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Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 28

The Truth Hurts

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Apr 23, 2004 on Disney Channel

Episode Fan Reviews (2)

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  • This episode is about that Kimgets hit with the truth ray and can only tell the truth.

    When trying to save a scientist from Dr. Drakken’s secret arctic base, Kim and Ron are hit with a truth ray which forces them to speak the absolute truth about every issue. Kim soon discovers that this is a huge embarrassment while Ron is enjoying his newfound truth potential, but can they get through the day without causing themselves huge problems? Well Ron can cause less trouble and Kim can cause more trouble. This episode was 1/2 length episode and the other half is the episode named The Truth Hurts. My favorite part of this episode is when we see Ron say the truth, all the truth and nothing but the truth.
  • Silly, yes, but quite fun....

    Kim loses her ability to lie after being hit with Drakken's truth ray...and is faced with the consequence of blurting out what's on her mind, totally uninhibited. We would have to wait a while for her to admit her true feelings for Ron, of course, but we do learn Kim is a closet nose-picker. Oddly Ron, under the ray's effects, seems to enjoy an almost Howard Sternesque celebrity status around school for speaking his mind without fear. (This being Disney, of course, he couldn't tell Mr. Barkin to shove his boring book up his butt sideways.) Drakken and Shego drop out of the script--literally--a bit too soon; I'd rather have liked to see them suffer the effects of their dunking in frigid water (perhaps a bad cold, as a throwback in this short's companion "Sick Day"?) The highlight of the piece is Kim's desperate struggle to stifle her Judas mouth with a pillow and her loud assertion that aliens could see her father's coworker's cheap rug from space.
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