Kim Possible

Season 3 Episode 7

So The Drama Movie

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Apr 08, 2005 on Disney Channel
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So The Drama Movie
Drakken’s latest scheme is so perplexing that even Kim and Shego can’t figure it out. As if that were enough, Kim still doesn't have a date for the prom; though Ron is more concerned with the fact that Bueno Nacho is now under new management. However, when Kim falls in love with Erik, a new student at Middleton High, Ron becomes jealous and realizes that he has feelings for Kim. As Drakken comes closer to achieving his goal, Kim and Ron will have to come to grips with their feelings as they go on their greatest adventure yet. An adventure that will not only decide the future of the world, but their own as well.moreless

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  • Kim possible

    It's awesome
  • A James Bond tribute if there ever was one, and some high school romance of course.

    The first part of this KP movie is through and through a tribute to James Bond, although there were elements of that in plenty of earlier episodes. There's not only the title sequence but the entire operation 'undercover' into the night club, with the glamour dresses, the evil guy who likes silly games and so on... With the twist that the 'spy' is a girl, of course.

    The second part focusses on Ron loosing everything he ever believed in ('I feel like as though a loop has just been formed, and I'm not in it.'), leading to brilliant scenes at Bueno Nacho and the old treehouse. And the third part is 'old school' KP, with Kim bringing down Drakken with support of her family and always-there Ron. But saving the world clearly comes second to personal life in this ep, with Kim barely willing to leave the prom.

    You know from the start how it's going to end and subtlety is still not KP's strong point. But still there are some beautiful moments in this ep: Ron looking away when they change into their night club outfits, the treehouse scene, Kim's mom looking at the old picture of Kim and Ron, the tear in Kim's eye as Shego scratches her arm open, and even the final scene. There's also a lot of attention to Kim's 'girly side': the split-dress, the girl room, the dress fittings at Club Banana, the ravishing new battle dress. Clearly the writers are making Kim more of an adult, something which would be stressed even more in the final season.

    The characters still don't have the depth of the DP-cast, but there working on it. Well done.moreless
  • Greatest Kim Possible movie ever!

    Wh000T! Ron and Kim are together now! This kind of reminds me of Danny and Sam's relationship. Well, lets see, they're best friends and one of them saves the world more than half of the time.

    Anyway, this movie starts with Kim saving a famous toy tycoon. Later when Kim and Ron get to school, Bonnie's bragging that she has Brick to take to the prom and saying Kim will end up with Ron ( which, of course, really happens... ) but Kim doesn't seem very happy about this. She says that she doesn't get guys because of her crime fighting. Then she meets the boy of her dreams, Eric. Unfortunatly, Eric is a Sntho-drone. The movie ends with Kim and Ron kissing. *Best way to end a movie!*moreless
  • This is a very great movie. Even better than "A Sitch in Time."

    Like I said, this movie is very good. It has a good plot. The end of the movie with Kim and Ron sort of was really nice. It had a good song with it. I loved that song. The scene before the end of the movie with Kim, Ron, and Rufus having defeated Drakken, Shego, and Erik was really funny because Drakken FINALLY said Ron's name! I also liked the scene when Ron lost his mind over the "bendy straws." Mr. Possible was pretty good in the movie. Like when Erik said he would have Kim back by 10, James said "Wow, this young fellow's got it going on!" That was good. I liked that music that played when Kim battled Shego after they knocked out the sumo ninja at Bueno Nacho HQ. The perfect movie. I find it to be Action/Romance. Okay, see you all later.moreless
  • Drama.

    I think this show is drama. When watching it, it was ASOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMME! It is also Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny. I think I will see it on tv. Hope Adresta like it. Have a Kimmie Kimmy day tv. Love

    Zbrittany and Adresta. We like Kim Possible. We liked enjoying it. Create more shows. Have a tv daie.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (20)

    • At the start of the movie, as a guy jumps off of the parade float, the Wilhelm Scream can be heard. The Wilhelm Scream is a popular sound effect used by producers when characters fall a great distance.

    • When Kim and Ron get out of the water outside of the casino, Kim doesn't have an air tank with her. Then during the scene where Kim is putting on her dress, Rufus is by an air tank, and there is another one next to him.

    • When Kim activates her rocket skates in the beginning, she presses a button on her glove. After she takes off the skates, that button is gone.

    • This is the second time Kim and Ron kiss, but this time, neither of them was under the influence of a emotion controlling microchip. It should also be noted that this is the third time that Kim kissed Ron, as she kissed him on the check under the misletoe in A Very Possible Christmas, but he did not kiss her.

    • Towards the end, Ron acts like Drakken has never said his name before, but Drakken repeatedly said it in the episode Ron Millionaire.

    • When Ron tells Erik that Kim owes him a soda from before he met her, he is referring to when they jinxed each other in the episode Bueno Nacho.

    • In another episode, Day of the Snowmen, Ron said that the Diablo sauce was discontinued from Bueno Nacho, but in this episode, he is offered Diablo sauce at Bueno Nacho.

    • Shego: Like I said...

      When Shego says this line, her mouth is not moving.

    • Featured Music:
      1. "Call Me! Beep Me!" remix
      2. "Why Don't You Kiss Her?" -Jesse McCartney
      3. "Get Your Shine On" -Jesse McCartney
      4. "Could It Be" -Christy Carlson Romano

    • The photographs in the front hall of Kim's house include some of Pre-K Kim, pre-teen Kim and Ron, and Kim's cousin Joss from "Showdown at the Crooked D"

    • When the sumo ninja attacks Kim and Ron in Bueno Nacho HQ, he has two pairs of nunchucks. When he picks up Ron, the nunchucks disappear. When he gets knocked out, one of the nunchucks reappears for a brief second before disappearing again as the sumo ninja crashes to the floor.

    • When Erik asks Ron "Who's that?" and points to Kim, she's wearing a teal shirt. When she is shown in the next shot, her shirt is red.

    • Just before Kim and Ron walk into the prom holding hands, Bonnie, Brick, and Monique are surrounded by people in the foreground. When Kim and Ron arrive, however, the people disappear. In the next shot, they're back again.

    • Ron: "Note serious face." This line was first used by Ron in Sink or Swim.

    • When Rufus digs Kim's laser lipstick out of her backpack, he activates it and implicitly cuts something offscreen, presumably the ropes that are binding Kim. In the next shot however, Rufus climbs up on the same ropes and cuts them.

    • When the Diablos first change, the "D" on their forehead changes to a Samurai helmet ornament. In the shot just before this happens, however, the shadow looming over the Possible family and Ron indicates that this has already occurred.

    • When Kim is battling the synthodrones in Drakken's lair, a shot from the death ray burns off part of her sleeve. When she is shown just seconds later, her shirt is whole again.

    • Before their romantic revelation at the end of the movie, Kim and Ron had three moments. First, at school, second, in the tree house (Interrupted by Erik), and third when they were tied up (Interrupted by Rufus).

    • Ron lost his pants three times in this movie. First, he was shot out by his blaster briefs, then he forgot them at the mall, then they fell off after he ko'd the sumo ninja.

    • When the manager gives Ron his order there's already a straw in his cup, but when Ron sits down the straw is gone.

  • QUOTES (36)

    • Drakken: I have the cash. Do you have the information?
      Big Daddy: Put the money on the table.
      Drakken: Put the information on the table.
      Big Daddy: You go first.
      Drakken: Look, I don't have time for silly games.
      (Big Daddy's bodyguard tosses Drakken to the table Shego is sitting)
      Shego: He likes to play silly games, FYI.

    • Drakken: Milk, bread, eggs? What kind of code is that?
      Big Daddy: It's my grocery list. You are poor in this trading game after all.
      Drakken: (frustrated) Shego!

    • Drakken: Big Daddy, Dr. Drakken. I have a question for...
      Big Daddy: Uh, uh. The password.
      Drakken: Password? What password?
      (Big Daddy's bodyguard tosses Drakken to the table Shego is sitting)
      Shego: Didn't have the password?

    • (After Drakken is foiled)
      Kim: You know, Ron, we better hurry.
      (Ron looks at Rufus, who shrugs)
      Ron: Hurry where?
      (Kim takes Ron's hand)
      Kim: You'll see.

    • (Kim and Ron are in the old treehouse; Eric is below them)
      Ron: He can't come up here.
      Kim: Ron...
      Ron: No, I mean he CAN'T come up here. This treehouse has a weight limit and while I'm holding this slingshot, we're already pushing it.
      (Rufus who is about to eat a nacho, drops it)

    • Eric: (Descending on an escalator towards Kim) Wow, didn't know you cared that much.
      Kim: Eric! You're Okay!(She runs over and gives him a hug)
      Eric: Kim.
      Kim: Eric.(softly)
      Eric: Actually, here I'm known as synthodrone number 901.
      (Kim's eyes grow wide and her pupils shrink to little dots as electricity courses through her body. We hear Eric laughing as Kim passes out)

    • (Kim is flying through the air off the end of Shego's plane when Wade calls)
      Wade: Monique wanted me to patch her through, but you seem kinda busy.
      Kim: Kinda!
      Wade: It wasn't important, just something about Bonnie and Brick.
      Kim: What?! Put her through, like now!
      Wade: Okay, okay.
      Kim: Monique, off or on?
      Monique: On! Again!
      Kim: How many times can two people break up and get back together again?
      Monique: She loves the drama.
      Kim: (scoffs) She just needs a date for the prom. (her eyes grow wide) Oh, this is bad.
      Monique: If you ask me, they deserve each other.
      Kim: No, I mean this (turns Kimmunicator to face a large television screen that she's about to crash into) is bad. Monique, gotta go.

    • Ron: NOOOOOOOOOO!!! (charges the counter) This is the last straw!
      Lars: I beg your pardon?
      Ron: This is the last straw!
      Lars: (picks up a handful of straws) No, we have more in the back.
      Ron: You took away the bendy straws!
      (Ned and Rufus slap their foreheads)
      Lars: You, sir, have lost it.
      Ron: What? Just because I care?
      Lars: About bendy straws? (laughs)

    • (Drakken is in the back of the prison truck after Kim beat him)
      Drakken: Okay, maybe she is all that.

    • Dr. Possible: Alright young man, let's get a few things clear right off the bat!
      Eric: Oh! You read my mind, sir. Now, Kim explained that her normal curfew is ten o'clock, but that on weekends and special rescue missions you extend that to eleven. I'd feel better if we stick with ten.
      Dr. Possible: Really? This young man has got it going on!

    • Jim: Hey, dad's pizza is getting cold.
      Tim: Yeah, can we heat it up?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: (Pulling pizza away) No! The fire department said no more fusion experiments!

    • (Ron reaches into Kim's backpack for something Wade told him to get)
      Ron: What's this? Some coded message?
      Kim: That's my history homework!
      Ron: Ooh, I wouldn't mind a look at that.
      Kim: Ron!

    • Kim: (Talking about Bonnie) Just once, I'd like to make her eat her words!
      Monique: They are low carb.

    • Bonnie: (Talking to Brick on the phone, trying to rub it in Kim's face) Brick, honey, I'll come over when you're done working out. Two hours? Okay. Oh, and don't shower, I like it when you glisten.
      Kim: When you glisten? Can you be any sicker?
      Bonnie: Oh, like you and your BF? Whoops, I forgot, you don't have a BF, do you, Kim? Too busy "saving the world"?
      Kim: You still use air quotes. Huh! Interesting!

    • Brick: Possible shoots, she scores! (Holds up his hand for a clap but Bonnie ignores him)
      Monique: Straight up!
      Bonnie Excuse me!
      Brick: Oh, you're excused. Hey, while you're gone, I'll hang with Monique.
      Monique: Me like.

    • (Kim and Ron are alone tyed up in the storage room of Drakken's HQ)
      Kim: Why couldn't I see that he was a fake?
      Ron: Yeah, it don't get much faker than a Syntho-Drone. (A thought strikes and he gags) Eww! You kissed a Syntho-Drone!
      Kim: I never kissed him (Ron smiles) . . .but I wanted to.
      Ron: (Stops smiling) Okay, too much info.

    • (Kim faces Shego in their major battle)
      Shego: Hey, Eric's cute. Maybe when you're outta the picture, I'll date him!

    • (Ron is giving Eric a tour of the cafeteria and he spots Kim)
      Eric: So, you know her?
      Ron: Shyaa! We're tight!
      Eric: Hooked up?
      Ron: Ewww! Me and Kim? Nooo, no no no. We've been best friends since, you know, forever, but not like that. Yeah, cause she's. . .
      Eric: Extreme steam!
      Ron: Okay. . . let's not talk about her that way ever again! K? K.
      Eric: Whatever's clever.

    • (Ron is giving Eric a tour of the cafeteria and he spots Kim in front of the lunch lady)
      Eric: Who's that?
      Ron: Oh, cafeteria lady. Trust me, you cannot get her fired.
      Eric: No, the girl.
      Ron: Oh, that's Kim. Kim Possible.
      Eric: Weird name.

    • (Kim is showing Eric around the school and they arrive in the cafeteria)
      Ron: This is the cafeteria where I'm told you can find a nutritous hot meal. I haven't yet but your mileage may vary.

    • (Eric just arrives at school)
      Ron: Eric my compadre, you do not know how lucky you are that you ran into Ron Stoppable! I know everything about everything around here.
      Eric: Great! Well, where do I pick up my class assignments?
      Ron: Yeah, I'm not a nuts and bolts guy. I'm more big picture.

    • Mr. Dr. Possible: My teenaged daughter is not afraid of you, why should I be, Drew?
      Dr. Drakken: Argh! I hate it when you call me that! I am not the man you knew in college Possible!
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Still can't get a date though, I'll bet!
      Dr. Drakken: Why is it, that every Possible I capture feels the need to give me lip?! Doesn't anyone respect the captive/captor relationship anymore? Has society just gone completely machine?

    • Bonnie: It finally happened. She's dating that loser! ... Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are dating?! (Bonnie laughs, but everyone else cheers)

    • Shego: (Fighting Kim) You don't know when to quit!
      Kim: Neither do you!
      Shego: True.

