Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 4

The Cupid Effect

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Feb 10, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Why defeat the entire population when you can defeat about half of it?

    Simply a very funny episode overall. Wade invents a love ray to get Monique to like him except that it only works for a short time. Ron also seems to forget what is February is best known for. Meanwhile the Seniors get a hold of it by raiding Wade's room by posing as people dropping off flowers for his mom by his dad. They plan on using it for getting as many females to fall in love with Junior as possible. So they have a free concert for women only. Ron and Wade also sneak in dressed as females in order to act as backup. Turns out Monique is flattered that Wade likes her, but Wade then finds another girl who is a super genius like him and uses her own love ray device on him.
  • One word: Boring!!!!!

    This episode was downright boring! There really wasn't nothing much to it, just an episode where love conquers all meaning that Wade wanted Monique to fall in love with him because he liked her. This wasn't anything special, like a bad Valentine's Day episode on February 14th or whenever it played. This reminded me of the Danny Phantom episode, "Fanning the Flames" because it was about Ember's ghostly music making Danny fall in love with Sam. This episode had more action and fighting. I believe that this is possibly the most boring episode of Kim Possible I've watch. On this show, I'm really into the fighting, humor, and romance, but it just didn't do it for me this time.
  • Interesting episode

    We're starting to see Wade outside more. Wade who has always been mature is begining to mature in a different way. But unfortunatelly when he realizes that he can't woo Monique, he makes something that would hypnotize her into liking her. When the ray is stolen by Junior he then realizes that what he has been doing was wrong and that you can't force someone to like you. Then it isn't really love. Everything ends well though when he finds love again with someone his own age. Well, except for the fact that she's a child genius as well and can do the same thing that he did to Monique.
  • Wade creates a love ray to make Monique fall in love with him.

    Wade falls in love with Monique, but she isn't interested, so Wade creates a love ray to make her fall in love with him. But what happens when Senor Senior Senior gets a hold of it?

    This is good example of what can happen if you mess with love. The running gags in the episode of Kim and Ron getting interupted everytime they kiss was funny to watch. Even though this episode was well written and Monique and Kim screaming for Junior after the love ray hit them was hilarious, but there just wasn't much action in this episode, and I like episodes with action! The storyline was carefully plotted, though I felt the ending when Wade mashes the love ray was rather rushed, but all in all, it was nice to see Senior and Junior acting stupid once again...
  • Romance is overrated. Don't believe me? Exhibit A:

    Well, it’s Valentine’s day, and the first that Kim and Ron are celebrating as a couple. Unfortunately, Monique has no one for herself. Enter Wade, who develops a ludicrously convenient crush on her. The advice he seeks from romantic greenhorn Ron ends up failing, so Wade does what any of us would do in the same situation: invent a love ray that will make the girl fall madly in love with him.

    It’s nice that Wade is getting out of his room, but if this is how he’s going to act, I suggest putting him back and keeping him there for the rest of his life. Seriously, he lost a lot of sympathy points with me every time he used the "Bun Warmer" on an unsuspecting (and, dare I say, vulnerable) Monique.

    But there has to be a villain for every episode and so we see an appearance by the Seniors, who stumble onto the technology to produce their own neurological Rufie Ray and create a legion of screaming female admirers for Junior’s pop star career.

    There’s an amusing "Wrath of Khan" reference, as well as the (sadly) unforgettable sight of Ron and Wade in drag. To say this episode is a mess is an insult to messes.

    In terms of holiday episodes, they really bottomed out with this one.
  • The episode starts when Monique wants to have a date because it is Valentines Day. She talks to Kim that she must have a big time planned with Ron. In these case Wade, invents a love ray to make Monique fall in love with him.

    This episode is totally exciting for it shows the season of Valentines Day between two black characters, Wade and Monique. It only shows how the love ray make Monique fall in love with Wade. The exciting is how the Senor Senior Senior steels the devise to aims what he wants and that is to uses it to make women all over the world fall in love with his son, Junior, which might turning him into an inter-national pop sensation. What is kept asking is, what kind of love Wade is wants that he must use the love ray to Monique? What kind of love Senor Senior Senior wants to give to his son Junior? I can said, is totally awesome these kind of love is a love who is blind between Monique and Wade. Then, a love that is bad for Senor Senior Senior for his son fate. The truth is, Love is exciting that u must show it in good and nice ways to the person who u love most.
  • Wade invents a love ray to make Monique fall in love with him. Then The Seniors steal it to make Junior a pop star.

