Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 12

Stop Team Go

Aired Daily 1:30 AM May 05, 2007 on Disney Channel
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When Shego begins acting very friendly towards Kim and Ron, they investigate and find a comic-book type villain who is trying to conquer Go City with the help of the rest of Team Go.

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  • Oh...My...Lord....The Most KiGo, Maybe in the Series

    The summary says it all. There has to be more KiGo in this single episode than in Go Team Go, Dimension Twist, Clean Slate, & Mad Dogs & Aliens combined, & that, my friends, is saying something. It really is. That hug Shego gave Kim near the beginning was probably the second most KiGo-ish in the episode. But the most KiGo-y moment, for me...You remember when Shego told Kim she was the best. Well, right before Kim speaks again, the way the 2 women are positioned & the angle the camera is at...I swear to you, it looks like Shego giving Kim a quick peck somewhere on her face. Plus, I feel that Shego should have at least been allowed to say what she wanted to say right at the end before she got zapped. Don't you?moreless
  • Neutral Territory

    Before I start this review let me make one thing clear: I am a major shipper of Kim/Shego, also known as KiGo. So yes, I have a bias. Consider yourself warned.

    This is possibly the best episode in all of Season 4, and perhaps the entire show. The action is fresh, the dialogue is sharp, and the jokes are funnier than ever. This is also a KiGo fan's dream, since it gives us fic writers plenty of subtext to squee over.

    And what bountiful subtext there is. This episode proves that whatever "hate" Kim felt towards Shego in StD is apparently gone as she not only rescues her from her brothers--before the sitch has been explained to her, I might add--but also invites her into her house and offers to help her resolve this whole issue like a true hero. Kim has always been the forgiving type, and it's good to see that the only thing separating these two is the "evil reputation" that Shego holds on to.

    In addition, Shego, in a rare sympathetic moment at the end of the episode, is seen staring wistfully at a strip of photos of her and Kim from their time together. She ends up burning the photos, of course, but this shows that she's beginning to have second thoughts about the path she chose in life.

    But you don't even have to be a KiGo shipper to enjoy this episode. All the characters are handled wonderfully, and the plot is extremely clever and actually internally consistent for once.

    The most entertaining parts of this episode, surprisingly enough, are from Ron's point of view. I can't tell you how many KiGo fanfics I've read that have him behaving exactly like he does in this episode, which leads me to wonder just how honest the creators have been about their "no fanfiction" policy. Or maybe great minds just think alike.

    I actually didn't mind the brief Barkin/Shego romance, though I admit to actually standing up and cheering at the end credits gag where Shego presses a button that both electrocutes Stevie and releases the hounds. Don't quit your day job to take up singing, Mr. B.

    Drakken and the pickle jar! This little subplot is HILARIOUS, and demonstrates that, without Shego, Drakken truly is nothing. Did I mention it's funny as hell?

    I liked the Team Go side-plot, if only for Electronique. Of all the Team Go villains we've seen, she's the only one that actually seems somewhat competent. In fact, she looks as though she could have been Shego's Shego.

    Oh, and I loved the return of Evil Ron. LOVED it. Zorpox is a total badass.

    I have but one complaint: Kim's reaction to the whole sitch. NOT ONCE does she appear to even CONSIDER the ethical ramifications of keeping Shego in her current state. Instead, she just plays along, under the pretense that, "Shego's having a good time." Well, duh, because she's basically been LOBOTOMIZED! And then there was her comment near the end: "Well, I guess some people never really change."

    Um, WTF? That statement is inconsistent with everything that happened up to that point. Shego DID change. She became nice and sweet and FRIENDLY towards Kim, and Kim has the nerve to say that "some people never really change?" Now, if she said "some people SHOULDN'T really change," I would have had no problem with it. In fact, that would solve my previous problem as well.

    I would have liked this episode so much better if they had Kim agonize over whether or not to keep Shego good or turn her back to evil because it should be her CHOICE to turn good again, not because of some device. And it would have been absolutely perfect if KIM had been the one to change Shego back, instead of that stumblef*ck Ron. This would show that the hard decision is ultimately the right one. Tell me that wouldn't be a good message to send to kids.

    All in all, great episode, possibly the best I've ever seen. This is one you absolutely cannot miss.moreless
  • Definitely better then the past few weeks...

