Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 12

Stop Team Go

Aired Daily 1:30 AM May 05, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Oh...My...Lord....The Most KiGo, Maybe in the Series

    The summary says it all. There has to be more KiGo in this single episode than in Go Team Go, Dimension Twist, Clean Slate, & Mad Dogs & Aliens combined, & that, my friends, is saying something. It really is. That hug Shego gave Kim near the beginning was probably the second most KiGo-ish in the episode. But the most KiGo-y moment, for me...You remember when Shego told Kim she was the best. Well, right before Kim speaks again, the way the 2 women are positioned & the angle the camera is at...I swear to you, it looks like Shego giving Kim a quick peck somewhere on her face. Plus, I feel that Shego should have at least been allowed to say what she wanted to say right at the end before she got zapped. Don't you?
  • Neutral Territory

    Before I start this review let me make one thing clear: I am a major shipper of Kim/Shego, also known as KiGo. So yes, I have a bias. Consider yourself warned.

    This is possibly the best episode in all of Season 4, and perhaps the entire show. The action is fresh, the dialogue is sharp, and the jokes are funnier than ever. This is also a KiGo fan's dream, since it gives us fic writers plenty of subtext to squee over.

    And what bountiful subtext there is. This episode proves that whatever "hate" Kim felt towards Shego in StD is apparently gone as she not only rescues her from her brothers--before the sitch has been explained to her, I might add--but also invites her into her house and offers to help her resolve this whole issue like a true hero. Kim has always been the forgiving type, and it's good to see that the only thing separating these two is the "evil reputation" that Shego holds on to.

    In addition, Shego, in a rare sympathetic moment at the end of the episode, is seen staring wistfully at a strip of photos of her and Kim from their time together. She ends up burning the photos, of course, but this shows that she's beginning to have second thoughts about the path she chose in life.

    But you don't even have to be a KiGo shipper to enjoy this episode. All the characters are handled wonderfully, and the plot is extremely clever and actually internally consistent for once.

    The most entertaining parts of this episode, surprisingly enough, are from Ron's point of view. I can't tell you how many KiGo fanfics I've read that have him behaving exactly like he does in this episode, which leads me to wonder just how honest the creators have been about their "no fanfiction" policy. Or maybe great minds just think alike.

    I actually didn't mind the brief Barkin/Shego romance, though I admit to actually standing up and cheering at the end credits gag where Shego presses a button that both electrocutes Stevie and releases the hounds. Don't quit your day job to take up singing, Mr. B.

    Drakken and the pickle jar! This little subplot is HILARIOUS, and demonstrates that, without Shego, Drakken truly is nothing. Did I mention it's funny as hell?

    I liked the Team Go side-plot, if only for Electronique. Of all the Team Go villains we've seen, she's the only one that actually seems somewhat competent. In fact, she looks as though she could have been Shego's Shego.

    Oh, and I loved the return of Evil Ron. LOVED it. Zorpox is a total badass.

    I have but one complaint: Kim's reaction to the whole sitch. NOT ONCE does she appear to even CONSIDER the ethical ramifications of keeping Shego in her current state. Instead, she just plays along, under the pretense that, "Shego's having a good time." Well, duh, because she's basically been LOBOTOMIZED! And then there was her comment near the end: "Well, I guess some people never really change."

    Um, WTF? That statement is inconsistent with everything that happened up to that point. Shego DID change. She became nice and sweet and FRIENDLY towards Kim, and Kim has the nerve to say that "some people never really change?" Now, if she said "some people SHOULDN'T really change," I would have had no problem with it. In fact, that would solve my previous problem as well.

    I would have liked this episode so much better if they had Kim agonize over whether or not to keep Shego good or turn her back to evil because it should be her CHOICE to turn good again, not because of some device. And it would have been absolutely perfect if KIM had been the one to change Shego back, instead of that stumblef*ck Ron. This would show that the hard decision is ultimately the right one. Tell me that wouldn't be a good message to send to kids.

    All in all, great episode, possibly the best I've ever seen. This is one you absolutely cannot miss.
  • Definitely better then the past few weeks...

