Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 17

The Twin Factor

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Dec 27, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

The Twin Factor
Kim goes on a mission, but she must take the Tweebs along since she promised she would baby-sit them. Meanwhile, Drakken begins a scheme with mind control.

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  • Kim takes the tweebs on a mission

    Kim agreed earlier to babysit the twins (the tweebs as she calls them) but is called on a mission. Jim and Tim act like their annoying kid selves but end up proving themselves once Kim falls under Drakken's control with him using a mind controlling chip. Not only that Drakken also has Shego under his control and starts sharing stories about his bizarre childhood with Shego as a captive audience.
  • This episode was about when Kim has to take her twin brothers to a mission.

    When Kim agrees to take on a mission without realizing she already promised her parents that she would baby-sit her brothers, Jim and Tim, she decides to reluctantly take them along with her on a mission. However, when Dr. Drakken puts both Kim and Shego under mind control, she discovers that her annoying brothers are more competent than she cares to admit. My favorite part of this episode is when Kim is in mind control by Drakken. Another part of this episode that I like is when Tim, Jim and Ron save Kim and lastly I like when at the end Shego realizes that Drakken was controlling her so she attacks him.moreless
  • I Love This episode!

    This is a very good episode. I liked how mad Shego was at Draken after Her and Kim were broken from the chip. I also liked how the twins, Ron, and Rufus save the day without Kim. I also like that Kim and Shego work together in this episode. True, they are both under Draken's controll, but they were working together.

    I'm still 100 words short so:

    Kim and Ron 4 Ever! Kim and Ron 4 Ever! Kim and Ron 4 Ever!

    Kim and Ron 4 Ever! Kim and Ron 4 Ever! Kim and Ron 4 Ever!

    Kim and Ron 4 Ever! Kim and Ron 4 Ever! Kim and Ron 4 Ever!moreless
  • The Twins get their chance to prove themselves, when Kim falls victim to one of many stolen mind control devices

    In this episode, The Twins get their chance to prove themselves, when Kim falls victim to one of many stolen mind control devices.

    First off, I liked this episode because The tweebs are pretty interesting and good in small doses. The episode starts off with Tim and Jim picking apart the Kimmunicator for the battery, to fuel their latest handheld device(I cannot remember the exact name). They end up meeting resistence from every genius they run into that this device they've mad into a hand held is impossible to create. In the end, this ends up saving Kim and Shego from humiliation nation, and I suppose by some extention, the world.

    Also, because I am a flaming Ron-fan, I was very interesting in Rons fighting/distracting of Kim and Shego. He has shown that much skill in other episodes (that I can recall, anyway)

    All in all, this was a good episode, but it isn't my favorite.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (23)

    • Goof: When Dr. Bortel talks about his boyhood that he made believe that he wanted to make rocket ships and blaster rays, notice that just before he pats Tim on the head, the latter's eyes are dark-colored before they change to their actual blue.

    • When you first see the part where they have returned to Kim's House and the parents come in, the first time you see the tweebs, they have no mind chip on there heads. Then the chips randomly appear just as Ms.Dr.P is asking about them. Also, maybe the chips just fell on the floor.

    • Drakken says that the Tweebs aren't clones, just garden variety twins. However, technically, identical twins are an example of natural cloning.

    • When Shego says, "Yes, Dr. Drakken. It is lovely," one of her, um...'features' is angular. In the next shot, it is curved, like it usaully is. Or it could just be from the angle she's standing.

    • When Rufus says "mmm-hmm, good plan, mmm-hmm, yeah" his mouth doesn't move (on the tree, remember?).
      ^-- Rufus's lips rarely move to match what he's saying; much of his "dialogue" seems to be improvisation, dubbed in post-animation (à la Popeye).

    • For one shot, as Dr. Cyrus Bortel says that "ferociously unethical" is a little harsh, Kim has Ron's colour pants and Ron, Kim's.

    • When Rufus comes over to Kim and Ron and is burned from when the Silicon Phase Disrupter blew up, he has cowlicks. But he's a NAKED mole rat, meaning he has no fur for cowlicks to be in!

    • This is a more a question than a nitpick, but are we presuming that there is something in the design of the chips that prevents people other than the person (in this case, Drakken) who first commanded someone
      under the influence of the chip from doing so?

