Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 11

The Fearless Ferret

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Oct 03, 2003 on Disney Channel
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The Fearless Ferret
When Ron is forced by the school to give volunteer hours, he is paired with a grumpy and mysterious old man named Timothy North. Meanwhile, as the North's old life is revealed, an old enemy of North is back for revenge.

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  • funny...

    Ron has to go to an old man's house to try to spread cheer, but it turns out that the old man was the fearless ferret. I thought the story in this episode was really cute. Ron was finally the hero for a bit and Rufus was his trusty sidekick. The bad guy was a bit weird. An old skunk.... weird. He thought that he was still in a tv show. Anyways, he had a plan to detonate a stink bomb during a ferret convetion, but he was stopped. Overall, funny episode with a weird and funny story with good character development.moreless
  • This episode is about Ron being the new Fearless Ferret.

    Ron is volunteering to help the elderly. Ron is assigned to the house of Timothy North. Ron stumbles across the fact that Timothy North is really The Fearless Ferret, an old superhero who Ron adores. Ron is selected to become the new Fearless Ferret but he must keep his identity a secret, even from Kim. Though when The White Stripe comes to fight the new Fearless Ferret, Ron discovers it’s more difficult than he expected; while Kim is busy trying to figure out why Ron is behaving strangely. My favorite part of this episode is when Kim finds out that Ron is the new Fearless Ferret.moreless
  • I have no idea what I have to fill in this box.

    I find this episode so cool. That Ron wears an ferret costume!! That is so funny. And Kim didn\'t even had to do anything. So this episode was more about Ron. I think Ron is the moast funny karacter. And that there was actualy a sery that Ron defeat the evil villan on his own. Something like that find I really funny and this is one of the few from the episodes that I already watched were Ron had an villan who he defeaded without help. Thats why I like this episode. And I hope that this was understandeble (I\'m not Englisch).moreless
  • Ron Stoppable gets another chance to prove himself

    "The Fearless Ferret", in my opinion, was not only good for the character development for Ron, who tries to prove that he has what it takes to become a solo hero, but also the chance to play aorund with a Batman banter.

    There is some character development with Kim as well, such as her reluctance to become Ferret-Girl, and her aversion towards superheroes and secret identities. Although not as clear as Ron, Kim has the opportunity to express herself too.

    But in the end, it boils down to a retired actor trying to keep his legend alive by training a younger person to be his replacement. But even with that in mind, "The Fearless Ferret" is still a good episode.moreless
  • Ron meets Timothy North, who used to be the Fearless Ferret. Then he takes on the role, all while keeing it a secret from Kim.

    This is a really great episode, or at least I think so because of the many K/R hints it has. And it's also interesting to see Ron become a superhero. That's not something he usually does. And for once, we get to see Ron be the hero. And from this episode, it's shown quite clearly that Ron and Kim love each other. The last bits are most memorable, because Ron rescues Kim(He carried her down to the floor after she fainted)and after that, Ron saves the day. When Kim wakes up and finds out, she even gives Ron a hug. All in all, a great episode.moreless
Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright


Tahj Mowry

Tahj Mowry


Will Friedle

Will Friedle

Ron Stoppable

Gary Cole

Gary Cole

Dr. Possible (voice)

Christy Carlson Romano

Christy Carlson Romano

Kim Possible (as Christy Carlson Romano)

Shaun Fleming

Shaun Fleming

Jim and Tim Possible

Adam West

Adam West

Timothy North/The Fearless Ferret

Guest Star

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Rudolph Farnsworth/The White Stripe

Guest Star

Jean Smart

Jean Smart

TV Trash Heap Exec #1

Recurring Role

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Ferret Fan

Recurring Role

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Ferret Fan

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • When Mr. North wakes Kim, she is laying on the floor facing away from him. In the next shot, Kim is facing him.

    • When Ron is laying the fainted Kim down, for a few seconds her midriff is colored black, as though her shirt was tucked in.

    • When Kim wakes Ron up in the beginning of this episode, one of her breasts are curved; though after Ron's line, it becomes angular, like it normally is.

