Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 3

The New Ron

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jun 07, 2002 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When we saw Kim's locker after she told Rufus that he could live in her locker, there was a picture of Ron hanging between the pictures of Shego and Drakken. When Kim opened the locker at the end of the episode, and Rufus jumps out of Kim's locker, his picture is gone.

    • When Kim is getting thanked by the female pilot for helping them earlier, the male pilot's eyes are blue, with no pupils. When he says his line after that, he has only the pupils in his eyes with no color. When Ron comes in, his eyes are suddenly blue, with the pupils as well.

    • This is one of four episodes where Ron changes his image to get more popular, with the other three being All The News, Ron the Man, and Ron Millionaire.

    • When Ron's fighting the spinning tops of doom, there's a shadow on the wall on the other side of the doorway behind him, but in the next shot, it's gone.

    • When Kim and Ron are sneaking into the Seniors' lair, Ron is wearing mission clothes. When they confront the Seniors however, he has somehow changed back into his new outfit.

    • After Ron changed his hair back to its original style, it suddenly goes back to its previous style after he saves Kim from the spinning tops of doom.

    • When Kim says, "Can you hack into the European grid?", the details on the Kimmunicator disappear.

    • During Mrs. Dr. Possible's entire first line, her lower lip is shaded in. This same goof appears later when she brings Kim some "brain loaf".

    • When Ron comes back from "fighting" Junior, you can see tracks made by the "Spinning Tops of Doom," but in the next shot, they disappear.

    • At one point, during the "Spinning Tops of Doom" scene, Kim's upper lip is momentarily flesh-colored.

    • When Ron comes back from "fighting" Junior, the ladder to his right has already been damaged beyond use, but it's whole again in the next shot -- just in time to be destroyed by a spinning top of doom.

    • Outside of Francois' shop, Haute D'Style, the bottom of Ron's shirt is red during the entire "Hair care is the center of the universe" discussion.

    • When Kim runs off with Ron's hat early in the episode, the bottom of Ron's shirt is red when he shouts "Give it, Kim!"

    • After Kim and Ron get his cowlick fixed, they come out of the shop, and in the first long shot of the store front, Ron's cowlick is back, and in the second long shot, it's gone again.

    • At the end of the episode, Ron messed his hair around and it appeared exactly as it did before he got the haircut.

  • Quotes

    • (At the hallways of Middleton High)
      Ron: So, it wasn't really the haircut that made me popular, what people saw was confidence. So I lose the haircut, keep the confidence and I'm chatzy! (notices Amelia) Hey, Amelia! We're still on for after school?
      Amelia: After school... with you? And you are? Geek out?
      Ron: But, come on it's, it's me! It's Ron. What so I... so I ditched the do, it's what inside that's matter, right? ...right?
      Amelia: Who told you that, loser?
      (Amelia walks away, and Ron walks back to Kim's locker while Rufus jumps out to Ron)
      Kim: See? Someone likes you just the way you are!

    • (Ron enters the room where Kim is just barely avoiding the spinning tops of doom)
      Ron: Kim! (grabs a metal stick) Get down! (throws the stick at the spinning top of doom, and it runs into another one, destroying both)
      Kim: Thanks! (the rest of the spinning tops of doom breaks) Never, never tell anyone to go out and buy spinning tops of doom! (Señor Senior Senior runs out of the room) You gotta be careful about what you say, Ron. I mean, one little thing...
      Ron: Like you need a new hairstyle?
      Kim: Yeah! (with a apologizing tone) Like that.... sorry.
      Ron: Do you know what the worst thing is? Pleather doesn't breathe!
      (We hear a motorboat sound as Señor Senior Senior makes his escape)
      Kim: A secret grotto and a speed boat! Great for escapes!
      Ron: You know, I am so not talking to anyone ever again.
      Kim: Come on. Let's ace this place.