    • As Ron begins his attempt to stall the mind-controlled Shego and Kim, the band around Kim's upper calf vanishes, leaving her lower leg momentarily detached.

    • The mind-controlled Kim's outfit, while similar to Shego's, lacks a leg pouch -- until it spontaneously sprouts one in the middle of an attack. From that point on, it's fairly consistantly shown.

    • When the plane is spiraling downward, Rufus's oxygen mask is semitransparent. But once Kim reattaches the hose, his mask is opaque.

    • When Kim faces the Tweebs and Ron outside of Drakken's lair, Ron raises his hand behind the two tweebs, and he has no gloves. Again.

    • Why do Kim and Shego start chasing after Ron and Rufus when Drakken directly ordered them to attack the twins?When Jim and Tim deactivate the mind control chips on Kim and Shego, they appear to disintegrate, but later, when Kim turns off the chips on the twins, they just pop off their foreheads. First off, why didn't they disintegrate, and second, where did Kim get control chips to put on the "tweebs" if the ones she and Sheego were wearing were destroyed? There were only two chips, the one Sheego stole and the one Drakken built and put on Kim.
      When Kim faces the Tweebs and Ron outside of Drakken's lair, Ron raises his hand behind the two tweebs, and he has no gloves. Again.

    • Nitpick:If Wade can see Kim through the Kimmunicator, the why would he tease her about the photo?
      ^--Kim didn't have the Kimmunicator when she was brushing her teeth, and Wade got the photo just like Bonnie did.

    • When Kim first appears in the forest in Shego's outfit (before commercial), her, umm, "posterior" is green. After the commercial, it's black, like Shego's.

    • Animation Goof: In the opener, the hair between Shego's elbow and torso disappears.

    • Just before the mind-controlled Shego and Kim collide, Shego's lower lip is filled in for a frame.

    • When the mind-controlled Kim and Shego finally stop Ron, for a moment the camera shows Shego in just her regular uniform, without her apron and oven mitts.

    • Shego's pink oven mitts are colored to match her uniform as Drakken orders her to "destroy that little bald thing". The same thing happens later, as Shego races after Ron, although, this time, they've sprouted fingers -- a common occurance over the episode's third act.

    • When Ron is being chased by Shego and Kim, Shego goes through the door and she doesn't have her apron on. A moment later it's back on again.

    • When Drakken is telling Shego about the device he created to control rubber products, Shego has her pink apron and gloves on, but for the rest of the scene she is without them.

    • When we first see Kim's picture, she is looking at the camera. When Wade laughs at her about the picture and turns the screen around, Kim's eyes are looking to our right.

    • It's nothing new, but the black that tops Shego's collar is frequently missing. Fortunately, though she wears a similar outfit in this episode, Kim never has any to lose.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • (a car is driving through the desert, and enters a secret underground base)
      Guard: Hey, Frank, you got my iced mocha?
      Shego: Maybe you oughta lay off caffeine. (she faints the guard) It keeps you awake.
      Dr. Drakken: Well done, Shego. (he walks forward)
      Shego: Dr. Drakken, stop!
      Dr. Drakken: I give the orders. Do not tell me to stop. (an alarm beeps)
      Shego: I do when I haven't shut down the alarm system yet!
      (many guards appear, but Shego defeats them all)
      Dr. Drakken: Can we pick up the pace?
      Shego: You're the one who set off the alarm. Let's do your stupid whatever-it-is and get out of here.
      Dr. Drakken: That back talk slows down our entire operation! I demand obedience!
      Shego: From me? Please.
      Dr. Drakken: And if my latest scheme works, obedience is what I shall have (he laughs manically) Oh!

    • (Kim is brushing her teeth)
      Tim: Kim! (he takes a photo of her)
      Kim: Give me that!
      Tim: Sure.
      Kim: What are you doing?! (the picture of her appears on their screen) So what? I'm your new screensaver?
      Jim: You're everybody's new screensaver.
      Tim: We wrote a new e-mail program the beamed it to everyone in Middleton.
      Kim: Oh, right. Like you jokers have the brains to write a program like... (her phone rings) Hello?
      Bonnie: Hi, Kim. It's Bonnie.
      Kim: Uh, hi.
      Bonnie: (referring to the picture that Jim and Tim sent) Is that zit cream or should I like, call a paramedic?
      Kim: It's moisturizer, Bonnie! (she hangs up) Don't think you're off the hook.

