Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 2

The Big Job

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Feb 10, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • The idea that Lucre was pitching to Drakken about the evil kiddie toys was the master plan Drakken used in the TV movie So The Drama, which ironically got him there in the first place.

    • After Ron was pinned to a wall by spears through his shirt, he jumped in the car and his shirt was mistakenly in one piece again.

    • Even though they are featured, Senor Senior Senior, Dr. Drakken, and Frugal Lucre are not actual villians in this episode

    • When Kim and Ron infiltrate the Seniors' island, the giant sunlamp is turned off. In past episodes, it was always on.

    • The video game that Jim and Tim are playing is reused footage from the episodes Ill Suited and Dimension Twist.

    • Kim now uses an actual grappling hook instead of her usual modified hairdryer, which she had used since "Bueno Nacho."

    • Since Disney Channel aired the episodes out of order, Kim's car is used, but it is not even made until Car Alarm.

  • Quotes

    • (Ron cuts off Junior trying to escape on a llama)
      Ron: Give it up, Junior, there's no way a llama can outrun a car!
      (The llama takes a big bite out of the left front tire)
      Ron: Okay, so maybe it can out bite a car, but that's cheating!
      (Junior and Shego escape on their llamas)

    • Martin Smarty: (After Ron rescues him from Shego) I like to reward people who save my life.
      Ron: And I like to be hear that, KP? A reward!
      Martin Smarty: How about a job?
      Ron: Not exactly the reward I was thinking of...

    • Ron: (after using the remote to shut off the motion activated lasers) Booyah! That's what I'm talking about! (laser begins to shoot even faster) That's not what I'm talking about!

    • (Junior and Shego are discussing their evil plan)
      Junior: Good! I will make our demands known! (picks up phone and dials)
      Answering Machine: Thank you for calling Smarty Mart. For Customer Service, press one. For job opportunities, press two. To demand an enormous amount of money for the safe return of our founder, press three. (Junior looks excited and presses a button on the phone) Please enter the enormous amount of money you are demanding.
      Junior: Oh, this is even easier than I anticipated!

    • Ron: KP, it's the zoo! They tried to feed me to the lions!
      Kim: Are you sure you didn't just mess this up?
      Ron: Well, I did skip orientation, and I brought my own raw meat from home, and maybe all the poking the lions with a stick was wrong

    • Shego: Not to seem ungrateful, Junior, but why did you break me out of prison?
      Junior: Well, my father's birthday is coming up and. . .
      Shego: Hold it right there, slick. I don't do cakes, okay? I don't bake 'em, and I don't jump out of 'em!

    • Dr. Drakken: They think a prison cell can hold Dr. Drakken? Ha! At this very moment, the entire criminal underworld is deciding who will have the honor of breaking me out!
      Lucre: Yeah, who? Who's it gonna be? Wait, don't tell me, don't tell me, I know! It's you!
      Dr. Drakken: Me? Lucre, think for a minute. I'm the one IN PRISON!
      Lucre: No, but you, you, you're the real genius! You. . . You'd invent some kind of a teleportation time-machine, allowing you to rescue yourself, but, no wait, no, then there would be two of you! And the inherent impossibility of two Drakkens in the same place at the same time would force the space-time continuum to repair itself, merging the two Drakkens into one, who would be...
      Dr. Drakken: Standing right where I am now?
      Lucre: Oh, you are good! Oh, yeah! Oh you're gonna take me with you right? I'll go get my stuff.

    • Senor Senior Senior: Junior, make sure your lady friend does not hurt my alligators.
      Shego: Me? Hurt them?

    • (Ron drives car into the water)
      Ron: Okay, which button?
      Jim and Tim: For what?
      Kim: Aquatic capability!
      Jim: Oh. . .
      Tim: We thought you said could you add aquatic capability!
      (car begins to sink)
      Ron: Oh, I can see how they make that mistake. (a fish passes by) Oh look, fish!

    • (Drakken and Lucre discussing how they should escape from prison)
      Lucre: Here's what you do, you demand an enormous amount of money for the safe return of the richest people in the world.
      Drakken: Lucre, lights out means lips shut!
      Lucre: Just spitballing here, but heres the twist, you don't actually abduct anyone, no, no, you just make people think youre holding them.
      Drakken: Are you sleep-talking?
      Lucre: Oh, how about this, you distribute evil robotic technology through fast food kiddie meals. Can you hear me okay through that pillow?