    • (Señor Senior Junior is pressing some buttons)
      Sr. Senior Jr: I have to launch his stupid missiles!
      (the missile tubes open)
      Ron: Step away from the console!
      Sr. Senior Jr: Or step away from your bossy attitude. You think just because you're so nicely dressed...
      (Ron jumps on him and they fight by ruffing each other's hair; Ron does it to Señor Senior Junior, and begins to press the control panel for the missiles)
      Sr. Senior Jr: No, you don't!
      (Senõr Senior Junior breaks Ron's comb)
      Ron: Oh, you are gonna pay!
      (They start to fight for Junior's comb and Ron looks at his reflection in the glass wall)
      Ron: Huh? (pause) Look at me. What have I become?
      Sr. Senior Jr: I do not know. What?
      (Rufus rubs Ron's hair back to the normal style)
      Ron: My Ron-nes! I... I feel it! Yeah! This look... works!
      Sr. Senior Jr: What look? Let me see. But your hair is all messy, it's so... so...
      Ron: Totally me!
      (Rufus kicks Junior's comb down towards the water)
      Sr. Senior Jr: Ahhhh!
      Ron: Woah, the stairs! Use the stairs!

    • (Kim and Ron run until they find a huge power cord)
      Ron: Is that what I think it is?
      Kim: That's how he's draining the power. Come on, let's get this settled.
      Ron: How are you planning on getting inside?
      Kim: The door. (Kim knocks on the door) Señor Senior Senior, open up!
      (Kim and Ron enter the lair)
      Sr. Senior Sr.: Ah, Kim Possible, my feisty teen...
      Ron: Hey, you put in a lagoon!
      Sr. Senior Sr.: The pirahna won't be here 'till Monday, but I assure you, the koi have not been fed in days. I ordered this book on world domination off the internet. Huh, it said you would be coming back
      Kim: Have you gotten to the chapter where you give yourself up?
      Sr. Senior Sr.: No, actually, I'm up to the part where I tell you "that it is too late for you to stop my evil plan".
      Ron: (Ron notices red dot on his face) Oh man, I've got a zit in my nose.
      Kim: Will you get over yourself?
      Ron: You do too, right there.
      Kim: Self-activating lasers! (Kim jumps away with Ron just as two lasers fire) (to Ron) threw in some traps.
      Ron: Hey, on the positive side, this guy is clearly a terrific listener!
      (Kim and Ron are running away from the lasers, and they hide)
      Kim: Señor Senior Senior is really starting to get on my nerves!
      Ron: Should pleather lose it's sheen so quickly?
      Sr. Senior Sr.: Kim Possible! Here is a good target: Middleton. I'm going to attack your hometown! Junior, go to the tower and activate the missiles.
      Sr. Senior Jr: Oh, now I am your missile launching person too?
      Ron: Junior just split!
      Kim: I'll deal with Senior, you go after Junior! (Ron runs away, Kim takes Rufus out of her pocket) Keep an eye on him. The old Ron may still be inside there somewhere.

    • (Kim and Ron is climbing up the Senior's island)
      Ron: So then Amelia ran up and said "Brad Pitt!", but she tapped me on the shoulder, and...
      Kim: Ron, we're sneaking here!
      Ron: Sorry. Brad Pitt, though.
      Kim: Wooah! (The Seniors have built barbed wire and giant searchlights on top of the wall)
      Ron: Double woah! He's been busy!
      Kim: (drags Ron down) Get down!
      Kim: (notices missiles in the wall) Oh, good. Missiles. I'm so glad you told him to get missiles!
      Ron: Oh, so I made a few suggestions. Does that make it my fault?
      Kim: 100 percent!

    • (At the Senior's island, Señor Senior Senior is reading "The Book of Evil")
      Sr. Senior Sr: Hm... evil chutle... no. Not for me. Ah, the evil snicker. (laughs manically) Alright, that would do for now. Junior! Any word from the Euro-Alliance?
      Sr. Senior Jr: Somebody called. I don't know who.
      Sr. Senior Sr: Did you think to take a message?
      Sr. Senior Jr: I did not. I'm not your message taking person.
      Sr. Senior Sr: If you want your own island, you will think to take a message!
      (they see Kim and Ron on a screen)
      Sr. Senior Sr: Look! Ron Stoppable returns.
      Sr. Senior Jr: Has he got the new trousers?
      Sr. Senior Sr: Yes. Scuba trousers.