    • (The Kimminicator beeps in Kim's hosue)
      Kim: Wade. What's the sitch?
      Wade: Drakken and Shego just raided a top-secret research facility in the southwest.
      Kim: Can you set up a ride for tomorrow?
      Wade: Already set. The lab is sending a plane.
      Kim: Cool. Anything else?
      Wade: Yeah, next time rinse and spit before they take the picture.
      Kim: Ugh!

    • (at the Possible's breakfast table)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Morning, Kimmie. I made you a big breakfast.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Gotta carb up for the adventure that lies ahead!
      Kim: Just a break-in at a top-secret lab. So not a drama.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Break-in?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Top-secret lab?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: We were talking about baby-sitting the twins.
      Kim: Baby-sitting?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: We've got our spousal encounter today, remember?
      Kim: That thing at Lake Middleton? That's today?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: You betcha. Your mother and I get to reconnect emotionally. And do some serious fly-fishing!
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: I'm not sure who picked the venue, but it may be fun.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Hon, don't forget your hat.
      Kim: Um, speaking of forgetting, I totally spaced on the baby-sitting.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Kimmie, you made a commitment.
      Kim: Two commitments, actually. I'm supposed to go on a mission today.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: You'll just have to take the boys.
      Kim: Mom, can you please tell Dad that's a bad idea?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Oh, Kimmie. I'm sure Jim and Tim would love to visit a secret lab with you.
      Kim: Fine!

    • (After Kim has to babysit the twins)
      Kim: Like I can really take those two with me on a mission. They're such... (Kim finds her room destroyed) little freaks! I'm about to become an only child. (angry) Jim! Tim! (she notices her parents haven't left yet) Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: See you tonight, Kimmie. And thanks for watching the boys.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Have fun on your mission now. But easy on the snacks. Remember, candy is dandy but fruit helps you poop!
      (they leave)
      Kim: Fruit. Check.

    • (After Kim notices that the tweebs have ruined her room)
      Kim: You trashed my room. You trashed my room!
      Tim: We needed your tri-lithium power cell. Here, you can have the rest back
      Kim: You destroyed my Kimmunicator to make some stupid toy?
      Jim: It's not a toy! It's a silicon phase disruptor.
      Tim: Hand held!
      Kim: Gimme my batteries you tweebs!
      Jim: I'm not a dweeb!
      Kim: Tweeb! Twin dweeb! Dweeb squared!

    • (At Kim's room)
      Ron: (trying to fix the Kimmunicator) We may never be able to talk to Wade again.
      Rufus: Hmm. Gimme! (Rufus starts to fix it)
      Kim: Ron, why can't my brothers be normal?
      Ron: They're relatively normal. For twins, I mean. At least they don't speak their own weirdo languages.
      Kim: They're just so... ugh! Like a ten-year-old could really build a phase disruptor or whatever it is.
      Ron: Wade's ten and he builds all sort of stuff.
      Kim: Wade's a super-genius. He aced high school and college in like eight months!
      Ron: Maybe they're just pacing themselves, like me.
      Rufus: (finishes the Kimmunictor) Ta-daa!
      Kim: Thank you, Rufus.

    • (a plane is landing outside of Kim's house)
      Kim: That must be our ride (they all go outside) Okay, Does anybody need to take care of any business?
      Tweebs: No!
      Ron: Business? Like what? Banking?
      Kim: Ron! Business. As in there won't be any "rest stops".
      Ron: Kim, the boys are ten. They don't need to take a nap. I don't think rest will be an issue. (Rufus whispers something in his ear) Oh, right! Er... excuse me. (he runs into the hosue)

    • (onboard a plane)
      Jim: Where does this hose go?
      Ron: To the back of the plane.
      Tim: What does it do?
      Ron: Air plane stuff.
      Jim: Is it pneumatic or hydraulic?
      Ron: It's I-don't-knowic.
      Jim: Check it out?
      Tim: Got to.
      Ron: What are you guys doing?

