Kim Possible

Season 3 Episode 12

Team Impossible

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 26, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • We finally get to see Wade in person!

    This episode revolves around the crime fighting business of Team Impossible trying to persuade (and threat) Team Possible of stopping their missions. Eventually Team Impossible kidnaps all of Kim's contacts to make Kim and Ron be late to a new mission. To find Team Impossible's HQ, Wade hacks into their system, but they spike (destroy) Wade's whole system. He did however find the location and reads it to Kim. Later, wanting revenge, Wade in person comes to assist Kim and Ron in defeating Team Impossible. They of course do and Team Impossible is persuaded into working for GJ. I reccommend that all KP lovers watch this episode ASAP.
  • An exciting twist in the season. It explains details of Kim's past and the connection with Team Impossible.

    Great plot, action, lines. The characters seem fully developed, which made the episode come to life even more. Kim's given the opportunity to give up crime fighting, but fights to keep her title as teen hero. Wade leaving his room is awesome! He has the world wired, for sure!
  • good work.

    i liked this episode. this would probably be in my top 20 favorite kim possibe episodes. its worth watching. this one starts when kim possible cant find a ride to get to missions anymore. she finds out because another superhero team that charges everytime they save somebody, takes all of kims ride to her missions to an all paid vacation. kim is on the case, and gets caught. but if you notice her name, kim POSSIBLE. she eventually saves the day, and one member of team go ends up doing kims dads' taxes. a worth watching episode. kim saved the day by her skills in gymnastics as a child.
  • I loved it. I mean, Kim has the opertunity to be "normal", and chooses to save the world...

    CLASSIC. I loved it. I recomend this. "Dude, you are so over." is a great quote. Oh, and I think that you nnneeeeeddddd to watch this............. I love it. This... episode... rocks. Too bad Disney never shows it anymore. And way too bad that they stopped the series.... bummer nig time. But the movied where sweetish. I mean, she could have this really hott guy but she picked Ron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I am speaking of So The Drama) (the movie).... I love this epsiode. Its coolio. So anyways, I loved this episode its cool it rocks.... Watch it... Yup, cool episode.
  • cOoL!

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  • I liked it, Kim had a challenge!

    It all starts out when Kim and Ron are at the movie theatre. When Ron goes off to get movie snacks, Team Impossible comes in. ROn gets back to see that they want them to drop out of the crime-fighting business. Kim refuses, so they say that they will find a way to change her mind. Ron accually thinks about it, while Kim doesnit dare to give in! So when Wade sends Kim and Ron on a mission, their secound ride doesn't show up. SO they had to go to the mission some other way. When they are at Drakken's newest lair, Team Impossible already took care of it! So when Kim and Ron go on their other mission, with a ride they had to pay for, that had to do with Dementor, Team Impossible already took care of it! So they decide that they will go under cover with them. But Team Impossible found out that it was a fake call, and spiked Wade's computer. But he did get their address. So Kim and Ron go to Team Impossible's headquaters. Team Impossible tries to get them out of the bunise, so they tried to fight Kim, but Kim beats them down! Then Wade comes in and test Team Impossible will a test the Kim had succeded a long time ago. THey failed and Kim saved their buts! So they agreed that they would join GJ, and stop charging people. Also, Kim uses one to help her dad with his taxses.
  • did you know?

    did you know this is the episode where we discover how kim started saving the world. when that security guy typed on the laptop with his foot he typed "kimpossible" instead of "impossibe." very interesting. very interesting. very interesting. very interesting. very interesting. very interesting. very interesting. very interesting. very interesting. ya
  • Team Impossible tries to put Kim and Ron out of business. Kim and Ron's first mission was because of a typo?!

    I enjoyed this episode. It reveals a lot of things like how Kim Possible's first mission was a typo. The episode had a great plot and all, so it earns this 9.0. Team Impossible charges for saving people. Wade finally left his room, too!
    He saved Kim and Ron and stopped TI from charging for saving people. Ron's ranting on how Kim needed a theme song was great for some laughs.
    But, the action was pretty good, too, although there could have been more. The way that TI stops Kim from helping is by taking every person that has ever given Kim a ride to her missions and locks them up. The thing that stops TI is the laser grid that Paisley(from K and R's first mission) had. It is revealed that TI put one in their place, too.
    TI also fried Wade's stuff, which made him mad.
    Okay, I'm running out of things to say. I'll sum it up: It was a great episode that revealed how Kim got her first mission, hence the classification, it had great acton, and some funny stuff. I can't wait for the new season!
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  • This episode was nearing the end of the series [before the renewing].

    Team Impossible was an episode that was nearing the end of the series. This I mean, is continued from A Sitch in Time: (2) Present. The episode was going quite well when Kim decided to do normal things.

    The villians were also quite well set up. I didn't really like Crash, Dash and Burn but I guess their plot seemed to go quite well. I also hated Ron's potrayal in this episode because his ideas for a theme song were more annoying than funny.

    And ah, the moment we were waiting for! Nearing the 65-episode limit, Wade makes a first and last appearance outside his room. I was happy that this time he saved the day personally.
  • The only exciting thing about this episode was the fact that Wade left his room. The way he entered the fight was pretty darn cool. I didn't like who they were fighting either. But at least Tean Impossible became good guy's in the end. The animation was g

    The only exciting thing about this episode was the fact that Wade left his room. The way he entered the fight was pretty darn cool. I didn't like who they were fighting either. But at least Tean Impossible became good guy's in the end. The animation was good, but meh.
  • Wade finally leaves his room.

    It had to happen eventually. Throughout the series, Kim Possible has gone to incredible lengths to keep Wade out of the main action and in his bedroom, making for a longterm running gag.

    Through holograms, robots, future incarnations and the communicator, we've been teased all along by the possibility Wade would physically go on a mission.

    This is the episode that finally answers the question of when it would happen. And oh, it was worth the wait.

    When Wade appears, an average filler episode suddenly tilts on it's axis and reveals itself as one of the most important of the series. A nice twist that makes this episode unforgettable. You will cheer Wade's arrival.
  • Team Impossible trys to stop Kim save the world thing

    Team Impossible is out to put Kim out of the world saving business to keep up their income. Meanwhile, Ron starts to wonder if saving the world is all its cracked up to be. This episode is funny. I hope they make more new episode of Kim Possible and that all.
  • Kim and Ron encounter Team Impossible who save the world for money and want to drive Kim out of the business by taking away her free rides. Meanwhile Ron thinks about charging money for missions and inventing a theme song for Kim because Team Impossible h

    I didn’t particularly like this episode for several reasons. There’s not much going on as Kim and Ron need quite a while to figure out why their rides are missing. The fight scenes are lame because Team Impossible does not stand a chance against Kim. Ron is also more annoying than funny with his theme song idea, but the most important thing is that in a way Kim Ron and Wade are more evil in this episode than Team Impossible, the actual “villains”. TI does not really break the law as they only invite Kim’s rides for a free holiday and destroy Wade’s computer while he is trying to break into their system. On the other hand TI is blackmailed or at least forced to work for free by the “good guys”.
    I give the episode some credit for letting Wade appear in person and Ron “inventing” the actual “Call me, beep me”-theme in the end, but I’ve seen many better KP-episodes.
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