    • (Kim and Ron are on their date, with Ron wearing his Smarty Mart uniform)
      Kim: Ron, this is really great, but do you have to wear the smarty mart vest?
      Ron: KP, the vest never comes off!

    • (Shego fighting off the alligators)
      Shego: Seriously, a hand, anyone? These things have teeth!

    • (Ron is dangling above alligators with Shego holding Martin Smarty hostage right by him)
      Shego: Somebody owes me my billion!
      (Ron grabs Shego's leg, pulling him up, but pulling Shego down to the alligators)
      Ron: Made it!

    • (Kim and Ron arrive to find Shego and Junior)
      Shego: Kimmie! We've been expecting you!
      Junior: Indeed we have, would you care for a salty snack?

    • (Kim and Ron arrive on the Senior's island)
      Ron: I can't believe I'm going to meet Martin Smarty!
      Kim: Rescue first, meet later!

    • (Ron talking about Martin Smarty, his idol)
      Ron: I read his book three times!
      Kim: You read a book without it being assigned?
      Ron: Man, you've been snippy lately. I knew this job thing would lead to this!

    • (Shego noticing Kim)
      Shego: Great, how did you know?
      Kim: You're predictable
      Shego: Well predict this!
      (Shego suprise attacks Kim)

    • (Ron in a pickle costume in Club Banana, carrying a real pickle)
      Monique: Read the sign.
      (The sign reads, "No Food, Pickled or Otherwise.")
      Ron: Pickle prejudice! This is dill discrimination!

    • (Ron wondering where he can get a job)
      Ron: If only I could find one.
      (The camera zooms out and shows fifteen "now hiring" signs around him)

    • Ron: Where to food where to food? (Looks through his coupon book) Oh, here's one for chicken!...beaks??? (he and Rufus exchange glances) Guess we used up all the good coupons, huh?
      Rufus: Mm-hmm.

    • (Monique is telling Kim to get a job at Club Banana)
      Kim: I don't know.
      Monique: Kim, employee discount!
      Kim: I'm In!

    • (Junior is talking to Shego about their last crime)
      Junior: Our last crime together went flawlessly, except for the part when we got caught and arrested.

    • (Ron is trying to color an otter on the kids menu on his date)
      Kim: Ron, this is ludicrous!
      Ron: I know! You'd think a swank joint like this could spring for a real box of crayons! Oh, and watch your vocab, Kim. "Ludicrous" is kind of a grownup word. Remember, you're 12, so maybe "doofy" or "stupido?"

    • (Ron telling Kim to order from the kids menu on their date
      Kim: We're not kids. At least I'm not.

    • (Kim and Shego are fighting. Ron pulls up in the car)
      Ron: I'll keep circlin'! There's nowhere to park!
      Shego: (stops fighting for a moment) You too?
      Kim: Yeah, what is up with this city?

    • Monique: You know Ron, if you had a job, then you'd have--
      Ron: Impossible hours?
      Monique: No.
      Ron: Mean bosses?
      Monique: No!
      Ron On the job injuries!
      Monique: (frustrated) NO!!! MONEY! You'd have mad money!
      Ron: (blinks a couple of times) Oh, yeah, that reminds me. KP, can I borrow 5 bucks?
      Kim: (sarcastically) Why do you need cash? You have coupons!

    • Monique: If that coupon book was worth anything they wouldn't be givin' it away!
      Ron: I won't dignify that with a response!
      Monique: (mockingly) 'Cause you don't have one?
      Ron: Well duh! Why else do you pull that line?

    • Ron: (to Rufus) Hmm, what'll it be today, pickle on a pike?
      Rufus: Mm-hmm!
      Kim: Ron, about these coupons. . .
      Ron: Aren't they great?
      Kim: (frustrated): Not commenting!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Back to the Future: Part Two:

      When Kim pushes the button to convert the car so that it flies over the cable car in San Francisco, the car looks like the DeLorean after Doc comes back from the future in Back to the Future: Part Two.

    • The Spy Who Loved Me:

      When Ron drives the car into the water, this is a reference to the classic Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, in which Bond drives a Lotus Elise that transforms into a submarine. Only in that movie, the car actually had aquatic capability.