Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 4

The Cupid Effect

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Feb 10, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The episode starts off with Kim and Monique talking about Monique's last date while they are folding clothes in Club Banana. Monique wants a date since it is almost Valentines Day. She says to Kim that she must have a big time planned with Ron, but Kim thinks about it and they don't. Just then Ron walks in and explains that the pet department at Smarty Mart is closed because some cages were left open and they had some food chain issues. Ron notices all the hearts that are decorated around the store, so Monique makes up an excuse to leave them alone. Kim asks him if he knows what is in February, but he replies, "Groundhog Day, President's Day and Dental Health Month." He thinks she is hinting Dental Health Month, so he grabs a toothbrush out of his pocket and gives it to her as a gift. She gets angry and just tells him that it's Valentines Day. He says he doesn't celebrate since he has never had a girlfriend on Valentines Day then after a second realizes that Kim is his girlfriend. We now hear Wade's voice so Kim takes out her Kimmunicator, but it is off. The screen zooms out and we see Wade walk up behind them, which freaks out Ron. He explains to Kim that he came to replace the Kimmunicator's battery. He says that it now has x-ray vision, and to exemplify this he holds it up to Ron's pocket where Rufus is brushing his teeth with the toothbrush. Then, Monique walks by and says hello to Wade. He responds then looks at her. Romantic music plays as Wade stares at her with hearts behind her. He goes to talk to her, but walks out of the store giggling. Kim, Ron, and Monique catch on immediately what's going on. The opening music starts.

We go back to the same place they were before the introduction. Ron says how kooky this is, and Monique says it is a 10.5 on the weirdness scale. Ron starts trying to set them up, but Kim stops him. He says he is romantic, but she reminds him that he forgot about Valentines Day. Kim then admits that Wade is sweet and Ron backs her up, but Monique reminds them that he cannot drive for four more years. Ron is not convinced, but Kim is and tries to get through to Ron. She says she will talk to him.

We now go to Wade's house, which we see for the first time. Wade is in the middle of talking to Kim on his computer camera. She tells him that she knows what's going on, but he refuses to admit it. He then makes up that his mom is calling him and cuts her off. Then his mom really does walk in and tells him that Ron is there. Ron walks in and tells him that he knows what is going on too, but Wade only admits it when Ron makes up that Monique will go out with him in a roundabout sort of way. Ron says he will help him woo Monique, but Wade thinks he would be no help. Ron then points out that he is dating Kim Possible, but he says it the laws of extreme improbability worked in his favor. Ron says he will make them work for him too, so Wade agrees to go with him.

We go to inside a men's suit store where Wade is being fitted by Ron. Ron says that because of the age difference, he has to appear to be more mature. Ron picks out a suit that should fit him. They now walk to a hair salon where Ron says he needs some stubble. Wade points out that he does not shave, so Ron puts some goo on his face and picks up some hair off the floor and sticks it on his face. Ron says he needs to be taller, so they go to a hat store. Ron pulls the tallest hat he can find off the rack and puts it on his head. Ron says he is done. Wade looks at himself with the suit on, stubble on his face, and his tall hat on, and says he looks like Lincoln. Ron says he is ready for President's Day. He then looks at Rufus, who is covered in hair and says he is ready for Groundhog Day.

We now go to the outside of Club Banana where Ron and Wade, all Lincolned up are about to confront Monique. Ron gives him a note he wrote for him and pushes him inside the store. Kim and Monique are putting up clothes as Wade confronts them. Kim says he must be celebrating President's Day early as he goes to talk to Monique. He finds himself at a loss of words so he begins to read Ron's note. He reads it, but it turns out to be Ron's biology homework about earthworms and mucus, which grosses out Kim and Monique. We cut to Mr. Barkin reading what is supposed to be Ron's homework, but is actually the love note. It brings a tear to his eye and Ron gets an A+.

We now go to outside the mall security where Ron is waiting on a bench and Wade walks out of the room. Wade says that it is against mall regulations to impersonate a president. Ron says that the hit a bump in the road, but it will get better. They begin to walk through the mall when Wade wonders why romance is so much harder than microelectronics. Ron sarcastically replies that it would be so much easier if he could invent some love ray. Wade thinks about it and says, "Booyah!"

We go to Wade's house at night where a strange white light is coming from Wade's window. We go inside and see that he is welding his love ray. He oddly explains out loud how the thing works. It uses a love chemical found in chocolate that will stimulate a part of Monique's brain. His mom walks in on him and tells him Ron is there again. He walks in and wonders what his love ray is. Wade tells him it is a bun warmer. Ron buys it and tells Wade what went wrong last time. Ron explains that he needs to whisk Monique off to Paris, the city of lights. Wade agrees, but is at a loss when he thinks about how he will do it. Ron says he has an idea.

We now go to Paris, France, or the Eiffel Tower to be more precise. We see Kim and Ron arrive ready to battle someone in their mission clothes. Kim says she thought Ron said the Eiffel Tower was in danger. He said it is in danger, of rust. Kim gets annoyed by the fact that they had to rush off to Paris for no reason. Then Monique walks in behind them and asks why she had to come. Ron says she is for backup. Kim asks why they are really there, and then she thinks she understands. She thinks Ron brought her to Paris for Valentines Day and that he is being romantic, so she hugs him. Monique again asks why she is there.

We go outside a restaurant still in Paris where Kim and Monique are sitting down at a table. We see Ron across the street meet Wade. Ron comments on him being late and he says he was hungry and grabbed an ice cream. Ron says he will go over there first then Wade will follow. Ron says they will say Wade is there to fix the French Internet. Ron notices that he is not nervous and Wade shows him his "bun warmer." We now see Kim commenting on the French Internet with Ron and Wade over there. Monique points out that it is the World Wide Web. Ron says, "Not when it breaks into pieces". Kim says that she smells a set up. Kim drags Ron away as he is giving Wade one last piece of advice. We see Wade sit down next to Monique where she explains to him that they will not work. She is cut off when Wade uses the love ray on her. She now comments on how amazed she is that he came all the way to Paris just to see her and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

We now see a pair of binoculars that Senor Senior Senior is using to spy on Wade and Monique. He notices the love ray that he invented. Junior walks in behind him with two handfuls of hair gel. He notices his father spying and wants in on it. We go back outside to where Kim and Ron are talking about what exactly he is doing. She says he is just going to get hurt, but Ron shows her Monique in love with him. Kim is confused, but Ron interrupts her. He puts his hand around her shoulder and says it is because of Paris. Kim smiles at him and vise versa. We go back to Senior and Junior. Junior says they need to somehow steal his love ray and use it for evil purposes. His father says how proud of him he is. Junior says he just read his father's notes. His father praises him for cheating. We go to a commercial.

After the commercial, we see Kim walk into Club Banana where Monique is pretending to be a mannequin. Kim asks why and says she is trying to hide from Wade. Kim says she thought they were together, but Monique says she has no idea what's going on. Just then Wade walks over to them. Wade says, "Hey girl" which freaks out Monique and she walks away. Wade then knocks some shirts on the floor which makes Kim pick them up. While she is bent down, Wade zaps Monique with his ray. She rushes over to him and hugs him. She starts talking romantically when Kim wonders if Wade did anything. Wade asks if she saw anything and Kim isn't sure, so Wade says 'no'. Monique takes Wade out of the store leaving Kim to wonder what just happened.

We now go outside Wade's house's front door. Senior and Junior walk up with some flowers. They ring the doorbell and Wade's mom answers it. They say the flowers are from her ex-husband. She asks if they have the right house. They say yes and wonder where she wants the flowers.

We go to the mall's food court where Monique is romantically asking Wade what he wants. In the middle of it the love ray's effects wear off. Wade quickly zaps her again. She starts talking romantically again as people stare at them. Monique decides to get a sundae and tells Wade to find a table. Wade finds a table and Ron comes and sits down with him. Monique comes back with the sundae. She starts talking to him again and Ron's eye starts to twitch. She says she forgot a spoon and will be right back. Ron is impressed with Wade's progress. Monique comes back with the spoon and feeds him a bight of sundae. The love ray's effects again wear off, but this time Monique manages to dump the sundae on his head before he zaps her again. She says she has to go to work and leaves him and Ron alone. Ron realizes that is not a bun warmer and asks what it really is. Wade tells him that it makes girls fall in love with him. Ron is at first happy for him, but then realizes that is wrong and that his tips didn't help him get Monique. Wade points out that it was his idea for the love ray. Ron has no idea what he is talking about, but then remembers that he sarcastically told him to do that. He says Kim is going to blame him for the whole thing. Wade says that he just wanted to Monique to like him for him. Ron says that he did this by zapping her with a ray. Wade says that inventing is what he does so in a way it is liking him for him. Ron reluctantly agrees.

We now go back to Wade's house where the entire living room is covered with flowers from her 'ex-husband'. She is ecstatic about all the flowers when Senior says he will read the card. Junior quickly points out that they do not have a card. Senior says he will make something up to give Junior time to steal the ray's designs. Junior runs off to Wade's room as his father begins to read a love note he took out of his pocket. We see that Senior is actually reading his parking ticket. She is flattered by the note and Senior continues. Junior walks into Wade's room and finds the love ray's plans conveniently left open on the computer screen. He prints them out and exits his room. He tells his father he got the plans and they run out of the house. Wade's mom says how nice the flowers are, but the card freaked her out.