    • Ron was captured at nighttime though it was daytime when he was being tied up inside the building. It's improbable for a day to have passed because certainly people would have questioned how Ron went missing.

    • After Ron forces the skunk ballon through the door, it appears to be just as large as the building itself. It seems odd, then, that it's so small when it's inside the building.

    • When the two conventioners spot Mr. North, the larger one on the right speaks with two different voices.

    • In the final scene, when the execs collapse against each other, the bags under the female exec's eyes keep vanishing.

    • After the Ferretmobile zips out of the cave and the shot switches inside, we see Kim and Mr. North. The right side of the roof handle Kim's holding onto vanishes frequently during the first part of the scene.

    • When Kim and Ron walk outside the school, during Kim's "cable TV" line, what's normally gray on Ron's shoes is colored like his pants.

    • Ron says his "slight stigmatism" doesn't require corrective lenses (yet). "Stigmatism" is normal vision; "astigmatism" is more likely correct in this context.

    • When Ron first dons the Ferret costume, the cowl is attached to the rest of the costume, later as Ron hangs upside-down, Kim removes his cowl...which is not attached to the costume.

    • The overlapping sequence of the ropes binding Ron to the pole changes often.

    • When Kim says "Sorry Ron, the Fearless Ferret isn't real, it's -- well -- TV Trash" her mouth briefly disappears for a frame or two.

    • Nitpick: The Lowerton Lemurs football players look strangely similar to the Middleton High football players (identical jerseys).

    • While riding in the Ferretmobile with North, Kim's eyes are briefly blue.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Ron: I'm here to spread sunshine!
      Timothy North: Spread it on someone who cares.
      Ron: (whining) C'mon, Mr. North, I won't get school credit if I don't lift your spirits with my youthful zest!

    • Ron: (hanging upside down from the ceiling) Just think of me as... a friend.
      Kim: (removing his mask) Yeah, no duh! Ron.
      Ron: That is so not cool to do to a superhero!

    • Kim: Wade, are you sure Ron's pager is in this building?
      Wade: Are you sure it's any of your business?
      Kim: He's been acting funny. I just want to make sure he's okay.
      Wade: Then yes, the trace is solid.

    • Timothy North: Nice moves, kid. You sure you don't want to be Ferret Girl?
      Kim: So sure...

    • Ferret Fan #1: What kind of costume is that?
      Ferret Fan #2: White Stripe, one of the lesser villains, played by Rudolph Farnsworth, he appeared only in episode 14.
      White Stripe: Who you callin' "lesser?"

    • North: Ready to go home crying?
      Ron: No, no. I'm not like the others. I'm Ron Stoppable. I. . . um. . . can do anything.

    • Ron: Rufus, I think I'm having the most excellent geek dream ever.

    • Ron: I am the Fearless Ferret, version 2.0, and Wonder Weasel (referring to Rufus)
      Kim: Um, I think it's great that you get to be all "ferrety".

    • Ron: KP, what's with the goofy face?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Rictis pyralisis. A sure sign of (dramatic music) Brain frost!

    • Ron: If somebody told you that I was just an ordinary teenage superhero sidekick, somebody lied.

    • Ron: Shrouded in shrubbery, the Fearless Ferret prepares to pounce.

    • North: Just like the old days. Racing to the rescue.
      Kim: Only in the old days. . .
      North: (sighs) I was an actor. In a TV show that got cancelled after two seasons.
      Kim: Just reality checking.

    • Ron: Dig it, citizens. Thanks to the Fearless Ferret, your streets are safe.

    • Sign in front of hospital: Middleton Medical Center: Ask about our specials

    • Ron: Can't I just sit around and listen to you, y'know, reminisce about the good old days?
      North: Eat snowballs!
      Ron: (To Rufus) Was that something he used to do in the good old days or something he wants me to do now?

    • MHS Sign: Sunshine Spreaders Super Special Students

  • NOTES (2)

  • ALLUSIONS (21)

    • George Reeves:

      This episode might be a reference to the TV urban legend about George Reeves, who got so into his role of Superman that he killed himself because he thought he could fly.

    • Batgirl:

      Timothy North asked Kim to be Ferret girl and since this show was like Batman, Ferret girl is an allusion to Bat girl.

