Kim Possible - Season 3

Disney Channel (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • 6/10/06
    Junior attempts to rob the Tower of London, but accidentily tries to rob a movie set replica. Kim and Ron go to stop them and perform an extreme mid air stunt and the movie set's director offers them a movie, which they happily agree to. Kim now must deal with Heather, an actress who is going to be her in the movie taking her friends, and Ron has to deal with Quinn, an actor who is going to be him in the movie act completely opposite of him. All of this while they have to stop Junior who is out for revenge on the director for not putting him in the movie.moreless
  • Gorilla Fist
    Episode 12
    Yori’s sensei has been kidnapped and all evidence indicates that Lord Monkey Fist is responsible for it. Yori comes to Middleton to get Ron, in which Yori and Ron head off to South America to attempt to stop Lord Monkey Fist. However, when Kim starts to grow suspicious about Yori’s sudden appearance in Middleton, she heads after them to get to get to the bottom of their predicament.moreless
  • Team Impossible
    Episode 12
    When Team Impossible demands that Kim cease her duties as a teen hero, Kim is caught between a choice to live a normal life or continue to help save people. However, even should she decide to keep saving the world on a regular basis, can she outmatch three of the highest paid heroes in the world who have everything at their disposal, even their own theme song?moreless
  • Rappin Drakken
    Episode 10
    After Kim constantly foils Dr. Drakken’s evil plans, he decides to try to take over the world through his brain washing shampoo “Lather, Rinse, Obey”. However, the shampoo sells horribly and after talking with Shego, he learns that items mentioned in hip-hop music usually sells quite quickly. When his attempts to persuade a star to use his produce in their song, he enters an “American Idol” type contest in order to become a star long enough to make his shampoo sell. However, with Kim on his trail, will she be able to foil his plan once again?moreless
  • Roachie
    Episode 9
    Chester Yapsby has stolen a top-secret project that is capable of making insects grow to incredible heights. Kim is contacted for the assignment because she never fails to get a job done, though when it turns out that the giant cockroaches bother Kim as she has a personal fear of insects. Ron must help her overcome her fear in order to save the day. Meanwhile, Ron names one of the cockroaches Roachie and decides to keep it as a pet, much to Kim’s chagrin.moreless
  • Overdue
    Episode 8
    When Mrs. Hatchet discovers that Kim has an overdue library book, KP's cheerleading activities are suspended. Ron realises that he lost the book, and he has to retrace his steps through the last few missions he and Kim went on to save Kim from...library lock-up!
  • So The Drama Movie
    So The Drama Movie
    Episode 7
    Drakken’s latest scheme is so perplexing that even Kim and Shego can’t figure it out. As if that were enough, Kim still doesn't have a date for the prom; though Ron is more concerned with the fact that Bueno Nacho is now under new management. However, when Kim falls in love with Erik, a new student at Middleton High, Ron becomes jealous and realizes that he has feelings for Kim. As Drakken comes closer to achieving his goal, Kim and Ron will have to come to grips with their feelings as they go on their greatest adventure yet. An adventure that will not only decide the future of the world, but their own as well.moreless
  • It's time for the Junior Prom; it's also time for the latest scheme from Dr. Drakken to take over the world. However, two things make this attempt different: First, Drakken has a plan that may actually succeed---much to the chagrin of Ron, because it involves a major makeover (and takeover) of Bueno Nacho. Second, the blue-skinned antagonist has been searching for a weakness in Kim, and he may have legitimately stumbled onto something.

    This is one of the seminal movies/episodes in the series, as it leads to a very crucial development in Kim and Ron's relationship. Hints dropped in previous episodes come to fruition with "So the Drama".

  • Kim's night at the prom is interrupted when Ron bursts in to warn guests about the Little Diablos, toys that come packed inside Bueno Nacho kids' meals. Kim leaves with Ron and gets ready to confront Dr. Drakken by donning a robot battle suit.
  • Ron is dismayed when he discovers his favorite fast-food restaurant, Bueno Nacho, is under new management. While Ron distresses over the changes being made at the eatery, Kim grows closer to Eric, a new boy at school.
  • Dimension Twist
    Episode 6
    When Kim discovers that Ron has missed practice and their daily trip to Bueno Nacho, she finds out that television is the reason he has been busy. She manages to get him and they head out to stop Dr. Drakken and Shego to get back the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer, but when his laser goes awry and sucks them into a television world, Ron’s newfound knowledge of television may just prove useful.moreless
  • Showdown at the Crooked D
    Kim goes with her brothers and her father to visit her uncle’s ranch in Montana, in which Ron decides to go along because he figures that he’ll be able to be lazy at the ranch. However, when Dr. Drakken decides to hold a convention for the smartest people in the world, he uses his “silly hats” to make them ignorant so that he may become the best genius in the world. It’s up to Kim to save the day once again, though she soon learns that she may need help from her family; especially her cousin Joss who considers Kim her idol.moreless
  • Bad Boy
    Episode 4
    Kim is forced to battle her own sidekick after a freak accident causes Ron's personality to mirror Drakken's.
  • Bonding
    Episode 3
    When Kim and Ron go to stop Professor Dementor from stealing from a top-secret research laboratory, Ron inadvertently catches Dementor’s “Bondo-Ball” in his pocket, which he accidentally triggers later that day. When Ron rushes into Mr. Barkin and gets stuck to him, he rushes to warn Kim but discovers that she is already stuck to Bonnie. Now Kim and Ron must work with their enemies while trying to cope with what occurred to them and there’s still Professor Dementor to worry about; but will Kim and Ron gain any insight towards the life of their enemies through the ordeal?moreless
  • Emotion Sickness
    Episode 2
    While trying to stop Dr. Drakken, Kim gets into a fight with Shego in which they accidentally get a microchip attached to each of them that can control their emotions. However, when Ron accidentally picks up the control device instead of Kim’s communicator, he thinks it’s a game and he inadvertently controls Kim and Shego’s moods, in which he puts on romance mode before he and Kim go to school. Ron must now deal with Kim’s sudden advances towards him while trying to determine what he should do about the situation, all the while Drakken is dealing with a suddenly love-stricken Shego.moreless
  • Steal Wheels
    Episode 1
    When Dr. Drakken is ordered by his mother to look after his cousin which turns out to be Motor Ed, Drakken and Motor Ed work together to complete a “Doomvee”, which is a Humvee that is full of superior weaponry. Meanwhile, Kim is feeling alone because Ron is spending the weekend with Felix instead of her, which causes her to become desperate because she needs some social interaction. Kim attempts to hang out with Ron and Felix despite the fact that she hates doing whatever they do, but when Dr. Drakken and Motor Ed steal Felix’s wheelchair, they work together to see if they can retrieve his wheelchair back and put an end to their evil plan.moreless