    This episode was great. Quite possibly one of the best in the entire show. Electronique is one of the only soft spots here. Her character was not lifelike at all. If the creators could have provided some sort of insight on her past or how she got her powers, she would have been more believable. The Shego becoming best friends with Kim was definitely different, but it was written so it would work. Ron becoming jealous over less time with his girlfriend was a natural reaction that most shows would probably overlook in the plotline. I thought that the final climatic fighting sequence was really confusing, but it had the average action that the fourth season is becoming known for. There were changes in personalities with the attitudinator left and right, and you had to really keep notice of who got zapped with what kind of personality. This episode was filled with funny jokes and running gags from nearly all the characters, most notably the running gag of Drakken's inability to open the jar of pickles. If you even minorly support KiGo, you will love this episode, and at the end you are left with the feeling that KiGo could one day become the canon ship of the show (even if that won't happen because of Disney). That's about all I have to say for now.

    Overall: 9/10
  • Twist of reality!

    One of the many things I like about this episode is how Shego acts when she's good and how she thinks highly of Kim while she's good. It's also quite funny to watch her brother's while they are ATTEMPTING to be "evil little hench people". Evil Ron is funny too but I do wonder how Kim would be if she had been turned evil. Pity they never did anything like that in the series. How would Ron take it?
    The best part of the episode was the ending with Shego looking at the picture and with an emotion that I can only assume is regret before burning it.
  • The attitudinator turns Shego good and her brothers evil.

    This is a well thought out episode. It focuses on friendship and how life might have been if Shego had turned out good and her brothers evil. And we have a brand new villian, who is eletric.

    This episode is the best of season 4 because it introduces new characters, brings back evil Ron XD, and shows Shego in a different light. The final showdown with Team Go (now evil) and Shego (now good) and Kim and Ron, was cleverly done and the best fight scene that ive seen in years. Seeing Shego cry was tearjerking, because you dont see her cry that often!

    Watch this episode if you havent already, its worth it.
  • In regards to Team Go and....chocolate milk...

    I always want to say there is a Yellow-suited member of Team Go, but this episode proved me wrong...and inspired a deep need to cosplay as Shego.

    I'd also like to add the running "Cocoa-moo" quote. As painful as it was to hear Drakken utter it the first time, I expected it to be more cacophony coming from Shego. Somehow- the business suit is my theory-with all the warm-fuzzies Shego gives off in the episode beforehand, saying "Cocoa-moo" was violently close to sounding appropriate. I officially have the heebee-geebees, and find myself in dire need of a wig stylist.
  • Interesting episode, again the episode showed that “everything is possible in Kim Possible’s world.” By turning the world upside-down, Shego went evil to good, Team Go went good to evil, it’s just another regular day in kp’s life.

    I think the whole episode is focused on the word “turn”. Fist when Evil turned into good and good turned into evil, and then Kim went from alarm Miss. Go to like her as a sister, same to Rom, he went relaxing like usual to nervous about Kim hanging out with KP, if I have a super hero girlfriend, I wouldn’t worry about anything at all.
    Let’s focus on Kim’s reaction to this whole “turning” thing, first day, when Miss. Go walked into classroom, and put her name on the board, Kim hardly believe what she is seeing, “it’s on the board doesn’t mean it’s true”, then when she “help” Miss. Go find a hideout, more likely watching her in her own house, she even tried the brain scan. Then things started to change when they hang out more in the mall, start to know this “new” Miss. Go, she started to like her; they share common interest as friend and sister. After that, they even went for a double date; I thought that was awkward, and funny. Finally, after final battle, Miss. Go has to go, turn back to old Shego, the old lady who really mean to hurt Kim. “Guess some people don’t want to be changed”, after all day of crazy turning, everything went back the normal, KP saved another day.
    I really like the ending, where Shego burned the picture of her and Kim, maybe there still IS some Miss. Go inside her after all.
    Last, I’m always wonder, what Miss. Go wants to tell Kim, when she said “I want to tell this when I’m not a violin…” but she never got the chance to say it.
  • Team Go gets zapped by the Attitudinator and now Shego's good and her brothers are now evil. The Next day, in Middleton High School, you see that Shego, Kim's archnemesis, is the Substitute Teacher for her class.

    This episode was really interesting. I loved how Shego, who was once the enemy for Kim, turned good from that Attitudinator. This just shows how Shego can be a good guy for at least one episode and the fact that she and Kim have some things in common and could be friends if they wanted too if they weren't enemies. The most funniest part i have to say about this episode, was that part that Drakken couldn't open the pickle jar or even the robots didn't either. and in the End, Shego, was the one that open it. And according to what Drakken Said that he loosen it. ya right...

    I thought that the little relationship with Shego and Kim, in a friendly way, was pretty cute. And that Ron was kind of jealous to see that his girlfriend is giving more attention to Shego than him was pretty funny as well. But what made me kind of curious was the end where Shego was about to tell Kim about something she couldn't tell when she was evil, and Ron, accidentally zapped Shego with that ray, turned her back to evil. At the end where we she Shego looking at the pictures with her and Kim was adorable. But the fact that she burned them.....not cute. Overall, I think this episode was pretty different from any other episode I've seen of Kim Possible. Giving this episode a 10 out of 10

    If you are a fan of KP, or have at least been keeping track of what KP is all about, and have a vague idea of the storyline, you will undoubtedly love this. Sure, they recycled the idea of the 'Attitudinator', but the effects of a good Shego is simply too hard not to be at least curious about what this is all about.

    The ending sequence re the fighting scene and the mega-attitude switch was a classic scene that should be preserved for many years to come. If you want the epitome of KP, this is it. There's a reason this episode has not received a single bad review yet and ranks (at the time of writing) at 9.8/10 ... no mean feat in itself.
  • If anyone tells you Kim and Shego couldn't be AT LEAST friends after watching this episode, They really should look harder... And we need to ask now a new question - WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF SHEGO TURNED GOOD... FOR GOOD?

    When a plan by one of Team Go's enemies, predictably, goes wrong, and Shego is turned into a version of herself that is a true hero, It's up to Kim and Shego to save the day.

    Yes, Kim and Shego... The one thing no KP fan ever thought they'd have to write finally happened, and we have a episode where Kim and her arch-foe finally discover quite how close they really could get since she's turned good, and quite how good the dynamic between the two really is.

    A lot of this episode is weird, but only since you're not asking 'What would happen if Shego turned good?', You are seeing it!
    It's hard to express it in words what I think of the episode, but I can say this...

    If you think Kim and Shego are just enemies, Think again.
    Watch this episode, then ask yourself what I asked myself...
    What did Shego want to say to Kim at the end?
    Why did Shego feel something when she saw her good side and Kim?
    And, last of all, What would happen if Shego turned good... for good?
  • You just have to see it. No seriously, you do. Don't even read this - go watch. Right now. Unless you can't, in which case - read this and cry over what you're missing.

    After seeing the promo, this reviewer was a bit put-off and quite anxious about the episode itself. Said promo features clips of Shego and Kim (Shego is dressed in an outfit shopping, eating lunch, GIGGLING, and the green villaness saying things like, "You're silly, I'm silly, this whole sitch is silly!"

    Freaky would be more appropriate.

    Well, the episode turned out be great. REALLY great. All fears were unfounded, and it was an especially enjoyable twenty-two minutes.

    Let's start from the beginning.

    Within the first two minutes, the writers had me going 'Oh yeah, this is gonna be good.' Electornique, an old foe of Team Go, is back for revenge, and has suped up the old Attitudinator, and plans to use it on Team Go to make them her evil henchmen. The bait she used to lure each member (or former-member) into her trap was chuckle-worthy, and the dialog between the siblings was spot-on.

    A great start to what turned out to be a great episode.

    And from there, we've got Shego...the substitute math teacher. Heh, well what can be said - it's...odd, but it really seems to work...somehow. It's surprising, or at least I found it to be. She was perky and happy and kind and...well, very un-Shego-like. Still, somehow or another - it worked. After the first day with Shego as a sub, Kim and Ron naturally follow her to see what's up - and we are treated to a fight with all of Team Go!

    More exciting than it sounds! You've got all the brothers going nuts and Shego trying to be the peace-keeper - quite the scenario. The music for the fight scene was perfect, though I've heard complaints that it was the same bit three times running. Shrug. Anyway, a pretty good, action-packed fight scene was had, and it ended up with Kim, Ron, and Shego on the same side and escaping from the boys. After this, we've got plenty of scenes with Kim, Ron, and Shego hanging out - the first of which shows us Shego saying something along the lines of, "Mmm, that's good Cocoa Moo!" - not to mention the oddity of Shego and

    Mmhmm. Freaky.

    So the episode pretty much has four main things happening; we've got Drakken struggling (quite characteristically) with a pickle jar...a scenario straight out of Power Puff Girls - except that here it's actually really funny; we've got Shego and Kim bonding - doing things like shopping, seeing movies, waxing their eyebrows...and Ron protests the insanity; within this, but kind of separate due to incomparable weirdness, we've got SHEGO AND BARKIN...DATING (more on this to follow); and finally, we've got the rest of Team Go doing dirty deeds (heh) for Electronique, who is having a really hard time putting up with the four boys. Good times all around! Throughout, we've got: Ron's reminders that this is a ridiculous situation (and his jealousy at the lack of attention); Shegos brothers being themselves; Electronique trying her best to make things work; Drakken and his pickle problems; and Kim and Shego...getting along, after the initial "This is so wrong" from Kim.

    Everything comes together pretty well when Electronique realizes things aren't working out with the Go brothers, and she orders them to bring Shego to her. Kim, Ron, and Shego see news footage of the damage Shego's siblings are causing, and realize that they have to go set things right. And we'll get to Drakken later. This fight scene, with characters changing sides left right and center thanks to The Reverse-Polarizer, with Ron on the side of evil for the most part. I'm not really a Ron fan, but anybody who is will be pleased to see how well he fights in this sequence - I know I enjoyed it.

    It's pretty chaotic, trying to keep track of which guys are good and which ones are bad when they keep switching...but it's a good sequence, and it follows the trend of Season Four Awesomeness that has been part of slightly more than half of this season's episodes.

    So, to completely ruin the end episode for those who haven't seen it, everyone is returned to normal (big surprise there). An interesting thing to consider is that The Reverse-Polarizer is used on Electronique to turn her good, so she goes off to prison eager to serve out her sentence. The morality of this action is questionable, even if Ron did it by accident...but I'll say no more on the matter and get back to Shego. There's a happy little hug shared by all the Go siblings, before the brothers skip off on their merry way, leaving Shego and Kim to talk. Here's the clincher: Shego is about to say something to Kim that she 'couldn't say when she was evil' - and before she can spill, Ron accidentally zaps her with the Reverse-Polarizer, turning her back to evil, and wouldn't you know it - Drakken chooses right then to show up in a hover-vehicle, knock over a lamppost with his less-than-stellar driving skills, and break the Reverse Polarizer. But it doesn't end there - a few more loose ends to tie up. Shego opens the pickle jar for Drakken, and sets the dogs on Barkin when he comes a-knocking, singing for her.

    Heh, and now for an actual review..:

    Drakken and the pickles; Maybe not the most original of ideas, but still entertaining. The poor close to a sandwich, and yet so far. It kind of gives an interesting bit of insight into the full extent of the things Shego has to put up with from the blue villain...and provided some good laughs. Come on, the guy even used a laser on the jar! Tell me that's not good. Go 'head. Tell me.

    Evil Ron; Even better the second time around. The Electronique-Ron battle was good, especially with the using-the-helmet-to-accidentally-change-the-sides-of-the-people-doing-battle. Good stuff.

    The Double-Date: One of the highlights, I'll say. Ron and Kim double dating with Shego and Barkin? Clever and enjoyable. Awkwardness all around! Some good lines from all parties, and even a very appropriate awkward silence. What's not to like?