    • (At her locker, Kim puts Rufus in it)
      Rufus: (looking at a picture of Ron making faces) Aww.
      Kim: Yeah, I liked him that way too.
      (Wade appears on the computer)
      Wade: Kim, we got trouble! Big time trouble!
      Kim: What's the damage, Wade?
      Wade: The damage is Señor Senior Senior. I thought you said he was harmless!
      Kim: Yeah. Rich, but harmless.
      Wade: He's sucked up all the power in Western Europe.
      Kim: Okay, I'll go back and make sure he turns off some of his lights.
      Wade: It's gonna take more than that, Kim. Señor Senior Senior's taking Europe's power on purpose! Check this out:
      (Señor Senior Senior appears on the screen)
      Sr. Senior Sr: My evil wow is this: I will send Europe back into the dark ages, unless the Euro-Alliance gives me... their nice little islands.
      Kim: Nice... little islands?
      Sr. Senior Jr: (appears on screen) With the warm beach days and hot disco nights.
      Wade: They are obviously new at the big-time villain thing.
      Kim: That's what worryies me. I'll get Ron. We've gotta save Europe!

    • (Rufus is running around on the floor, almost getting stepped on and Kim grabs him at the last minute)
      Kim: Rufus! What are you doing out here? Come on, let's get you into Ron's locker.
      (At the cafeteria Ron is sitting with several senior girls)
      Amelia: Wow!
      Ron: Yeah, wow. The secret is the sea urchin.
      (Kim comes in)
      Kim: Excuse me... Ron.
      (Kim and Ron exits the cafeteria)
      Kim: (irritated) What is with you?
      Ron: If you mean am I the new Ron? Yes, I am!
      Kim: I gotta say, I don't think the old Ron would've left Rufus on the floor. He was almost hallway roadkill!
      Ron: Rufus! You gotta be more careful! What if something happened to you?
      Rufus: Aaaw! (tries to jump to Ron, but he stops Rufus)
      Ron: Woah, bro! Careful with the do, babe.
      Kim: (even more irritated) So there's no room for Rufus in your new life?
      Ron: Yes, there is. There's just no room for him in my new pants. Pleather, y'like?
      (Amelia arrives)
      Amelia: Walk me to history, Ron?
      Ron: (walks off with Amelia) Boo-ya!
      Kim: (to Rufus) Come on. You can live in my locker.

    • (Ron is walking through the hallway and everyone is staring at him)
      Ron: (To Kim) What's happening, mama?
      (Kim is busy reading some papers and doesn't notice Ron)
      Kim: Oh, hey. Where were you last night? I paged, and... (she notices Ron's new clothes) Wooah! What happened to yoou?
      Ron: Ron Stoppable has arrived! Amelia, babe, let's lunch.
      Amelia: Okay.
      Kim: Oh, Pinky Joe!

    • (Kim picks up her phone to call Ron)
      Anwering Machine: Hey, hey! You've reached the home of Ron Stoppable and his fierce new haircut! Leave a message.
      Kim: How can Ron not be home? Okay, better page him.
      (At the mall, Ron is looking for new clothes)
      Ron: (trying clothes) Urgh! No, no, no, no, NO! Oh, dude, I am beyond not feeling this shirt! Look at my hair, you gotta key off my hair!
      (Ron's pager beeps, and Rufus finds it, but Ron doesn't notice)
      Mr. Possible: (back in Kim's room) You and Ronald all squared away?
      Kim: Not! I can't even reach him. (pause) Dad, did you ever try to change your friend? To make them better?
      Mr. Possible: Well, not a human friend, but back in grad school there was this lab rat, Pinky Joe Curly-Tail I called him. Poor little guy was always running mazes for those psych majors! How I hated them!
      Kim: Dad... what does this have to do with me?
      Mr. Possible: Well, it seemed to me that Pinky Joe Curly Tail was just so helpless. I constructed a very tiny cybertronic battle suit...
      Kim: For the rat?
      Mr. Possible: No more mazes for him. Ah, in retrospect, giving him a working plasma blaster probably went too far... blew up the whole science building... rampage across campus (We see a giant robot-ish thing blasting everywhere, with loads of fires, and people are running everywhere in panic and inside of it is a rat.) hehe... Oh, Pinky Joe
      Kim: So, this creating a monster thing runs in the family.
      (Mrs. Possible comes up to Kim's room with the "brain loaf")
      Mrs. Possible: Saved you some brain loaf, Kimmie.
      Kim: If I said the Ron trouble is rising, would you come back with a story of a psycho rat?
      Mrs. Possible: No, but I might work in an "I told you so".

    • (At the diner table of the Possibles)
      Jim: Why didn't you beat him up?
      Kim: I'm not gonna beat up a guy just because he's using to much power!
      Tim: Well, you could've kicked him!
      Kim: I left him some pamphlets!
      Mr. Possible: Well, all you kids could stand to turn off a few lights.
      (Mrs. Possible comes in with a serving plate that has a lid on)
      Mrs. Possible: Dinner! (she removes the lid, and we see something looking like a brain) Tadaa!
      Kim: (sickened) Mom! Is that...
      Jim: ...brain! Cool!
      Tim: I want a lobe.
      Mr. Possible: Boys! Please.
      Jim: Sorry! May I please have a slice of steaming human brain?
      Tim: Please?
      Kim: First Ron, now my family. Have everyone lost their... (Mrs. Dr. Possible slices the brainish meal) That... is so gross!
      Mrs. Possible: Kimmie. It's just meatloaf. I'm making it for the neuro surgeon's pot luck. Thought I'd try it on you guys first.
      Mr. Possible: Kudos on the realism! Huh, uncanny! (to Kim) So... what's up with Ronald? Something you want to talk about?
      Kim: Yeah. I guess I should be talking to him. May I be excused? (Kim exits the kitchen)
      Mrs. Possible: I'll save you a plate, honey. (to Jim and Tim) Boys, left hemisphere or right?

    • (Ron is drinking up his juice box)
      Kim: I guess what I'm saying, energy is a precious resource. It's up to each and everyone of us to do our part. So, a little eco-awareness might be in order here.
      Sr. Senior Sr: Oh, I am but a simple multi-billionaire. I can't believe that what I do has any effect on anyone.
      Kim: Yeeah... Um, your house sucks up so much power, it's causing blackouts all over Europe.
      Sr. Senior Sr: And these people, without power... they are inconvenienced?
      Kim: Very
      Sr. Senior Sr: You see, Junior, how awful it is to be poor? But um... what can I do?
      Kim: For starters, you could turn off that giant sunlamp?
      Sr. Senior Jr: But if I am to be a teen popstar, I need a robust tan!
      Sr. Senior Sr: Later. (to Kim) Oh, I want to hear again about this "low flow" shower here.
      Kim: There is a ton of things you can do to make your house more efficient.
      Ron: House? More like a lair!
      Sr. Senior Sr: Lair? Oh, I do not like the sound of that. It's too... sinister.
      Ron: This place screams sinister! It's on a private island that isn't on any map!
      Sr. Senior Sr: I value my privacy, what can I tell you?
      Ron: Come on, look at all the chrome! You got doors that go, that go "whoosh"!
      Sr. Senior Jr: I always wondered about the "whoosh"
      Sr. Senior Sr: I like the "whoosh". It's the door saying: "I am closed".
      Kim: It's fine sir. Ignore him.
      Ron: All I'm saying, a guy could take over the world from a place like this. I mean, really, it wouldn't take that much. Maybe, a communications jamming system, some missiles, try throw in some traps, you know, self-activating lasers, an indoor lagoon full of piranha.
      Sr. Senior Sr: Pirahna? Why ever would I want pirahna?
      Ron: To eat the bad guys.
      Kim: Just put in some florencents, it should do the trick.
      Ron: And also think about a secret underground grotto with a speed boat for escape purposes. And-and-and-and gigantic spinning tops of doom, they'd be huge and destroy anything in their path.
      Kim: Come on, mister "Spinning-tops-of-doom"! I've got homework!
      Sr. Senior Sr: Goodbye! And thank you!
      Sr. Senior Jr: I hope the one with the nice haircut finds better trousers.
      Sr. Senior Sr: Yes, but his ideas... I have so much money and free time, I could use... a hobby.

    • (Kim and Ron climbs up the wall to the island draining power and they see a huge lightbulb)
      Kim: That's a really big lightbulb!
      Ron: No wonder there's no power in Europe!
      (Kim and Ron jumps down the wall)
      Kim: (to Sr. Senior Jr.) Uh, hello!
      Sr. Senior Jr: Father, I see people! They must be the new servants.
      (Sr. Senior Sr. comes out of the house)
      Sr. Senior Sr: Very good, very good. (to Kim) You have brought more lightbulbs?
      Ron: (to Kim) Did you bring lightbulbs?
      Kim: I'm Kim Possible, and this is Ron Stoppable.
      Sr. Senior Sr: Ah, welcome, welcome to my home. We have only just turned everything on. I am Senôr Senior Senior, and this is my son, Senôr Senior Junior
      Sr. Senior Jr: Your haircut. It is very nice
      Ron: I use Le Goup
      Sr. Senior Jr: As do I. But your clothes, they do not harmonize.
      Ron: I know. I'm all over it, dude.
      Sr. Senior Sr: I was just going to take a quick ski down my indoor mountain. Care to join me?
      Kim: No thank you, Senôr...
      Sr. Senior Sr: Senior Senior. Some refreshments, perhaps? Oh, I have some lovely juice. Quite amazing, really. It comes in a box.
      Kim: A juice box would be nice.
      Ron: (whispering) I wanna ski! (Kim elbows Ron's arm) (with more normal voice) Yeah, okay! Juice is good.

    • (Kim and Ron sits in a helicopter, and they are very worried)
      Ron: This can not be safe (We see that the helicopter is pilotless)
      Kim: Wade... I'm kinda with Ron on this one.
      Wade: Don't be babies. The pilotless Drone Chopper is awesome. The military uses it for missions too risky for human beings.
      Kim: I've traced the drain to 8 degrees, 1 minute west, 46 degrees north, but my map shows nothing out there.
      (Rufus points down)
      Ron: Nothing left it's lights on ( We see an island as it lights up powerfully)
      Kim: Wade, take us down.
      Ron: (Almost panicked) Gently!

    • (lights black out right where Kim and Ron are)
      Kim: Hmm... (lights black out all over Paris)
      Ron: That's weird
      Kim: Yeah, it is. I'm calling Wade! (turns on Kimmunicator)
      Wade: Hi Kim, how's Ron? Tell him I could really go for some lasagna. How about stopping by Italy for me?
      Ron: Was that a shot?
      Kim: Paris is blacked out Wade, what's the sitch?
      Wade: Let me scan the news sites. (Wade taps on keyboard) Wow! It's just not Paris! Rolling blackouts all over Europe!
      Kim: Can you patch the Kimmunicator into the European grid?
      (Wade taps on keyboard)
      Wade: Done
      Kim: Great! And we'll need some transportation.
      Wade: No problem. I've done some consulting work for a French aeronautics firm. They'll help out.

    • (Kim and Ron exit Francois' shop)
      Ron: So you're saying, I need a new wardrobe to take the hair to the next level?
      Francois: Oh, without question, Ronald. The hair, the clothes. (chuckles) They must harmonize!
      Ron: Done and done, Francois! Merci! (Francois heads into the shop again as lady walks past)
      Ron: Oh! (soft) Bonjour!
      (The lady gives him a blow kiss, but falls down the stairs)
      Kim: (annoyed) Have these people never seen hair before?
      Ron: Somebody's tweaked!
      Kim: I am not tweaked!
      Ron: You reek tweak!
      (Two more ladies walk past)
      Ladies: (giggles and gives Ron a blow kiss) Bonjour!
      Kim: Okay, yes! And do you know why? Because I find it very...
      Ron: Yeah, baby, that's what I'm talking about!
      Kim: (very irritated) I find it very annoying that hair care products have becomne the center of the universe!
      Ron: Hair care products have always been the center of the universe! I just found out about it recently.

    • (A plane lands in Paris)
      Kim: (inside the plane) Thanks for the ride.
      Female pilot: Oh, Kim. Believe me, it's the least we can do after you helped during that blizzard.
      Male pilot: We never would've seen that runway without your quick thinking!
      Kim: Oh, anybody could've made a high-powered signaling system out of things found in the airport gift shop.
      Ron: That was some emergency, huh? Well, gotta go! Bye! (Ron drags Kim with him)
      Female pilot: (to the other pilot, referring to Ron) Hey, cool haircut!
      Male pilot: Too bad about that cowlick.

    • (Outside Middleton High, Kim is walking past a tree)
      Ron: Kim, Kim! (Ron appears from behind the tree)
      Kim: Ron! Where have you been all day?
      Ron: Please tell me this haircut comes with a warrantee.
      Kim: What happened?
      Ron: Cowlick! ( He shows Kim the cowlick, grooms it, but it goes up again. Rufus tries to lay on it, but he bounces off) Rufus!
      Kim: Oh, it will flatten out when your hair gets longer.
      Ron: That's one scenario. Here's another: We go to France, find Francois, get more Le Goup.
      Kim: Ron... are you suggesting that I call in a favor so you can go to France for hair gel?
      Ron: Uh... oui!

