Kim Possible

Season 3 Episode 12

Team Impossible

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 26, 2005 on Disney Channel
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When Team Impossible demands that Kim cease her duties as a teen hero, Kim is caught between a choice to live a normal life or continue to help save people. However, even should she decide to keep saving the world on a regular basis, can she outmatch three of the highest paid heroes in the world who have everything at their disposal, even their own theme song?moreless

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  • This episode is about a team that is called team impossible but they want to stop the crime fighting of Kim Possible.

    Team Impossible demands that Kim cease her duties as a teen hero. Kim is then caught between a choice to live a normal life or continue to help save people. That is a hard decision for Kim and Ron. However, She decide to keep saving the world on a regular basis but can she outmatch three of the highest paid heroes in the world who have everything at their disposal, even their own theme song? Well Kim and Ron don't have a theme song and team impossible is then defeated by Kim and so they give up. Kim beats them with the help of Wade. If it wasn't for Wade the teen hero thing would be out of business and I'm glad that it's not. This episode had some suspense and that is great because I was expecting some in this episode.moreless
  • We finally get to see Wade in person!

    This episode revolves around the crime fighting business of Team Impossible trying to persuade (and threat) Team Possible of stopping their missions. Eventually Team Impossible kidnaps all of Kim's contacts to make Kim and Ron be late to a new mission. To find Team Impossible's HQ, Wade hacks into their system, but they spike (destroy) Wade's whole system. He did however find the location and reads it to Kim. Later, wanting revenge, Wade in person comes to assist Kim and Ron in defeating Team Impossible. They of course do and Team Impossible is persuaded into working for GJ. I reccommend that all KP lovers watch this episode ASAP.moreless
  • An exciting twist in the season. It explains details of Kim's past and the connection with Team Impossible.

    Great plot, action, lines. The characters seem fully developed, which made the episode come to life even more. Kim's given the opportunity to give up crime fighting, but fights to keep her title as teen hero. Wade leaving his room is awesome! He has the world wired, for sure!
  • good work.

    i liked this episode. this would probably be in my top 20 favorite kim possibe episodes. its worth watching. this one starts when kim possible cant find a ride to get to missions anymore. she finds out because another superhero team that charges everytime they save somebody, takes all of kims ride to her missions to an all paid vacation. kim is on the case, and gets caught. but if you notice her name, kim POSSIBLE. she eventually saves the day, and one member of team go ends up doing kims dads' taxes. a worth watching episode. kim saved the day by her skills in gymnastics as a child.moreless
  • I loved it. I mean, Kim has the opertunity to be "normal", and chooses to save the world...

    CLASSIC. I loved it. I recomend this. "Dude, you are so over." is a great quote. Oh, and I think that you nnneeeeeddddd to watch this............. I love it. This... episode... rocks. Too bad Disney never shows it anymore. And way too bad that they stopped the series.... bummer nig time. But the movied where sweetish. I mean, she could have this really hott guy but she picked Ron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I am speaking of So The Drama) (the movie).... I love this epsiode. Its coolio. So anyways, I loved this episode its cool it rocks.... Watch it... Yup, cool episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Not counting A Stitch in Time where he shows up in the future, this episode shows Wade on a mission, in person for the first time in the series. This episode also sets up several more real-life appearances in season four.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Ron: Dude, you are so over
      Dash: I can take her.
      Ron: No.
      Rufus: Hmm, sorry.
      Dash: Do you have any idea what I'm capable of?
      Ron: I got a general idea.
      Dash: And?
      Ron: Dude, you are so over.

    • Wade: Nobody ...NOBODY spikes MY SYSTEM!!

    • Burn: Audience leaves. . . now!


    • Kim: Sometimes I think it would be way easier if I just lived like a normal teenager.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Now, Kimmie , you're not normal; You're a Possible.
      (Tweebs run in)
      Jim: We're making anti-matter in the garage!
      Tim: Hoo-sha!

    • Kim: Uh... do we know you?
      (Team Impossible promo continues playing on screen, displaying pictures as Team Impossible explains)
      Dash: Dash Deman. Surveillance and recon.
      Ron: Wow. Theme song and clips.
      (Kim rolls her eyes)
      Dash: Extreme wilderness survival specialist. Learned in seven languages and countless dialects.
      Crash: Crash Cranston. Transport and tech. Professional dare devil. Also skilled in emergency medicine.
      Burn: Burn Burnman. Certified public accountant.
      Ron: That's it?
      Burn: Numbers aren't the only thing I crunch, squirt.
      Ron: Good to know.

    • Ron: (After Team Impossible promo plays) KP! They have a theme song. Why don't we have a theme song? You know, it could be like, you know like "ba-ba-ba-ba" or "bamp-bamp-bamp," you know like "my pants fall down," you know like we could put something in.
      Burn: The fork?
      Crash: The fork.

    • Kim: I don't get the drama. If you've seen one movie about a disgruntled security guard who enacts his own brand of street justice using a cinder block, you've seen them all.
      Ron: This one's got 30 percent more bricks.
      (Rufus strikes his fist in agreement)
      Kim: And I've got 30 percent more "don't care."

    • Ron: Oh, man, KP, look at this line. We'll never make it into Bricks of Fury I I I.
      (Rufus whimpers and points to the sign)
      Kim: I I I? Ron, that's the Roman numeral three.
      Ron: Uh, yeah, Latin and math are not my strongest subjects.

    • Nerd: Hey, I paid nine seventy five for this movie.
      Crash: Give him the fork.
      Nerd: The what?
      (Burn pulls out a fork that shoots lightning at the nerd who then runs out)
      Kim: What? No stun-spoon?
      Crash & Burn: She knows about the spoon!
      Kim: Umm. . . joking.

    • Dr. Drakken: (after being captured by Team Impossible) Kim Possible! You think you're all that! But they are!

  • NOTES (4)