    • (onboard a plane)
      Kim: Thanks for letting me bring along the terrible two, Mr. Geminini.
      Geminini: How bad could they be? I had a twin brother. We were quite a handful, let me tell you. But I turned out okay.
      Kim: What about your brother?
      Geminini: He'll get out in five years with good behavior.
      Ron: Hey! Don't touch that. (the plane starts to sink alarmingly fast) Kim! They touched!
      Geminini: Pressure gauge is reading zero! We've got a major malfunction.
      Tweebs: Sorry, Kim!
      Kim: Two major malfunctions! Dweebs! Jim! Tim!
      Jim: We just wanted to know what was in that hose.
      Kim: Why?
      Jim: Because it was there. It was hydraulic fluid!
      Kim: And what better way to find out? (she catches the hoses) Come on! (she connects the two ends) Gotcha!
      Ron: We're alive! (kisses Rufus) And you have really nasty breath there, Rufus. Lay off the blue cheese will you, buddy?

    • (A plane has landed outside a secret lab)
      Dr. Cyrus Bortal: Kim Possible! Thank you for coming. I'm Dr. Cyrus Bortal. (the pilot is carried away) What happened to the pilot?
      Kim: Overexposure.
      Dr. Cyrus Bortal: To what?
      Kim: Them. (points towards the Tweebs)
      Tim: A secret lab!
      Jim: Check it out!
      Ron: Those two in a top-secret lab? This could be a bigger threat to the free world than Drakken.
      Kim: Not, could be; definitely!

    • (they find some scratch marks in the lab)
      Kim & Ron: Shego?
      Rufus: Mhm, Shego
      Kim: Dr. Bortal?
      Dr. Cyrus Bortal: Boys, please!
      Kim: Here we go.
      Dr. Cyrus Bortal: That's a very delicate piece of equipment called...
      Jim: A silicon phase disruptor.
      Dr. Cyrus Bortal: How did you know that?
      Tim: We're making one too!
      Dr. Cyrus Bortal: Except mine is real.
      Tim: So is ours!
      Dr. Cyrus Bortal: A hand held unit? It is simply not possible.
      Tim: Anything's possible.
      Jim: For a Possible.
      Dr. Cyrus Bortal: Boys, boys, boys. You know, when I was a boy I like to make believe I was making rocket-ships and blaster-rays.
      Jim: We do make rockets!
      Tim: And blaster-rays!
      Dr. Cyrus Bortal: Humph! Such cute lads.
      Kim: Doctor, what exactly was in the safe?
      Dr. Cyrus Bortal: My latest project: The neuro-compliance chip.
      Ron: :h.. Let's pretend I don't know what that is.
      Jim: It's a micro-computer that overrides the brain and the nervous system.
      Tim: Total mind control.
      Kim: I don't think so. That's would be like ferociously unethical. Dr. Bortal would not invent something like that. Right? Dr. Cyrus Bortal: Ah-hah! Well... "Ferociously unethical" is a little harsh.
      Ron: Drakken has total mind-control power?!
      Rufus: Oh, man!
      Kim: Yet another take-over-the-world thing.
      Ron: That, or he's gonna force people to listen to those stories about his twisted childhood.

    • (In Drakken's lair; Shego is wearing a mind control chip)
      Dr. Drakken: Then, in fourth grade, I develop the ray that allowed me to control rubber products. They said I was mad but after that no-one could best me in foursquare, tetherball, dodge ball! Isn't that fascinating?
      Shego: Fascinating, Dr. Drakken.
      Dr. Drakken: Want to hear more scintillating stories from my formative years? Hmm?
      Shego: Yes, Dr. Drakken!
      Dr. Drakken: No time. I have to make more chips if I want the whole world to be blindly obedient to me. And you know I do, Shego.
      Shego: Yes, Dr. Drakken.

    • (Kim is preparing to scan the top-secret lab)
      Dr. Cyrus Bortal: Miss Possible, Miss Possible, Miss Possible please! Our security officer searched the lab already.
      Kim: They don't have spectrometer sunglasses.
      Dr. Cyrus Bortal: Fascinating! Where did you get those?
      Kim: Ten-year-old super-genius.
      Dr. Cyrus Bortal: Your brothers?
      Kim: So not!
      Ron: Got something?
      Kim: Maybe. (Kim picks up something) Hmm. Wade, are you getting this?
      Wade: It's a leaf. Or a piece of one. Oh! From the qualotoc fern.
      Kim: I'm betting they don't grow in the desert.
      Wade: They don't grow anywhere. Except at the foot of Taishu Falls in the Peruvian rainforest.
      Kim: OK. So we go to Peru, find Drakken, grab the compliance chip and get the tweebs back home before dinner....Where are the tweebs? (they blow up something)

    • (Kim and the others are free-falling over the rainforest)
      Kim: You guys totally embarrassed me back there. What was up with that?
      Jim: We were trying to fix the doctor's phase disruptor.
      Kim: Was it even broken?
      Tim: No, it was lame.
      Ron: Isn't it time to pull our chutes?
      Tim: No way! Free falling is cool!
      Ron: Kim!