    This episode was great. Quite possibly one of the best in the entire show. Electronique is one of the only soft spots here. Her character was not lifelike at all. If the creators could have provided some sort of insight on her past or how she got her powers, she would have been more believable. The Shego becoming best friends with Kim was definitely different, but it was written so it would work. Ron becoming jealous over less time with his girlfriend was a natural reaction that most shows would probably overlook in the plotline. I thought that the final climatic fighting sequence was really confusing, but it had the average action that the fourth season is becoming known for. There were changes in personalities with the attitudinator left and right, and you had to really keep notice of who got zapped with what kind of personality. This episode was filled with funny jokes and running gags from nearly all the characters, most notably the running gag of Drakken's inability to open the jar of pickles. If you even minorly support KiGo, you will love this episode, and at the end you are left with the feeling that KiGo could one day become the canon ship of the show (even if that won't happen because of Disney). That's about all I have to say for now.

    Overall: 9/10moreless
  • Twist of reality!

    One of the many things I like about this episode is how Shego acts when she's good and how she thinks highly of Kim while she's good. It's also quite funny to watch her brother's while they are ATTEMPTING to be "evil little hench people". Evil Ron is funny too but I do wonder how Kim would be if she had been turned evil. Pity they never did anything like that in the series. How would Ron take it?

    The best part of the episode was the ending with Shego looking at the picture and with an emotion that I can only assume is regret before burning it.moreless
  • The attitudinator turns Shego good and her brothers evil.

    This is a well thought out episode. It focuses on friendship and how life might have been if Shego had turned out good and her brothers evil. And we have a brand new villian, who is eletric.

    This episode is the best of season 4 because it introduces new characters, brings back evil Ron XD, and shows Shego in a different light. The final showdown with Team Go (now evil) and Shego (now good) and Kim and Ron, was cleverly done and the best fight scene that ive seen in years. Seeing Shego cry was tearjerking, because you dont see her cry that often!

    Watch this episode if you havent already, its worth it.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Hego would appeared to accept his alleged "Quick-service Restaurant Manager of the Year" award in his Team Go outfit. If he were to do this, it would have jeapordized his secret identity.

    • While Rufus is trying to steal the attitudinator from Electronique, the fight on the ground shows Hego battling Kim and Shego battling Mego. Then Hego gets blasted with the attitudinator, but is suddenly fighting Shego instead of Kim. As Electronique begins to chase Rufus, the scene again goes back to Kim fighting Hego (who is supposed to be good now), and Shego still fighting Mego.

    • According to Kurt Weldon, one of the writers of this episode, the reason that the characters were shown drinking "Coco Moo" instead of coffee was due to Disney Standards and Practices telling them that they could not show the characters drinking coffee.

    • When Shego is in the coffee shop with Kim and Ron, she talks about Coco Moo. This beverage was an invention of Drakken while under the influence of the Attitudinator in the episode Bad Boy.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Drakken: (after Shego finally opens his pickle jar) Oh, sure, after I loosened it!

    • (Drakken and Shego see Mr. Barkin in the monitor)
      Shego: Stevie? What's he doing here?
      Drakken: Oh, Stevie, is it? Well, he's intruding. That's what he's doing.
      (Drakken was about to press a button but Shego stops him)
      Shego: No, no! Wait, wait!
      Mr. Barkin: (singing) Quit playing games on my head. I'm a sportman and I am not a toy.
      Shego: (annoyed) On second thought...
      (Shego presses a button)

    • Electronique: Rule one: It is not a good idea unless it comes from me.
      Hego: But you wanted all of Team Go to be your evil henchpeople. Was that the plan or not?
      Electronique: That was only part of my revenge for putting me in that miserable prison. For keeping me there, I twist the power of Team Go to bring Go City to its knees.
      (Mego and Wegos high-five)
      Hego:, cities don't have knees.
      Mego: That was ah -- what do you call it? A, uh, simile.
      Wego 1: It's not a simile.
      Wego 2: It's metaphor.
      Hego: The topic here is geography, not English. Or is it anatomy?
      (Eletronique blasts them)
      Electronique: It is an order!
      Team Go: Yes, Electronique.
      Electronique: Good unison talking. Very important in the henchpeople.

