Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 12

Stop Team Go

Aired Daily 1:30 AM May 05, 2007 on Disney Channel

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    Before I start this review let me make one thing clear: I am a major shipper of Kim/Shego, also known as KiGo. So yes, I have a bias. Consider yourself warned.

    This is possibly the best episode in all of Season 4, and perhaps the entire show. The action is fresh, the dialogue is sharp, and the jokes are funnier than ever. This is also a KiGo fan's dream, since it gives us fic writers plenty of subtext to squee over.

    And what bountiful subtext there is. This episode proves that whatever "hate" Kim felt towards Shego in StD is apparently gone as she not only rescues her from her brothers--before the sitch has been explained to her, I might add--but also invites her into her house and offers to help her resolve this whole issue like a true hero. Kim has always been the forgiving type, and it's good to see that the only thing separating these two is the "evil reputation" that Shego holds on to.

    In addition, Shego, in a rare sympathetic moment at the end of the episode, is seen staring wistfully at a strip of photos of her and Kim from their time together. She ends up burning the photos, of course, but this shows that she's beginning to have second thoughts about the path she chose in life.

    But you don't even have to be a KiGo shipper to enjoy this episode. All the characters are handled wonderfully, and the plot is extremely clever and actually internally consistent for once.

    The most entertaining parts of this episode, surprisingly enough, are from Ron's point of view. I can't tell you how many KiGo fanfics I've read that have him behaving exactly like he does in this episode, which leads me to wonder just how honest the creators have been about their "no fanfiction" policy. Or maybe great minds just think alike.

    I actually didn't mind the brief Barkin/Shego romance, though I admit to actually standing up and cheering at the end credits gag where Shego presses a button that both electrocutes Stevie and releases the hounds. Don't quit your day job to take up singing, Mr. B.

    Drakken and the pickle jar! This little subplot is HILARIOUS, and demonstrates that, without Shego, Drakken truly is nothing. Did I mention it's funny as hell?

    I liked the Team Go side-plot, if only for Electronique. Of all the Team Go villains we've seen, she's the only one that actually seems somewhat competent. In fact, she looks as though she could have been Shego's Shego.

    Oh, and I loved the return of Evil Ron. LOVED it. Zorpox is a total badass.

    I have but one complaint: Kim's reaction to the whole sitch. NOT ONCE does she appear to even CONSIDER the ethical ramifications of keeping Shego in her current state. Instead, she just plays along, under the pretense that, "Shego's having a good time." Well, duh, because she's basically been LOBOTOMIZED! And then there was her comment near the end: "Well, I guess some people never really change."

    Um, WTF? That statement is inconsistent with everything that happened up to that point. Shego DID change. She became nice and sweet and FRIENDLY towards Kim, and Kim has the nerve to say that "some people never really change?" Now, if she said "some people SHOULDN'T really change," I would have had no problem with it. In fact, that would solve my previous problem as well.

    I would have liked this episode so much better if they had Kim agonize over whether or not to keep Shego good or turn her back to evil because it should be her CHOICE to turn good again, not because of some device. And it would have been absolutely perfect if KIM had been the one to change Shego back, instead of that stumblef*ck Ron. This would show that the hard decision is ultimately the right one. Tell me that wouldn't be a good message to send to kids.

    All in all, great episode, possibly the best I've ever seen. This is one you absolutely cannot miss.
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