    Kigo: Well I wouldn't call it romantic Kigo or anything like that...but the 'big sister' comment Kim made was good enough. The shopping was a bit annoying, because it was kind of slow and the music was less than engaging, and I would've liked their relationship more if it hadn't been so...dopey. Shego being all 'Oooh!' and perky was irritating in comparison to the way I may have pictured a relationship (friendly or otherwise) between Kim and Shego. I don't know anybody who thinks of the two of them getting along in this way, without the sarcasm and personality Shego usually sports. So it wasn't exactly Kigo, but it was something enjoyable anyway.

    Electronique: A bit of a backstory would have been nice, but I liked her over-all. I get that she was an old foe of Team Go, but some insight into exactly what went down or...something...might have been nice. I know there probably wasn't enough time for it, but it still would've added something to the character. Still, she worked for me, and served her purpose.

    Ron: Heh, he had some good moments and some good lines! I usually find him a bit hard to tolerate, but in this episode, I liked him a lot.

    Shego: So there wasn't much insight into her past, but we did learn that she is a certified teacher! Her brothers' comments to-and-about her were cute, especially the one Hego made. Good stuff. Even out of character I enjoyed watching Shego - though I wouldn't ever want to see her that way again. Giggles and perkiness and 'silly'? Shudder.

    The Go Brothers: I was glad to see more of the Wego twins - didn't get much from them in Go Team Go, and I found I actually really liked them! Mego was still his usual, sarcastic, self-centered self, and Hego - well, there's not much to say about him, so I won't say much. Some really great lines came from these guys, and a few especially enjoyable sequences were thanks to them. It's nice to have seen them again, though I wouldn't want this to become a regular thing.

    Kim: Kind of priceless! The reluctance to hang with Shego was great, and when it turned into sisterly affection, it was...heh, kind of cute. The comments to Wade about how weird things were getting were great, and I liked it.

    The Ending: Heh, perfect. Everyone goes back to normal, the pickle problem is solved - rather bitterly - and Shego continues to wonder over her interesting time spent with Kim (as she considers the pictures of the two of them). The bit with Barkin in the credits was pretty much priceless. Made me laugh.

    OVERALL: I don't feel quite right giving it a higher rating than I did Mad Dogs and Aliens, but I have to. I enjoyed more of the episode, even though I found Mad Dogs to be funnier. This episode lost a point which is split between the fact that Shego was maybe a tad too giggly, and the problem with Electronique's lack of backstory, but those things aside it was a stellar piece of episode.

    Good times.
  • Awesome! I really liked it.

    I don't care much for this new season since it seems a bit corny, but this episode is easily one of my favorites. I like Shego good, and it was weird how she was dating Barkin. It's too bad she got turned back to evil again at the end. Overall a really good ep.
  • When Shego and Team Go get zapped with the "Attitudinator", (the helmet in Bad Boy that turned Ron evil and Drakken bad) Shego gets turned good, while her brothers are now evil.

    I've got to say, this episode must be one of the best. And it will probably give the writer of "Kigo" some new ideas for some stories. Anyways, here's the full summary I made up:

    Some evil dudet named Elequtronique trapped Shego and Team Go. Elequtronique is evil, and she didn't know that Shego was evil, so she accidentily turned shego good with the attitudinator, the helmet that turned ron evil and drakken good in the episode Bad Boy. Anyways, Elequtronique meant to turn shego and her brothers evil, but instead she only turned her brothers evil. my favorite parts of this episode are when kim and ron are on a double-date with shego and mr. barkin, when shego zaps jim's eggs with her powers and it makes a hole through mr. possible's papers, and i thought the whole drakken-trying-to-open-the-jar-of-pickles thing was a very clever touch to the episode. Anyways, I think there's a mystery behing what shego couldn't tell kim while shego was evil. remember that part? I also believe that there's a mystery behind kim and shego being friendds. i hope they reveal it.

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  • An old enemy out for revenge uses a personality fliping device to turn Team Go evil, but in doing so she turns Shego good!

    This is definitely the best episode of Season Four (so far), and one of the best of the entire series. The plot is a bit cliched, but brilliantly (almost perfectly) executed. The episode opens when the Go Team's old enemy Electronique breaks out of prison and tricks them all into walking into an ambush, including Shego, whom Electronique doesn't know has quit the team and turned to evil. Electronique's plan is to use a modified version of the Attitudinator to 'flip' the Go Team's moral compasses, turning them from good to evil. Electronique's plan works, but without taking Shego's current mindset into account.

    Cut to Middleton, where Mr. Barkin introduces an new substitue teacher to Kim and Ron's class: Miss Go. Kim and Ron are totatlly weirded out by the situation, and by Shego's unflappably cheerful and sunny disposition. When Shego's brothers attempt to kidnap her, Kim and Ron are forced to come to her aid. The fight with the Go Team is well done, and there are plently of clever one-liners. Shego's use of her powers is a bit more subtle than it is when she's evil, as in when she blasts cement bags to create a smokescreen of sorts that allows her, Kim and Ron to escape.

    Further brain-warping antics include Kim letting Shego stay in the Possibles' guest bedroom, Kim and Shego going shopping together, Shego asking Kim for advice when Mr. Barkin asks her out, and Shego and Mr. Barkin double dating with Kim and Ron. It is in these scenes that we learn a few things about Shego's past: she's a college graduate with a degree in Child Developement as well a licensed, fully qualified teacher. She's also a romantic who enjoys chick flicks like 'The Memo Pad', and who asks Kim if she's ever noticed how 'Stevie's' (Mr. Barkin's) eyes sparkle when he smiles.

    While all of this is happening, Team Go (at Electronique's behest) is wreaking havoc in Go City, eventually compelling Kim, Ron and Shego to go there in an attempt to set things right. In the battle that ensues Electronique's weapon changes hands several times, with many accidental discharges during the struggle for it. All the members of Team Go switch sides at least twice, and there's even a brief appearance by Evil Ron. Finally, with Electronique's weapon in Kim's hands and all five members of the Go Team on the side of good, Electroique herself is dealt with swiftly.

    As Electronique is being hauled off to jail, Ron zaps her with her own weapon, turning her to the side of good, then 'accidentally' zaps Shego, turning her evil again. The weapon is destroyed moments later, and Shego departs with Dr. Drakken, who inadvertantly caused the weapon to be destroyed.

    As I said, this episode is nearly perfect. Ron's jealousy of Kim's fast growing friendship with Shego is nicely portayed, and provides a credible reason for his final zapping of Shego (who obviouly couldn't remain good). Shego also is well handled. While nominally one hundred percent 'out of character' she was still in character, because hints of all of her behavior had been given to us in episodes in the earlier seasons.

    Dr. Drakken, while not involved in the main plot of the episode until the very end, has an hysterical sub-plot of his own involving an unopenable jar of pickles.

    The villain Electronique, while clearly heavily inspired by Livewire from Superman: the Animated Series, was sufficiently different to work; and her exasperation with the Go Team's constant bickering was very funny.

    The only part I didn't like was the weapon itself. Being a modified version of the Attitudinator was fine, but from the description of the the weapon's function and the way it appeared to work, it didn't remove good energy and replace it with evil energy. Nor did it have settings for 'good' and 'evil'. I mean, why would it? It simply reversed the 'polarity' of whatever was there to begin with. So why were the blasts color coded? And before you say it, I know the answer: So the audience can tell what 'alignment' the person just hit has been switched to. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure even five year olds could figure that out based on the zapee's subsequent behavior.

    That aside, 'Stop Team Go' is a brilliantly done, nearly perfect, incredibly funny episode and destined to be a classic.
  • Brilliant!

    This episode rocks.
    Not only the fighting scenes are cool, we also get to see somthing emotinal from Shego where she burn the picture with her and Kim. Plus it got the perfect jar of pickle humor hehe.

    But the kewlest of all is they bring back the evil Ron once more. Funny that when Ron is evil he can control the mystic monkey powers, but when he is good it activates only when he is fighting monkeys hehe.