    • (At Middleton High)
      Kim: I'm telling you, it was a change for the better, Ron. Trust me!
      Ron: (in a closet) Don't play me, Kim.
      Kim: Just come out (Ron comes out with a bucket on his head) Oh, that's much less embarrassing than a new haircut.
      Ron: (takes bucket off head, he has a hat on his head) By making me get the foofy haircut you disrupted my core, my identity, my essential Ron-ness.
      Kim: Ron-ness?
      Ron: Yeah, that easy-going, devil-may-care attitude that makes me... uh... an easy-going, devil-may-care guy! Right, Rufus?
      (Rufus pops out of Ron's pocket and makes agreeing sounds)
      Kim: I had no idea there were so much to you, Ron. I'm sorry. I guess there is only one thing I can do... (Kim takes off Ron's hat and runs) New haircut! Ron Stoppable got a new haircut! (low voice, to Ron) See ya!
      Ron: Give it, Kim! (Ron runs after Kim)

    • (Kim, Rufus and Francois are in Kim's kitchen, looking toughtful)
      Francois: (speaking in an French accent) No! Even for Francois, it is too much!
      Kim: You can do it, Francois!
      Francois: You are right, Kim Possible! I must try! My tools! (Francois grabs some haircutting things, and starts to cut Rons' hair)
      Ron: KP, are you sure about this?
      Kim: Ron... Francois is an artist! Getting him to make a house call is, like, epic!
      Francois: Oh, but I could not visit the States and not help Kim Possible! After what you did for my poodle? Oh, please, it is... it is my pleasure
      Kim: Those dognappers had it coming.
      (Mrs. Dr. Possible enters the kitchen)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Kimmie... why is Ron getting a haircut in our kitchen?
      Kim: Uh... because he ferociously needs one?
      Mr.s Dr. Possible: Oh... I don't know.
      Kim: I do. I know what's best for Ron, even if he doesn't.
      Francois: So, Ronald. Your old barber, he was um... how you say, somewhat vision-impaired, yes?
      Ron: No, he could see shapes... kinda
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Oh, he's really taking a lot of.
      Kim: He will thank me, mom! It's no big.
      Francois: The finale: A piece as a dollup of... Le Goup! As they say, the secret is in the sea urchin!

    • (Kim opens her locker and Rufus jumps onto Ron)
      Kim: See, someone likes you just the way you are.
      (Rufus hugs Ron)

    • (Ron runs and stops when he discovers some seniors in his track)
      Ron: Seniors! Um... hi!
      Amelia: Do I know you?
      Ron: I-I-I'm Stop Ronnable. Ron Stoppable.
      Amelia: That's a very, very cool haircut, Ron Stoppable
      Ron: Thanks!
      Amelia: (walks away) I'll see you later.
      Ron: Maybe. I mean sure, yeah. Later (pause) This haircut rocks! Stadium rocks! (cowlick appears) Oh, no!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Julio and Enrique Iglesias:

      Señor Senior, Sr. is a parody to Julio Iglesias, while his son, Señor Senior, Jr., is a parody to Enrique Iglesias.

    • Fantasy Island:

      The private island locale is a nod to Ricardo Montalban's (voice of Señor Senior Sr.) previous role on the show Fantasy Island.

    • James Bond:

      There are several noticeable references to James Bond:

      1. The private island is a dig at the preferred hideout of most Bond villains, especially Francis Scaramanga in The Man with the Golden Gun. The giant sunlamp is also a reference to that movie. Scaramanga's scheme involved solar power.

      2. The design theme of the interior of the Seniors' home reflects that of Dr. No.

    • Ron: You've got doors that go -- that go "whoosh"!

      This is a nod to Toy Story, where Woody tries to make Buzz feel better about himself and one of his comments is, "Your helmet does that, that... "whoosh" thing!"

    • Señor Senior, Sr.: I like the "whoosh," it's the door saying "I am closed."

      The doors sound just like the doors in Star Trek when they open and close. Ricardo Montalban, who is the voice of Señor Senior, Sr., played Khan in the original Star Trek series and in the movie, The Wrath of Khan.

    • Señor Senior, Sr.: The piranha won't be here till Monday, but I assure you, the koi have not been fed in days.

      This is a reference to the James Bond movie, You Only Live Twice. About 3/4 of the way through the movie, Bond and a villainous henchman are fighting in a lair which has a lagoon full of ravenous piranha. Of course, the villainous henchman falls in and dies a death of eating.