    • (Kim and the others arrive at a waterfall)
      Ron: I see... water?
      Kim: Tech-scan it, Wade. Getting anything?
      Wade: Huge energy readings halfway up.
      Kim: There's probably an entrance behind the falls. Thanks, Wade.
      Ron: Why are the entrances never just, you know, like ...a door?
      Kim: Okay, Ron. I'll infiltrate Drakken lair and get the chip. You keep an eye on the tweebs.
      Ron: Oh, sure. Give me the dangerous assignment.
      Tim: We wanna go, too.
      Jim: Yeah, we could be backup.
      Kim: Okay. Back up. Don't touch anything!
      (Kim climbs up)

    • (In Drakken's lair)
      Dr. Drakken: Micrometer.
      Shego: Yes, Dr. Drakken.
      Dr. Drakken: Nano-weld resistor.
      Shego: Yes, Dr. Drakken.
      Dr. Drakken: I love this. Hand me a fork.
      Shego: Yes, Dr. Drakken.
      Dr. Drakken: Get me a dodo bird.
      Shego: Yes, Dr. Drakken.
      Dr. Drakken: Psyche! Dodo birds are extinct. Oh, I'm being silly. There, I'm already done. A new compliance chip. Isn't it lovely?
      Shego: Yes. It is lovely.
      Dr. Drakken: Can't you show a little more enthusiasm?
      Shego: Hurrah! (points at surveillance camera screen)
      Dr. Drakken: Kim Possible! How did she get so close? Why didn't you tell me?
      Shego: I was looking for a dodo bird
      Dr. Drakken: (thinks) Wait. This is delicious. (Kim reaches the entrance) Hello. (he puts a microchip on Kim)

    • (Outside of Drakken's lair)
      Jim: I'm bored.
      Ron: Bored is good. Bored is safe.
      Jim: No, it's not. It's boring. Kim's taking forever.
      Tim: We should go up there and see what's going on.
      Rufus: Hiyaa!
      Ron: What's up? Kim said to stay put.
      Tim: Well, Kim's not here.
      Kim: Yes, I am.
      Ron: Kim! Why are you dressed like Shego?
      Kim: That is not important.
      Ron: OK. So, where's the chip?
      Twins: On her forehead!
      Kim: Dr. Drakken will see you now.
      Tim: Hoo-sha!
      Ron: Hold my naked mole rat, boys. I'm going in. Gimme the chip. Where's this hand go? You watching? And this one... (Kim puts him to the ground) Yeaargh!
      Jim: Did...
      Tim: You really think it would be that easy?
      Ron: Well, I hoped.
      Kim: Drakken has ordered the capture of Ron Stoppable.
      Ron: He remembered my name.
      Jim: Initiate big sister capture sequence!
      Tim: And we can't even get in trouble!
      Jim: Sweet!
      (they manage to capture Kim)
      Ron: You captured Kim Possible.
      Twins: No big

    • (Ron and the tweebs are sitting in a tree)
      Ron: You know, guys... if Kim were here...
      Kim: (walks past) Must capture Ron Stoppable. Must capture Ron Stoppable. Must capture Ron Stoppable...
      Ron: If Kim were here and not under Drakken's control she'd have a plan.
      Rufus: A plan, uh-huh!
      Jim: Let yourself get captured.
      Ron: A plan does not involving that!
      Tim: Drakken doesn't know about us. He ordered Kim to get you. So that's all she cares about.
      Jim: Let her take you into his lair. We'll follow.
      Tim: Oh, and get the communicator.
      Ron: To call for help?
      Rufus: Good plan!
      Jim: No! We take the power cell out of communicator...
      Tim: And put it in...
      Jim: Our silicon phase disruptor.
      Tim: It'll jam the control frequency of that chip.
      Jim: That's why Bortal had a disruptor in his lab.
      Tim: To override the chip.
      Ron: This finishing each other's sentences thing is really freaking me out.
      Tim: Here she comes!
      Jim: Go!
      Ron: What up, Kim? So, how's the whole mind-control thing working out?
      Kim: You must be taken to Dr. Drakken.

