Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 3

The New Ron

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jun 07, 2002 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

This episode starts off at Kim's house, where she sits, looking very thoughtful. Francois, a barber, also looks very thoughtful. The same goes for Rufus. Francois then proceeds to cut Ron's hair, after getting support from Kim. He says he is doing this because Kim helped his poodle. Kim's mom then comes into the kitchen, asking why Ron is getting a haircut in their kitchen, to which Kim replies that he needs it. For "the finale", he adds some "Le Goup". Everyone except Ron seems to like it, and he screams as we head into the opening credits.

At school, the usual sign isn't there. Ron is hiding in a closet, because he thinks the new haircut is ugly. When he comes out he has a bucket over his head. When he takes it off, he has a thick cap on his head to hide his hair. He says that the haircut has destroyed his "Ron-ness". Kim tricks Ron, and manages to get the cap off. Ron chases Kim through the halls, but is quick to stop when he sees some senior girls that like his haircut a lot, telling him to meet them later. This causes Ron to immediately like his haircut. But, much to his dismay, one straw of hair is still standing out. Well, Ron convinces Kim to go to France so that they can get him some more of the "Le Goup" hair gel.

As a plane lands on an airport, we see Kim inside, thanking the pilots for the ride, and ends up bragging about the time she helped them, as always. In Paris, Kim and Ron are visiting Francois. As they exit his shop, he says that Ron needs a new wardrobe to take the haircut to the next level. Kim is very irritated, because all the girls walking by Ron looks at him and gives him blow kisses. Kim argues with Ron a bit, but gives up, and walks away very irritated. But all of a sudden, all the electricity gets cut across the whole town. Kim asks Wade about the snitch, and he tells them that there have been blackouts all across Europe. Well, Wade fixes them a ride.

Kim and Ron are sitting in a helicopter very nervously, asking if this is safe. Wade guarantees that it is safe as we see a cabin in the helicopter, without a pilot. They have traced what that has been causing all the blackouts, and it seems like it is an island. A giant light beams up from the whole island, indicating that someone has been using enormous amounts of electricity there. They then proceed to land on the island. They grapple themselves over a huge wall with barbed wires and searchlights on top of it. At the top, they see some pools and some buildings, as well as a gargantuan lamp in the middle. They also discover a man that is sunbathing by the pool. He then calls for his father, believing them to be the new servants. His father then introduces them as Senor Senior Senior and Senor Senior Junior. Inside, Kim explains the Seniors about energy, and ways of being economical with their energy consumption. Ron then says that his "house" looks like a perfect evil lair, saying that someone can take over the world from a place like that, giving out ideas about how to do it, like installing a communications jammer, missiles, self-activating lasers, an indoor lagoon filled with piranhas. Further, he proposes an underground escape route, as well as spinning tops of doom. They then exit. Well, the Seniors find out that they need a hobby.

Back at Kim's house that evening, Kim is about to eat dinner, and are arguing with the twins. Kim's mother then serves dinner, which is meat loaf shaped like a brain, which grosses Kim out. Kim then goes up to her room, and tries to call Ron, but he is not home. At the mall, Ron is in a clothes store, and he is looking for clothes to match the hair cut, but he is very choosy. Kim tries to page him, but he is not answering, because he is too busy with his new haircut. Kim tries to talk to her dad about it, but he is talking nonsense as normal. Talking to her mother doesn't give much result either.

At school next day, a guy with black pants is walking through the hallways. He does also have a blue sweater, and we see Rufus on his arm, indicating that it's Ron. Everyone looks at him as he is walking through the hallway. When Kim discovers his new clothes, she gets very surprised. later at the school day, Rufus is walking around the floor, panicked. He does almost get stepped on several times before Kim picks him up. Ron is talking to Amelia, one of the senior girls, when Kim takes him away. She tries to explain that Rufus could have been stepped on, but he doesn't particularly care. Kim then takes Rufus to her locker, so that he can live there. Wade then beeps in, and says that it is trouble with the Seniors, because they have taken the power in Europe again, but by purpose this time.

We then see Paris, London and Venice, whit blackouts occurring in every single town. At the Seniors' island, Senior sr. is reading "The Book of Evil", for ideas about how to be evil. They then see Kim and Ron arriving on one of their security cams. They then see some missiles, one of Ron's advices. They then see a giant plug, which is used to drain all of Europe's power. When they get into Senior's house, they see a lagoon, with piranhas (that will come in the next Monday), another one of Ron's suggestions. Senior Sr. then tells that he ordered "The Book of Evil" so that he could learn how to be a villain. Kim and Ron then sees some red marks on their faces, which indicates self-activating lasers, yet another one of Ron's suggestions. They then run from the lasers. Senior Sr. then says that he is going to attack Middleton with one of his missiles. Ron then heads after Senior Jr., who is heading for the missile launching ramp. Kim is doing well with dodging the self-activating lasers and making them shoot each other. But then Senior Sr. sends in his spinning tops of doom, the second last of Ron's advices.

Up at the missile launching pad, Junior is preparing the missiles for launch, when Ron comes, and they begin to fight. They do so by messing up each others hair, to distract. They continue with it, fixing and messing up the others hair, until Junior breaks Ron's comb. This makes Ron very angry, and he jumps on Junior. Junior's comb also falls out, and almost drops down into the water. Back inside, Kim is still running from the spinning tops of doom. Outside, Ron sees his reflection, and his mind finally come to sense, as does his hair, with the help of Rufus. Rufus also shoves Junior's comb over the edge, and he climbs down after it. This allows Ron to stop the missiles from launching. He then runs inside, just to find Kim having problems with the tops of doom. Ron throws a metal bar at one of them, causing it to go crazy and destroying the others. Senior Sr. on the other hand, makes his escape with a secret escape route and a speed boat, the last one of Ron's advices.

Back at school, Ron has learned a lesson. And he thinks that it wasn't the haircut that made him popular, it was the confidence. Well, he is proven wrong when he gets rejected by Amelia. back at Kim's locker, Rufus is glad to see the old Ron again. End of episode.