Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 2

The Big Job

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Feb 10, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The episode starts off showing Kim and Ron on a date at a very fancy restaurant. They soon discover that the prices at the restaurant are very expensive, so Ron suggests the much less pricey kid's menu. Ron tells Kim to act like she is a kid, but she will have nothing of it. When he pulls out his coupon book, Kim gives up on the date. The opening credits start.

We start off by seeing Doctor Drakken in his prison cell talking about how the entire criminal underworld is arguing about who will have the honor of breaking him out. His cellmate, Frugal Lucre tells Drakken a really dumb and pointless idea when a helicopter with a dangling rope ladder appears in front of his window. He goes to grab it, but the helicopter quickly flies to the other side of the prison. A figure descends from the helicopter and plants a bomb outside of a cell. The bomb explodes and Shego walks out. The prison goes on alert, but Shego jumps onto the ladder and the helicopter flies away, leaving Drakken jealous.

We next see the helicopter flying towards the Senior's island. Junior and Shego enter a room in the mansion where Junior requires Shego's help in robbing the perfect birthday present for his father. He hasn't decided what to rob yet. His father wants him to do a chore for him, leaving Shego alone in the room.

We now see Kim entering Club Banana where Monique is behind the counter. Monique senses that Kim's date was bad, and Kim explains to her about the kid's menu and the coupons. Monique tells Kim that she should get a job at Club Banana to show Ron that he should get a job too. Kim is reluctant at first, but once Monique notes the employee discount, she is all for it.

We go to the mall's food court where Ron is consulting his "trusty" coupon book about where to eat. Just seeing the book annoys Kim, who is sitting with Monique behind Ron. They are arguing about the book when Wade calls to tell them Shego was broken out of prison the previous night. He says he will look into who did it. Kim tells Ron she has to go to work, and that maybe he should get a job too, but he doesn't see why. Kim gives him a kiss on the cheek and walks off with Monique. Upon reflection, Ron sees he needs money since his coupon book is almost empty, so he goes to find a job.

We now see Junior looking up potential gifts for his father on a computer with Shego beside him. After a few choices, they decide to steal the Tome of Treachery, a very valuable book from a museum in San Francisco.

We now go to Club Banana where Ron is wearing a pickle costume, and says he got a job to Kim and Monique. Kim is upset that Ron got such a weird job when Wade calls. He says Junior and Shego have been spotted in downtown San Francisco, and he tells them about the Tome of Treachery.

We go to San Francisco were Junior and Shego are having a hard time finding a free parking space. Shego gets annoyed and gets out of the car and tells Junior to keep circling. Shego walks toward the museum when Kim stops her. Shego is surprised to see her and a battle ensues. It is stopped when Ron pulls up in their car and says he will keep circling. The battle between the girls restarts. We now see Junior and Ron converge on a free parking space in their cars. They both meet at the space and a fight between them to get a quarter in the parking meter starts. Both of the fights end when Junior and Shego take off in their car. Kim and Ron pursue them in their car. Right when Ron points out that they haven't seen one cable car, one is coming right for them. A commercial starts just as they are going to be hit.

When we come back, Ron tries to press any button he can find, but Kim knows the car better and flips a switch that makes the car fly over the cable car. They continue chasing Junior and Shego down to a pier, when they hop on water skis and go out into the bay. Kim asks Wade to patch her through to the Tweebs. She asks them if the car can float, and they day it can. It turns out they thought Kim said, "Could you add", not "Did you add".

We now see Shego and Junior talking about what to do next on the Seniors' island. They decide to go to a seemingly unreachable place to steal a "priceless paperweight."

We go to Club Banana where Kim and Monique are working when Ron walks in dressed in Safari clothes. He says his old job didn't work out, so he got a job at the zoo to feed the lions, but Kim is worried, saying that it is too dangerous.

We see Ron walk into Kim's house all beaten up with a completely different attitude towards the zoo. Wade breaks in and tells them Junior and Shego are in South America.

We see the seemingly unreachable place with Junior and Shego inside, standing in front of a thirty foot paperweight. Their conversation is cut short when Kim and Ron walk in. Shego and Kim begin a fight that lasts all the way outside where there are llamas beside Kim's car. Ron gets in the car and stops a fleeing Junior, but the llama bites out a tire, foiling Ron's attempt.

We now go to the food court where Ron, Kim, and Monique are talking about Ron's jobs. Ron says he gives up after the zoo incident. Kim says he is trying and that is good enough.

We see an aggravated Junior and Shego enter the island. Junior comes up with a brilliant idea to say they kidnapped the five richest people in the world, all of which are his father and his card buddies. They plan to keep them playing long enough so they can receive a large ransom in return. Shego finds the plan brilliant. Junior picks up the phone and starts making ransoms. A commercial starts.

We go to Club Banana where Ron is helping out, beyond Monique's wants. Wade interrupts as Kim starts talking. He shows them a video of Junior wanting two billion dollars for the safe return of the richest people. Wade shows them the richest people, and Ron notes the one as Martin Smarty, his idol. Wade says their car is still being worked on because of the llama bite, but Ron pulls out two coupons for parasailing lessons.

We now see Kim and Ron parasailing onto the Senior's island. Ron brags about how the coupon book finally came in handy, but Kim says it is just this once. Once they land, Kim and Ron grapple over the wall and onto the pool deck. They enter the living room of the mansion where they find Junior and Shego waiting for them. A very long battle starts. It ends with Ron hanging over alligators, and Junior and Shego standing next to Kim. The fight ends when Senor Senior Senior walks into the room with his four card buddies. Junior tells his father his entire plan. His father is very proud of him. Shego does not want to see the plan die, so she holds Martin Smarty hostage in front of a hanging Ron. Ron pulls on Shego's leg, which pulls him up, releases Martin Smarty, and pulls Shego down to the alligators. Martin thanks Ron and offers him a job at Smarty Mart, which he accepts. Ron is now the head of the animal department at Middleton's Smarty Mart.

We go to the same restaurant as the beginning with Ron without a kid's menu and his coupons. But not everything is perfect, as Ron refuses to take off his work vest. Kim says it is a great date.

While the credits roll, Lucre tells Drakken two more ways of escaping: the exact same thing as Shego and Junior did and the same thing as in So the Drama. Drakken soon gets annoyed and goes to sleep.

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