    • (Inside Drakken's lair)
      Shego: You are very smart and look good in this light.
      Dr. Drakken: Fine, Shego. Don't wear it out.
      Kim: Dr. Drakken. You are very smart and look good in this light.
      Dr. Drakken: Now, see? She sells it. So, Kim Possible. You climbed down the waterfall and captured your very best friend. I like this mind-control thing very much.
      Kim: Yes, Dr. Drakken.
      Dr. Drakken: Good. Now go secure the perimeter or something.
      Kim: What about the hairless rodent?
      Dr. Drakken: Stop! Give me that! (Rufus gives it to him) Good. Now, Shego, Kim, destroy that little bald thing.
      Rufus: Oh-oh!

    • (Drakken notices one of the tweebs)
      Dr. Drakken: Who are you?
      Jim: The kid who's gonna bring you down.
      Dr. Drakken: Oh, really. You and what army?
      Tim: Hoo-sha!
      Dr. Drakken: The clone!
      Tim: That's right, loser!
      (they take the Kimmunicator)
      Dr. Drakken: Shego! Kim! Forget about the rodent. Get those little clones!
      Jim: Stall em!
      Ron: Right. Okay.

    • (Ron is cornered by Kim and Shego)
      Tweebs: Everybody stop!
      Dr. Drakken: Ah! I'm onto you. You're not clones, you're just garden-variety twins. You don't give the orders here.
      Tim: I do if I've got a silicon phase disruptor.
      Dr. Drakken: A silicon phase disruptor? Really?
      Tim: Hoo-sha!
      Dr. Drakken: Wait! How could two little boys carry a silicon phase disruptor up the cliff?
      Tim: It's portable.
      Dr. Drakken: Portable! Oh, you really had me going there for a moment.
      Tim: Hikka-bikka-boo?
      Jim: Hikka-bikka-boo!
      (it doesn't work)
      Dr. Drakken: Ah! Portable silicon phase disruptor. I knew it couldn't be done. Ron: Are you sure the batteries are in right? The plus goes with the plus thing and the little slash goes with the other not plus! (Shego and Kim is returned to normal)
      Shego: Nice outfit.
      Kim: Nice apron.
      Shego: Okay, Doc. For future reference, the chip made me obey every command, but I was aware of exactly what was happening.
      Dr. Drakken: The whole time?
      Shego: Dodge ball and dodos?!
      Dr. Drakken: Ooh!
      Shego: Do you have any idea what listening to you is like?! It is so boring!

    • (After Shego has chased Dr. Drakken out of the lab)
      Ron: Shouldn't we go after them?
      Kim: Nah! Whatever Shego is going to Drakken is ten times worse than anything I could come up with.
      Ron: I'm sure Jim and Tim could think of something cruel.
      Kim: I think Jim and Tim have come up with enough ideas for one day. And every one of them rocked. For tweebs you guys are pretty amazing. (she hugs them)
      Rufus: Aww.
      Jim: Eww, gross!
      Tim: Are you feeling OK?
      Kim: Come on. Let's get out of here.

    • (at the Possible residence)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Hey, everybody! Good news! Our marriage is stronger than ever! And we caught a mess of trout.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: It looks like somebody took very good care of her little brothers.
      Kim: When they're asleep like this they hardly seem evil at all.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: You were ten once, too, Kimmie.
      Kim: Yeah, but I wasn't as bad as them.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Uh...
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Well...
      Kim: Was I?
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: You were... spirited.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: No baby-sitter alive could handle you. Not that we could find anyone willing to try after a certain point.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Honey, what have the boys got on their foreheads?
      (Kim removes the mind control chips)
      Jim: Huh?
      Tim: Huh? Can't catch me!
      Jim: Oh, yes I can!
      Kim: I finally understand how special my brothers are. And I love them to bits but sometimes nothing says bedtime like a little mind control.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Mind Control Chip:

      There was same mind control chips from the anime, "Street Fighter II: V" (1997). Bison the crime boss, planted the chips on Chun Li and Ryu (on their forehead). Good guys turned evil.

    • