Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 24

The Full Monkey

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Feb 13, 2004 on Disney Channel
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The Full Monkey
When Kim and Ron again must stop Monkey Fist's latest plans, Kim accidentily takes an ancient, magical necklace that makes her undergo phenominal phyiscal changes.

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  • One of the funniest and best episodes

    While on one of their many missions, Team Possible foils Monkey Fists attempt to obtain a special artifact with special powers. Kim unwittingly wears it and it bonds with her and starts transforming her into a monkey ruler. To make matters worse picture day has arrived and later is a cheer off. Not only does Monkey Fist kidnaps Kim in order to gain the amulet, but Ron mistakenly believes that one of Monkey Fists minions is really Kim fully transformed and tries to overcome his phobia of nonhuman primates.

    Really funny moments,twists, and dialogue. Wade manages to remove the amulet during the cheer contest, Kim knocks out Monkey Fist and her school wins a match against their arch rivals. Overall, one of the best episodes with fantastic humor.moreless
  • Now, why isn't there a classification for 'phoned in'?

    Kim heads to China to stop Monkey Fist from stealing a rare amulet. Unfortunately, it lands on her, manifesting itself as a tattoo. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the talisman turns the wearer into a monkey. More unfortunate still is that it's picture day at Middleton High...and Kim's had bad luck with school pictures.

    I got a serious feeling of deja vu while watching "The Full Monkey". Then it hit me: it's "Blush"! (though it aired first, it was produced shortly after) This episode isn't quite as slick, however. In fact, it doesn't so much tell a story as it does check off (rather cynically, I must say) a list of things that are assumed make the show great:

    - glossing over misunderstandings (as in the bits with Josh and Mrs. Dr. Possible)

    - Ron freaking out (seldom is it more irritating than here)

    - playing on Ron's supposed ignorance (how could he not tell that that was a monkey wearing Kim's dress?)

    - Barkin getting in people's faces (okay, I admit this was funny)

    Getting back to Ron and the monkey, the montage of the two of them bonding was good. One can only hope that this quelling of Ron's fear is a bit more than temporary.

    "The Full Monkey"? It's full of something, all right. The best thing would be to stay upwind.moreless
  • This episode is about Kim turning into a monkey.

    When Kim and Ron once again head out to stop Lord Monkey Fist, Kim manages to retrieve the amulet that he stole. However, when the mystical monkey amulet begins to turn Kim into a monkey, on picture day, she must try to stop Lord Monkey Fist’s attempts to steal the amulet back while not being seen by people. However, Ron inadvertently believes a monkey he found is Kim and he struggles with his emotions over having his best friend become one of his worst fears but Ron gets over it. My favorite part of this episode is when we see that Ron was with an actual monkey without knowing it because he thought that that was Kim his best friend.moreless
A.J. Trauth

A.J. Trauth


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Bill Barretta


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Patrick Warburton

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