Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 9

The Golden Years

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Sep 05, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

The Golden Years
Kim, Ron, and the Possible family go to Florida to help Kim's grandmother. Meanwhile, Drakken is ready to take over a large demographic of the population.

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  • What do I have to look forward to?

    Kim and the family take a trip to Florida to visit Nana Possible. With Nana being extra doting, Kim finds it a little hard to breathe...or stop Drakken and Shego's latest scheme.

    Even with a few promising elements here (Drakken's ultimate plan to control people's minds through their mp3 players, his and Shego's cover), I couldn't help but feel that this episode was coasting - a common problem with most of this season.

    Debbie Reynolds adds some class and her character's background is most intriguing...which makes the shoe-horned-in "Shaft" reference all the clumsier.

    And speaking of clumsy, what about Ron? No, really, what about him? Much like Kim's scenes in "Exchange", Ron's bits (which consist solely of him being rebuffed by college girls on spring break) are entirely negligible and could have been cut out.

    "Golden"? Try bronze.moreless
  • This episode is about Kim's grandmother making Kim very mad and all of the seniors are being controled by Drakken.

    Kim, Ron, and the Possible family head to Florida to help Kim's grandmother unpack at her new home. Can Kim fight against her grandmother's over protectiveness? well the answer is a yes. Meanwhile, Drakken and Shego accidentally create an army of old people instead of teens, and Kim's Nana ( grandmother ) is one of them. Can Kim fight her own Nana? That is a question that you will have to answer yourself so see the episode. My favorite part of this episode is when Rufus ends up being popular on the beach and Ron is just named by a lot of girls as a loser.moreless
  • Kim and the fam head down to Florida to help Nana Possible move into her new retirement home...dragging Ron along, naturally. Unfortunately, somebody else is there, with his own plans.

    One of my top ten episodes, mainly because it's actually such fun to watch. There are all sorts of gems in here, such as Bed-Head Kim, or Kim in her purple shorts. Even the music is good - sounding something like Credenence Clearwater Revival (call them CCR here and peeps get confused)

    I love how we get to see where so much of what make Kim Kim comes from, right down to the green eyes (You have to pay attention, Nana's irises are kinda small.)

    The only thing that takes points off is how they dragged Ron down in this one, until the very last scene at the gator farm. Even Kim called him a froob (whatever that is.)moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • Dr. Drakken presents Kim with a large file of research that he did on Nana Possible, and yet he is surprised that Kim (a high-profile person in her own right) is Nana's grand-daughter. It is very odd that the relationship never came up in all that research performed by Drakken.

    • As the party starts in Drakken's swamp lair, Ron is standing in front of a crowd. A moment later, the crowd behind him is gone and two girls hoist him up to a stage that wasn't there before.

    • The orange-haired girl who gives Ron the " the the S-er" line is wearing a two-piece bathing suit when she does so. However, when Rufus points out "My fans" to Ron, that same girl, who is cheering, is now wearing a one-piece bathing suit.

    • Drakken's original plan in this episode states that he will hypnotize all the teens listening to their MP3 players. Ironically, not one of the Spring Breaking teens seen in the episode is listening to any sort of music device.

    • There is no way that the Kimmunicator (piloted by Wade) could have gotten from the gator farm to the pool where Ron was, give Ron enough time to make and hand out all those fliers, and have everyone make it to the gator farm in the time it takes Kim to have that fight scene.

    • Kim is not wearing her belt with the rest of her mission gear while fighting Shego.

    • When Drakken learns his mind control frequency works on hearing aids, he announces that the entire elderly population will be under his control. However, not every elderly person wears hearing aids, and even some younger individuals wear them to counter hearing loss.

    • When Kim and the old folks are Jet Skiing, they get on the jet skis without any life jackets on, but then in the next scene, they do have them on, only to have them off again come the next scene.

    • When Kim says "Nana, Drakken's getting away" the turtleneck part of her shirt is missing.

    • When the hypnotized Nana kicks Kim into the crates, the papers that Drakken gave Kim telling about her go flying out of her hands, however after sitting up in the crates, Kim pulls the papers out from behind herself.

    • When driving the ice cream truck, both of Shego's gloves are green.

    • If you go by production order, "Job Unfair" (212), where Drakken tries to take over the Great White North, comes after this episode (211), but Kim says it happened "last week".