    Love is in the air in “The Cupid Effect”. Wade (Tahj Mowry) is big time crushing on Monique (Raven-Symone), but of course she is not having any of it. So Wade develops a love ray that makes Monique fall head over heels in love with him. But then Senor Senior Senior (Ricardo Montalban) steels the devise and uses it to make women all over the world fall in love with his son Junior, turning him into an inter-national pop sensation. Of course, KP has to set thing right.
    To me, this is the funniest episode of the season so far. I nearly fell out of my seat laughing the first time Wade used the “Cupid Ray” on Monique. Then I did fall out of my seat laughing when Senor Senoir Senior was reading the fake love card to Wades’ mom. It is always great to hear Ricardo Montuban talking like Khan from Star Trek. Check that, it’s just great to hear Ricardo Montalban period. Not only is this a Valentine’s Day episode, but it also pays tribute to Black History Month in its’ own way. If you noticed, the stars of the episode were the two black characters, Wade and Monique. Tahj did a nice job showing us another side of Wade; while Raven stole the show has hypnotized Monique. And the end, Wade gets his just deserts. With plenty of laughs to go around, “The Cupid Effect” delivers has a funny holiday episode. It’s right up there with “A Very Possible Christmas”. Some may find it to be a little weird, but in the words of Kim, I like weird.
  • Nice! Cupid works!

    Its Valentine's Day, and Monique is upset that she is lonely. Kim wants Ron to do something romantic for her on their day. Wade stops by to visit them, and sees Monique. He gets a crush on her, and wants to be his date on Valentine's Day. Ron decides to help him out, which ends up making things worse. SO he builds a love ray to make Monique fall in love with him. Things seem to go smooth, until the Seniors spot him. They break into Wades room to get the plans from the love ray for their next plan. When they get the plans worked out, Kim, Ron, Rufus, and Wade try to stop them. But Monique tries to stop them, because she's mad at Wade. Kim zaps her with the ray to get going. When they are at the Tri-city stadium, they try to break in. But seeing that girls get in free, Ron and Wade cross dress for the game. Thanks to things going wrong, Kim and Monique are now under the spell. Thanks to true love, things went back to normal. Now the Seniors are where they belong, Kim adn Ron are having a romantic date, Monique confrimed Wade, Monique is dateless and happy, and now Wade has a super genius girlfriend.
  • If Valentine's Day is a day of not only love, but laughter this ep. Definently takes the cake.

    This is the second time I saw Wade leave his room but this time it was longer than the team impossible ep. However it WAS sick and wrong for Wade to use the cupid ray just for Monique to like him. and there was some laughs, to go in order, I like the part where Ron was "blamed" by wade and have to explain to Kim that Wade's "Bun Warmer" (which was the cupid ray) made girls fall in love with him. Wade went with Ron's idea because Ron came up with it, he should have known that Wade was an inventor, but if I had to pick who was innocent for this sitch it'd be Ron, Ron may have came up with the idea, but Wade invented it and on that note it's Wade's fault and Kim said she was disappointed in both of them when she should be disappointed in the one who acted on it. They say that "Action speaks louder than words" well Wade spoke too loud on that one. then there was this little scene where Kim, Ron, and Wade was going to the concert to stop the Senor Seniors, until Monique wanted Kim to stop so that she could speak a massive word mob speech to Wade, but before she could tell him about what he was doing, Kim zapped her with the cupid ray and Monique was all over Wade again, and when they was about to leave she was crying for Wade not to leave her, so Kim had brought her along. and the one that takes the cake was the whole concert scene. Where Ron was being moshed, the singing, how Ron was a girl when he told Senor Senior Junior that he wanted his girlfriend back. Especially when junior was being chased by the angry mob of women that was a sight to see. Like Mr. Barkin I give this ep a A+.
  • Wades Starting to be an "active" character?

    This One was great. Ron Giving Wade Romance advice when he really donesn't have a clue about Romance himself... Wade leaves his room for a second time... It's really weird seeing him actually being physically active in a episode vs. just being tech support like he usually is. Ron Has Wade looking like Abe Lincoln Trying to impress Monique. When that doesn't work Ron inadvertently suggest to make a device to make girls fall in love with Wade... Wade does but at first isn't honest about what it is calling it a "bun warmer" when it's actually a love ray. They go to Paris which is the fist place Wade uses his love ray, Kim seems to be convinced that the romance of being in Paris has cause Monique to fall for Wade, Later she find out its not true after S.S.S. and S.S.J. Steal the design for the love ray to use it to make Jr a pop star, Wade sets things right and at the end he ends up getting a taste of his own medicine when he meets a female super Genius that makes a love ray and uses it on him. This one will be a Valenties classic for years to come
  • Another great episode for season four...

    Ha..This was a hilarious episode....and it's already the fourth episode into the season and Kim and Ron's new upbeat relationship is still suprisingly natural... I have to admit that I was wondering how they'd keep them still very "KP" and Ron while changing the very detailed aspect of their relationship that switched them to more than friends but its actually very believable! haa...Anyway.....great episode and really fitting for the upcoming Valentines holiday. Jr is hilarious.
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