We now go to Kim's living room at night where Kim and Ron are watching television. Kim remarks on how strangely Monique was acting today, and Ron tries to cover up his new knowledge of the love ray. Kim sees that he is acting weird, but does not but two and two together. Wade calls on the Kimmunicator and asks for Ron. Wade tells Ron that Senior and Junior have stolen plans to a 'certain device' of his. Kim overhears him and asks what sort of device it is. Ron freaks out and comes clean about Wade's love ray. Kim says she knew something was not right. Wade quickly says it was Ron's idea. Ron quickly says that it was an accident. Kim moves on to what Senior and Junior did. Wade says it is only short-term and short-range. Kim says they may only be after one rich woman. Just then a commercial for a concert comes on television. It says it will have a super powerful speaker. Kim thinks about it and asks Wade what would happen if Senior and Junior use a speaker to amplify the effects. He says that would be very bad and Kim stares angrily at Ron. A commercial starts.

After the commercial, Wade comes up to Kim's house the next day holding a poster. Kim comes outside and Wade shows her the poster that says they are planning to amplify it at a concert. He says that they are going to broadcast it worldwide. Kim says that they are going to control all the women in the world. Ron comes outside as they are talking. He notices that the poster says the concert is free, but then notices that the concert is ladies only. Kim says that they are not going to the concert, but are going to stop it. Wade wants to come too since it was all his fault. Kim says that he can go only if he promises to never use the ray again. Kim, Ron, and Wade get into the car, when Monique blocks them from leaving. She says that she wants a word with Wade. Kim tells her that their mission is urgent, but Monique insists on talking to Wade now. Kim then hits Monique with the love ray that she took from Wade because they needed to go. Monique does not want Wade to leave her so Kim tells Monique to get in the car.

We now go to the club where the concert is being held, but has not started yet. We see Kim, Ron, Wade, and Monique sneaking against a wall of the club. Wade and Monique start bickering, so Kim tells Monique to be quiet or she will zap her again. Kim uses the Kimmunicator's new x-ray feature to see what is going on inside the club. She sees that security is tight. Wade says they should climb over the wall and uses his new grappling belt to tighten a climbing rope. Ron notes that Monique cannot grapple. Monique says that they should just go in through the front gate. Kim points out that it is a ladies-only concert. Ron and Wade look at each other and say, "no way". The next thing we see are the four going in the front gate with Ron and Wade dressed as girls.

We now go backstage of the concert where Junior and Senior are discussing their plan. Junior says how excited he is that he is going to have billions worship him. He soon realizes how busy his social life will be and go gets a refreshment. His father rolls his eyes.

We go back out into the audience where the four have just entered the club. Wade hands Kim and Monique special ear plugs that negate the love ray's effects. Kim says that they are probably backstage, so Ron escorts them through the crowd. They make it half way when Senior introduces Junior and he begins to sing. The ladies in the crowd are not impressed by his terrible singing. After he is done, his father turns on the love ray and all the ladies begin to cheer. Some of the girls bump into Ron which makes him run into Monique, knocking her ear plugs out. Kim sees what he did and he says it was because he was being moshed. Kim uses her hairdryer to get up on stage. Junior notices that she is not in love with him and wonders why. She points to her ear plugs. Just then, Senior sneaks up behind her and takes the ear plugs out. Kim then squeals "Junior" and hugs him. Ron notices this and realizes that the ear plugs are gone. Wade tells Ron to go save Kim and that he will go shut off the love ray. Ron walks up on stage and demands his girlfriend back. Junior looks at him oddly as he is still dressed in women's clothes. He tears off his wig and Junior begins to laugh. We go to Wade who is backstage. He sees that Senior is manning the love ray. Senior introduces him to his bodyguards. Wade uses his grappling belt and the two bodyguards run into each other. Wade then comes back down on top of Senior, knocking him out. Wade takes the love ray and destroys it. Back on the stage, all the girls snap back, including Kim. They all begin to boo him. He runs out the door and all the girls follow him.

We now go to Bueno Nacho on Valentines Day night. Kim and Ron are on a date. Ron says it is a simple date, just like she wanted, but it is not how he pictured it. Kim tells him Happy Valentines Day and they go to kiss on the lips. However, they get cut off by Wade and Monique bickering from across the restaurant. Monique is done yelling at him and tells him that she is flattered that he likes her. Just as she says that, Wade notices a twelve year old girl all alone sitting at the table in front of him. Wade leaves her and goes and sits down with her. Monique notices that she is dateless on Valentines. She notices Ned looking at her, and says that dateless works for her.

For the closing credits scene, we see Wade sitting all alone at a table in the mall's food court. Ron walks up and asks about Olivia, the girl. It turns out that she is a genius too and she invented a love ray for him. Then we see Olivia use the ray on him. We walks over there. Ron wonders if Kim has a love ray as well. Just then, Kim walks up to him and wonders what he is doing. He says nothing. Then she calls him weird. Ron is angry at Kim, but then she says that she likes weird.

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