didn't exactly work out.

    • Ron: Of course, there's a time for spirit, and a time for laying low!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Kim: "Hit it Sam."

      Line often spoken by "Hondo" Harrelson to the unheralded sixth member of the team--Sam, the driver of the S.W.A.T. van.

    • Title: Rufus in Show:

      "Rufus in Show" is a parody of the movie title "Best in Show" which focuses on the eccentric dog owners who enter their dogs in a nation-wide dog show.