Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 3

The New Ron

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jun 07, 2002 on Disney Channel

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  • A new haircut and villains

    After Ron gets a new haircut he gets the attention of several girls including some popular ones. He even goes for new pants. Meanwhile a billionaire and his son are causing power outages all over Europe. While speaking in behalf of various people and communities about why they need to cut their power use Ron accidentally gives Senor Senior Sr the idea to become a supervillain as a hobby because his island retreat will make a great lair and all he needs some dangerous toys. The Seniors then start draining cities all over Europe of their power. An overall funny and interesting start to how some bad guys came to be in Kim Possible.
  • funny...

    Ron gets a new haircut. This new haircut completely changes his personality and he becomes a popular, annoying, arrogant boy. Everyone at school starts to like him and talk to him and he starts to ignore Kim. Meanwhile, the bad guys are up to the same old stuff and Kim and Ron have to stop him. In the end, Ron gets his old haircut back and returns to normal. I liked the story in this episode. It was interesting to see Ron in a different personality. Overall , ok episode with a lot of good funny moments and good character development.
  • Personality change

    well, this episode had me going. I was all like, what's up wit Ron? Well, now it's not old news. Firstly, he has changed his personality because of new looks etc. many times, the most notable being in Ron Millionaire, Ron the Man and All the news. And why did he do it? BEcause of the popularity. He likes the popularity. And this episode is no exception.
    Well, his new haircut was kinda annoying me. I think it looked like it was all soaked and just hanging down. ANd hsi new clothes? Terrible. Then why the good score?
    The villains. I like the Seniors, as they are called. And how they got evil is just as good; it was Ron's fault, suggesting that he could get a pirahna lagoon, missiles, self-activating lasers and more. Soo Ron-like. And they followed his ideas. So, now we have two new villains
    Of course, they are comical. Every Kim Possible villain is comical. But the Seniors? Well, they rule! You see, the senior member, Señor Senior Senior, is an old man, who is obsessed with the code of villany, which is what leads to his downfall. The junior member, Señor Senior Junior, are the spoiled man-child that cannot do a thing for himself. And they have serious internal family struggles. It makes then soo funny.
    So, all in all, this episode was kinda great, but still had it's downfalls. Thumb up
  • ron gets a new hair style

    the episode to me was average nothing in this episode really stuck out at me it was interesting to see how people react to new hair styles. and how something as sipmple as hair style can chande a person lol. its fun to see how people who change there hair style feel vaunerable till someone complimits you on my hair. well its an ok episode but nothin special just your average kim possible episode. it is a good episode to see once maybe twice then its really no big if you miss it as kim would say "no big."
  • So...what was wrong with the old Ron?

    Concluding that she knows what's best for Ron, "even if he doesn't", Kim arranges for him to receive a haircut from renowned French hairstylist Francois. The new 'do earns Ron instant popularity and an inflated ego, while Dr. Frankenkim laments about what's become of her best friend (or, more correctly, what she was a willing accessory to).

    Meanwhile, the electricity in Europe is being sapped away in great quantities. The answer lies on a private island occupied by bored multi-billionaire Senor Senior Senior and his son, Senor Senior Junior. Kim asks the old man to cut the power. He obliges, but not before Ron makes a number of bone-headed comments about how the Senior home would make an awesome villain's lair.

    It's not before long that the blackouts resume in Europe. It's the same situation as before, but wait - Senor Senior Senior is taking the power intentionally. He took Ron's suggestions to heart and (having nothing better to do) decides to become a villain. (Don't you just hate when that happens?)

    As you can probably imagine, Kim and Ron aren't exactly at their best, here. However, the climactic fight between Ron and Junior was funny, and the casting of Senior should be a treat for fans of "Wrath of Khan" or "Freakazoid!"

    This episode proves that change isn't always for the best.