Kim Possible

Season 3 Episode 12

Team Impossible

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 26, 2005 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Not counting A Stitch in Time where he shows up in the future, this episode shows Wade on a mission, in person for the first time in the series. This episode also sets up several more real-life appearances in season four.

  • Quotes

    • Ron: Dude, you are so over
      Dash: I can take her.
      Ron: No.
      Rufus: Hmm, sorry.
      Dash: Do you have any idea what I'm capable of?
      Ron: I got a general idea.
      Dash: And?
      Ron: Dude, you are so over.

    • Wade: Nobody ...NOBODY spikes MY SYSTEM!!

    • Burn: Audience leaves. . . now!


    • Kim: Sometimes I think it would be way easier if I just lived like a normal teenager.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Now, Kimmie , you're not normal; You're a Possible.
      (Tweebs run in)
      Jim: We're making anti-matter in the garage!
      Tim: Hoo-sha!

    • Kim: Uh... do we know you?
      (Team Impossible promo continues playing on screen, displaying pictures as Team Impossible explains)
      Dash: Dash Deman. Surveillance and recon.
      Ron: Wow. Theme song and clips.
      (Kim rolls her eyes)
      Dash: Extreme wilderness survival specialist. Learned in seven languages and countless dialects.
      Crash: Crash Cranston. Transport and tech. Professional dare devil. Also skilled in emergency medicine.
      Burn: Burn Burnman. Certified public accountant.
      Ron: That's it?
      Burn: Numbers aren't the only thing I crunch, squirt.
      Ron: Good to know.

    • Ron: (After Team Impossible promo plays) KP! They have a theme song. Why don't we have a theme song? You know, it could be like, you know like "ba-ba-ba-ba" or "bamp-bamp-bamp," you know like "my pants fall down," you know like we could put something in.
      Burn: The fork?
      Crash: The fork.

    • Kim: I don't get the drama. If you've seen one movie about a disgruntled security guard who enacts his own brand of street justice using a cinder block, you've seen them all.
      Ron: This one's got 30 percent more bricks.
      (Rufus strikes his fist in agreement)
      Kim: And I've got 30 percent more "don't care."

    • Ron: Oh, man, KP, look at this line. We'll never make it into Bricks of Fury I I I.
      (Rufus whimpers and points to the sign)
      Kim: I I I? Ron, that's the Roman numeral three.
      Ron: Uh, yeah, Latin and math are not my strongest subjects.

    • Nerd: Hey, I paid nine seventy five for this movie.
      Crash: Give him the fork.
      Nerd: The what?
      (Burn pulls out a fork that shoots lightning at the nerd who then runs out)
      Kim: What? No stun-spoon?
      Crash & Burn: She knows about the spoon!
      Kim: Umm. . . joking.

    • Dr. Drakken: (after being captured by Team Impossible) Kim Possible! You think you're all that! But they are!

  • Notes

    • Some of Ron's theme song ideas for Kim are "The Naked Mole Rap" and the actual show theme song, "Call Me, Beep Me," both of which are featured on the show's official soundtrack.

    • This episode premered back-to-back with the show's crossover, on the show Lilo & Stitch: The Series.

    • This episode was originally part of "Disney Channel's So Hot Summer Click It To Pick it", but lost out to Rappin' Drakken.

    • Animation Production by: Rough Draft Korea Co., Ltd.

  • Allusions

    • Richie Rich:

      Ron's assumed persona, Richie Richardson, is a reference to the comic/cartoon character Richie Rich.

    • X-Men:

      Team Impossible's blue tights, yellow belts, straps, boots, and gloves are like the X-Men's Cyclops uniforms in the 90s' era.

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