    • Eric: (Notices Rufus attacking his shoe) Is that a naked mole rat?
      Ron: Yeah! You know, most peope don't get that. They think Rufus is just a bald hamster or something.
      Eric: I always wanted a naked mole rat.
      Ron: Me too! Which is great, 'cause I, you know. . . have one. What was your name again?

    • Ron: (When Eric sits down with Kim at lunch) I feel as though a loop has just been formed and I'm not in it.

    • (Wade calls Kim while she is in Japan)
      Wade: Kim! Did I catch you at a bad time?
      Kim: Remember how the president of Nakasumi Toys thought he was in some kind of danger?
      Wade: Yeah.
      Kim: He was right.
      (Shego shows up)

    • Kim: (About going to the prom) I... I'm gonna end up with Ron!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: I don't see what the problem is, hon. He's a very nice boy.
      Kim: Mom, he's not a boy. He's Ron!

    • (The hem of her prom dress gets burned during a fight with a giant robot)
      Kim: Do you know how much baby-sitting I had to do to pay for this dress?

    • (Kim is on a television report refurring to Bueno Nacho's changes)

    • (Kim just saved the day)
      Shego: You know, one day, we really need to take that hair dryer from her!

    • Ron: (After Kim leaves with Eric) I am not jealous.

    • (Ron confronts Drakken on the roof)
      Ron: Taking over the world was one thing. But you ruined Bueno Nacho! You're gonna pay!
      Drakken: You can't be serious.
      Ron: Note serious face.

    • Kim: You know what I really hate?
      Shego: That your date melted?
      Kim: Nah. . . you. (Kim kicks Shego off the roof)

    • (Kim pops out of a parade float)
      Ninja: It's. . . impossible!
      Kim: No, but real close.

    • (Kim and Ron fall into Drakken's trap and he is talking to them as a hologram)
      Drakken: I must warn you. My latest death ray is killer.
      Ron: Isn't that redundant?

  • NOTES (1)

    • This was originally going to be the Series Finale, but in November 2005, Disney ordered 22 new episodes that began airing February 10, 2007

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones:

      The music that plays during Kim and Ron's encounter with the giant Diablo appears to be a direct copy of John Williams' score from said movie that plays during the droid factory scene.

    • Title: So the Drama:

      The title of this movie is a pun on Kim's popular catch phrase "So not the drama".

    • My Date with the President's Daughter:

      Ron's scooter bears a striking resemblance to the scooter that Duncan Fletcher (also played by Will Friedle) rode in My Date with the President's Daughter.

    • McDonalds:

      Ned: Imagine the brat factor! Next they'll add a playground, and then what? A spokesclown?

      This is a reference to the popular fast-food chain McDonalds. Every McDonald's location has a playground, and the "spokesclown" is a reference to the company's mascot, Ronald McDonald.

      Also, in Bueno Nacho's HQ, there is a picture of the first Bueno Nacho location, which looks exactly like the first McDonalds location.

    • Tron:

      Kim's battlesuit is a nod to the movie Tron (Also made by Disney). This is especially obvious when the forearm portion changes form to resemble the overall design (circuitry) of the costumes in that movie.

    • Soviet Union:

      In the final fight scene on the roof of Bueno Nacho HQ, the image of Diablos flying overhead mimics Soviet propoganda footage.

    • LEGO:

      The "Little Diablo" toys slightly resemble LEGOs. (Look at the hands)

    • No on 65:

      While Ron is preparing for the prom, a sticker on his mirror reads "No on 65." This refers to Disney's 65 episode limit on all cartoons. A viewer-led petition campaign protesting this policy recently got the show a fourth season.

    • The Man with the Golden Gun:

      The wedgie that Ron gives the sumo ninja is a nod to The Man With the Golden Gun, in which Bond performs a similar maneuver by twisting the knot on the back of the sash. Coincidentally, that movie also involved a very wealthy Asian CEO, only he was killed.

    • Batman:

      The opening scene is a nod to the parade sequence in the 1989 Tim Burton Batman.

    • James Bond:

      Several Bond References:

      1. Kim's laser lipstick is a nod to Bond's laser watch in Golden Eye.

      2. The opening title sequence (short opening scene followed by beginning credits) has been used in every bond movie since From Russia With Love.

      3. The scene in which Drakken and Shego walk through Drakken's lair while the equipment in the background is malfunctioning is the same format as the numerous Q-Labs scenes in Bond movies.

      4. Drakken's suit that he wears as Bueno Nacho's CEO is a sly nod to the one worn by Willard Whyte in Diamonds Are Forever. In fact, his entire office is a direct copy of one of the sets.

      5. Kim, Rufus, and Ron removing wetsuits to reveal formal attire underneath on arriving at Big Daddy's casino is a homage to the famous opening of Goldfinger .