Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 2

The Big Job

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Feb 10, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • In need of a job.

    Dining at a fancy place using kiddie coupons to order off the kid's menu gets really old really fast especially for a serious couple. If Ron can't find better coupons, he ought to consider getting a job to pay for a meal. Kim leads by example by applying at Club Banana. Ron however keeps having lousy luck. Meanwhile Senor Senior Junior busts Shego out of prison while not bothering getting Drakken out (who must deal with Lucre's ramblings). Junior this time asks Shego for her aid into finding a gift for his father while he plays cards with the other wealthiest people on the planet. Junior really wants to impress his dad by pulling off a serious criminal scheme. In the end Ron is awarded for an act of heroism with a job.
  • Maintaining the great start to season 4

    I really thought season 4 of Kim Possible was going to be horrible, but after watching the first few episodes, I thought different. Seriously, when the creators first thought they were ending the series in So The Drama, Kim and Ron were going out and Drakken and Shego were in jail and everything. It was a great ending to the series, but hard to continue on. So when they added a new season, they did a really good job of adding it on. It was a smooth transition and the new episodes are just as good as the other ones-maybe even better.
  • Senor Senior Junior breaks Shego out of jail to help him get his father's birthday present.

    This episode was hilarious! I loved the scene where Kim and Ron catch Senor Senior Junior in California while looking for a parking spot. It was funny seeing Kim and Shego fight, then stop to talk, and then start fighting again. I also liked the fight Junior and Ron got into while Kim and Shego were fighting. They were fighting over who would get some stupid parking spot! That's just too funny! I sort of feel sorry for Drakken though. If I were stuck in that jail cell with a guy that annoying, I would purposely knock myself out or something.
  • Senor Senior Junior breaks Shego out of jail to help him steal the perfect birthday gift for his father; Kim and Ron squabble over money issues.

    Statistically speaking, one of the main reasons that couples break up is over money, or the lack of it. Kim and Ron face this problem in “The Big Job.” Fed up with Ron constantly using coupons on everything, even their dates, Kim gets a job, in hopes that Ron will follow suit. He does evidentially, although the results are less then great. Meanwhile, Shego (Nicole Sullivan) teams up with Senor Senior Junior (Nestor Carbonell) to pull an evil heist for his father’s birthday.
    It was fun watching Shego and Junior team up again. It revisited “Two to Tutor” in which they teamed up for the first time. It also established what I think will be a running storyline for this season. I believe we will see Shego team up with other villains, before finally going back to Dr. Drakken (John DiMaggio). Speaking of which, Drakken makes a funny cameo appearance in this episode with his cellmate Frugal Lucre (Richard Kind). It made sense that world’s cheapest villain would make an appearance with the main theme of this episode is money. I think it would be a good idea to keep the good Doctor in the background for awhile. This lets Shego step out on her own, which is definitely a good thing. The episode really showed that the green lady is Kim’s most dangerous enemy, as she is both funny and threatening at the same time. Of course, Kim and Shego engage in some well choreographed fight scenes, and Ron and Junior provided some nice comic relief. This episode gives us the debut of the Kim-Mobile. Okay, her car is not really called that, but it should be! Her new wheels will give her adventures a new added dimension which will be fun to watch. In the end, Ron saves the day in his own unique way, and gets a job at Smarty Mart for his reward. So, Kim’s wish is fulfilled, but he is still very much the immature Ron he has always been. And you know that she would not want it any other way. This was a nice episode that advances the Kim and Ron romance and Shego’s role for this season. “The Big Job” does a good job!
  • It deserves a raise.

    When dining in one of Middleton’s classiest eateries, using coupons and ordering from the children’s menu just don‘t cut it on least, according to Kim. She gets a job and encourages Ron to do the same. Meanwhile, Shego gets busted out of jail, leaving Drakken behind. As it turns out, Senor Senior Junior needs her help on an evil scheme.

    Even with the expected mishaps of Ron searching for a job, “The Big Job” was a lot of fun, seeming, at times, like a first-season entry. Wherever Shego and Junior go, Kim always seems to be there, whether in South America or (in a very funny sequence) San Francisco.

    And where is Senor Senior Senior in all of this? The answer leads the partners-in-crime to a most clever idea for extortion. Other engaging bits include the normalizing of Ron’s voice (kind of a personal triumph) and the insane ramblings of Drakken’s cellmate (a special guest that I’m not about to reveal here).

    Perhaps the best episode so far in the new season.
  • Aw, what a great way to start Kim Possible!

    Kim get bothered by the fact that Ron only uses coupons, and kid's menus on their dates. So she gets a job at Club Banana to show to that he needs a job too. At first he doesn't get it, but with Monique's help he lands a job at the mall, and fails at it, then gets one at the zoo, and fails thaat too. Meanwhile, Jr breaks Shego out of jail to get some help for his father's birthday! She agrees, and does what ever he tells her too. Shego is impressed with the fatc that he has all the things that most super villains work so hardd to get. But he tells her that they are not so great. But anytime the two thinkof an evil plan, Kim and Ron are always there to stop their evil acts! Until they think of a way to capture the five riches people and hold them captive. To make things even better, Kim and Ron fall in their trap! But all evil plans have weak ends, when Sr. comes in with his rich friends wanting to know why is Shego in his lair. When Jr tells him everything that went on, he thanks him for his present. Shego breaks the moment out of greed to steel the Mr. Smarty, the Smarty-Mart guy, for her own purpose. Ron is in the gater pit, and without noticing, pulls Shego in there to try to get out. Shego is freaked out that she's in the pit, and Ron gets a job at Smarty-Mart. Kim is proud at Ron for finally getting a job, and for alowing themto have better dates. But back in prison, Drakken is wanting Lucker to stop talking to him about stuff that he already knows, and somethings that he doesn't really care about.
  • Not the best, still good

    The Big Job was one of my most anticipdated season four episodes, but now, I really can't remember why. It's not a bad episode, not at all, but... It's so average. I expected so much more. Nothing really had it stand out from other eps, it was funny and well written, everything like that - but it just doesn't stand out well enough. Of course, it had some great parts, which, erm, unfortunatley, I can't really remember right now (it takes more than one viewing for an episode to stick with me). It did have some great lines, and come on - pickle brine waves are impossible to resist.
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