    • Spider Man:

      The scene when Kim is face-to-face to Ron (upside down) is similar to a scene in Spider Man where Mary Jane takes off Peter's mask and kisses him.

    • Name: Timothy North:

      Timothy NORTH has a compass direction for a last name, just like his VA, Adam WEST.

    • Batman Beyond:

      This episode is similar to one of Will Friedle's roles on another series, Batman Beyond. He plays a character that picks up the role of Batman on that series, just like Ron picks up the role of the Fearless Ferret.

    • Batman:

      Rufus' role as Wonder Weasel pays homage to Batman's sidekick Robin, the Boy Wonder.

    • Batman:

      In the Fearless Ferret opening sequence, the Fearless Ferret punches out a man in a crocodile outfit. This is a reference to the Batman villain Killer Croc.

    • Timothy North: But what about my bum leg?

      Adam West, the voice actor for Timothy North and the inspiration for the character, actually did suffer a permanent leg injury while he was doing a post-series "Batman Stunt Show" during an accident in the early 1970's.

    • The Emperor's New Groove:

      When Farnsworth smashed the bust of the Fearless Ferret with a mallet, it was similar to a scene in The Emperor's New Groove, in which the villain in that film smashed several busts of the Emperor with a mallet.

    • Mrs. Dr. Possible: Rictis Paralysis.

      This is a side effect of the Joker's killer laughing gas in the Batman series.

    • The Scorpion:

      The Scorpion has appeared in far more than just two issues of Spider-Man, and I wouldn't describe him as a "lesser" villain. One of their encounters, drawn by legendary artist Todd McFarlane, has been reprinted in several Spider-Man trades.

    • The Scorpion:

      The basic design of White Stripe's costume is very similar to a lesser Spider-Man villain, The Scorpion (though he appeared in two issues instead of one).

    • Ferret Fan 2: White Stripe, one of the lesser villains, played by Rudolph Farnsworth, he appeared only in episode 14.

      The tone and attitude voiced by Ferret Fan 2 parodies the surly and sarcastic Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.

    • Batman:

      The button underneath the statue head and fireman poles are taken directly from the old Batman series, as is the scene where the Ferret Mobile exits the Ferret Hole (the folding-down barricade).

    • Spider Man:

      The scene in which White Stripe pretends to be a woman in distress is very similar to the scene in the 2002 hit Spider Man, in which the Green Goblin also pretends to be a woman in distress to capture his foe.

    • Batman:

      While going up to the sky, the Ferret Plane briefly silhouettes against the moon. A nice little homage to the 1989 Tim Burton Batman.

    • The Man with Two Brains:

      The scene in the hospital where the doctor unscrews the top of his head (and Ron with Kim) is an homage to a scene from the Steve Martin/Carl Reiner spoof The Man with Two Brains, in which Steve Martin's character, Dr. Hfuhruhurr (it's pronounced like it's spelled) creates an identical method for performing quick, efficient brain surgery.

    • TV Trash Heap:

      Many of the shows featured on "TV Trash Heap" are parodies of old '70s shows:

      Mod Quad - "The Mod Squad,"

      Laugh Riot - "Laugh-in"

      The Fearless Ferret - "Batman"

    • Ron: If somebody told you I was just an ordinary teenage sidekick - somebody lied.

      Ron imitates the title character of the 2002 hit, Spider-Man: "If somebody told you I was just your average, ordinary guy, not a care in the world, somebody lied."

    • Adam West:

      Timothy North was modeled after Adam West, who starred in the 1966 Batman series. This entire episode is a parody of Batman as well as Adam West, in which Timothy North's character is very similar to his character; he's even voiced by the real Adam West.

    • Spider Man:

      Kim and Ron's predicament is similar to the Spider-Man film, in which Ron's predicament is similar to Peter's while Kim's is similar to Mary Jane's. Like Peter, Ron makes up poor excused to explain where he's going when he's really trying to save the day, and just like Mary Jane, Kim gets suspicious of her friend's behavior and attempts to investigate the issue, though she winds up being saved by her friend.