    • Electronique: It's so easy to capture Team Ego.
      Hego: Electronique?! You broke out of the specially constructed plastic non-conductive plastic prison?
      Mego: (sarcastically) No. She's still there. Of course she broke out you big dolt!

    • (After Ron has been turned evil by the Attitudinator)
      Kim: Not again!

    • (After Shego breaks down about being found by her brothers)
      Ron: Kim, she's giving you . . .
      (Camera pans to Shego giving Kim the puppy dog pout)
      Kim: Not the puppy dog pout!

    • (Shego taking a slip of Chocolate Milk)
      Shego: That's good Co-Co Moo! How's yours?
      Kim: Co-Co Moo?
      Ron: It's good, good uh, you know, Co-Co Moo.

    • (Electronique is holding Team Go and Shego hostage)
      Shego: (Interrupting her brothers' argument) Hello? Can we focus on the fact that Ms. Sparkys pointing a weapon at us?
      Hego: Right. Weapon. What is that, exactly?
      Electronique: The Reverse-Polarizer.
      Hego: Which is? Come on, I'm a hero not an...electrical...guy.
      Electronique: Just a weensy thing that will completely reverse your wiring. Prepare to be turned from valiant heroes into evil little hench-peoples!
      Shego: Whoa, whoa, yeah, about that. You've been away awhile, there's something you should know about m...
      (Electronique zaps them before Shego can finish)

    • (Ron has been hit with an evil personality from the Attitudinator)
      Ron: Kimberly Anne Possible. We meet again!

    • (Hego notices Ron has been struck with the Attitudinator)
      Hego: What happened to him?
      Shego: I think he's evil now.
      Hego: Oh. How bad can that be?
      Shego: You'd be surprised...

    • (Rufus takes the Attitudinator from Electronique)
      Electronique: I don't know what you are, but I do know my shoe is bigger than you!

    • (Kim and Shego run off leaving Ron alone)
      Ron: Rufus, tell no one, but I'm missing the old Shego.

    • (Kim and Ron are on a double date with Shego and Barkin)
      Shego: So, so, how do you know Kim?
      Barkin: Detention. It's a great way to get to know the students without having to actually talk to them.

    • Barkin: So I guess you too, uh, know each other, huh?
      Shego: Oh, uh, Kimmie and I? Heh, like forever!
      Barkin: Do tell.
      Kim: Uh, don't tell.
      Shego: What do you mean?
      Kim: (Kim is whispering to Shego) Let's just say bad idea to bring up World Domination on a first date.
      Ron: (Listening in) Or marriage.
      Barkin: Uh, I'm still here!

    • Electronique: How did the four of you ever manage to get anything done?
      Hego, Mego, Wegos: Shego.
      Hego: She had a way of keeping things focused. When she left, the team sort of...fell apart.
      Electronique: Okay, new plan. Bring me Shego. If I turn her evil again, maybe between the two of us we can bring Go City to its knees!

    • Kim: Ron, sometimes when you really get to know somebody, and after their brainwaves are flipped, you find you have more in common then you think. She's like a big sister.
      Ron: Yes, a big sister who used to punch and kick you...and mean it!

    • (The twins are robbing a buffet restaurant, and talking to the host)
      Wegos: Hi Stacie. We're robbing you. We're evil now.

    • Mr. Dr. Possible: Jim, Tim, scoot over and make some room for your sister's archfoe.

    • (Shego is going crazy over one of Kim's missions)
      Shego: I'm silly, you're silly, this whole sitch is silly!

    • (Ron notices Shego acting friendly towards Kim)
      Ron: This is just too weird!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Green Lantern:

      The image on the "very large bag of what appears to be concrete" is very similar to the symbol on the Green Lantern's uniform.

    • X-Men:

      Hego's description of the prison that they put Electronique matches the prison cell in which Magneto was confined in the X-Men movie.

    • Star Trek:

      When Hego mentions to Electronique that he has no idea what her weapon is because he is not an electrical guy, it is an allusion to Dr. McCoy from the original Star Trek series. He constantly was saying things like this in that series.

    • Carlson:

      When Mr. Barkin told a class that Ms. Carlson was injured, he was alluding to Kim Possible's voice actress, Christy "Carlson" Romano.

    • The Notebook:

      When Kim, Ron, and Shego are talking about movies, Shego and Kim plan to see The Memo Pad. This is a reference to the hit 2004 film The Notebook.