    • In the Possible family van, Rufus jumps onto the driver's seat, next to the head rest, but on a close up shot of Rufus there is no head rest.

    • When everybody but Kim sings "Camptown Races" in the car on the ride down, they sing, "Camptown Racetrack, 2 Miles Long." The correct lyric is "Camptown Racetrack, FIVE Miles Long."

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Mr. & Mrs. Dr. Possible: (Singing)
      Camptown ladies sing this song
      Doo-dah, doo-dah
      Camptown racetrack's two miles long
      Oh, de, doo-dah, dey...
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Everybody now!
      Ron: (joins in)
      Gonna run all night,
      Gonna run all day!
      I'll bet my money on the bobtail nag,
      Somebody bet on the grey

    • Drakken: Behold, my army of youth! (the elderly army enters the cabin) Who are you?
      Nana Possible: Your army, reporting for duty.
      Shego: (laughs) This is your army of youth? I think you missed by about 50 years, Doc!
      Drakken: The signal must not have been properly tuned into the MP3 frequency. But then, what am I tapping into?
      (Shego removes an old man's hearing aid and puts it back)
      Shego: Well done, you tapped into the hearing aid frequency, Dr. D.
      Drakken: What am I supposed to do with an army of retired people? Ooh, lemon squares.
      Shego: You can have them buy you discount tickets for the movies.
      Drakken: These lemon squares are scrump and delicious. You know what, they're here, they're zombies, I might as well see what we can do with them.

    • Ron: You know, it's amazing. In one short day I managed to earn the socially challenged rep that it took me a lifetime to cultivate back home. Rufus, on the other hand, was named honorary mascot of five different sororities.

    • Drakken: Life begins at 65, you know!
      Shego: Where are you getting this stuff, anyway?
      Drakken: Read these brochures, Shego, they'll rock your world.

    • Ron: Yeah! Ron Stoppable off the heazy! I'm in, I'm chillin' (starts to do the robot) do the robot, do the robot (waves fist in circular motion in air) Whoo! Whoo!

    • Drakken: Let's get this party started old school, yo.

    • Drakken: You know, you really should get that Lemon Square recipe from her. They're to die for.

    • Drakken: Poor Kim Possible. Too bad you won't be around to see me control the minds of the world's elderly population. Which, by the way, is growing at ten percent each year.

    • Kim: Ok, (pulls off fuzzy, green, comfy wool sweater) I'm gonna get a heat rash!!

    • Drakken (mouth full): Nana Possible, you think your lemon squares are all that, but they're not!

    • Jim: Wow, vinyl!
      Tim: I've heard about these, but I've never actually seen one before.
      Jim: Let's rip 'em into MP3 files!

    • Ron: Wait! You're not halucinating! I'm a real loser!

    • Ron: One down, 5,000 to go.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Robocop 3:

      The scene where Kim as chasing Drakken and Shego on the rocket skates is similar to Robocop 3 in the fact that Shego dropped ice cream on the street in order to get the children to block Kim's path, which prevented Kim from chasing them; this was also done in Robocop 3, but rather than ice cream, the crooks dropped money in the street to prevent Robocop from chasing them.

    • Drakken: Mmm.These lemon squares are delicious.

      In Get a Clue (Disney Channel original movie)Mrs. Dawson made Lemon Squares and Lexi said they were delicious.

    • Sign: Olde Home Buffet

      A combination of the Old Country and Hometown buffet chains (both properties of Buffet, Inc).

    • Mr. Possible: You know what might take your mind off things? A good game of Strategories!
      This is a reference to several board games; the name is a cross between Statego and Scategories. Kim calls the racecar, which is a popular piece in the Monopoly board games. Kim later "takes 'Science and Nature' for the block", Science and Nature being a Trivia Pursuit category and "taking for the block" is a trademark saying on Hollywood Squares, a popular variation of Tic-Tac-Toe.

    • Dr. Drakken: It's a zip-a-dee-doo-dah day!

      This quote is from the classic Disney movie "Song of the South" which the ride Splash Mountain was adapted from.

    • Drakken: "Your Nana is a bad grandmother..."

      Kim: "Shut your mouth!"

      Drakken:: "I'm just talking about Nana."

      A nice little homage to Shaft, the world's baddest private eye. The movie's theme song contained a very similar line.

    • Drakken: Not in the face!

      A line taken directly from the Mel Brooks classic Blazing Saddles, where the same course of action is taken.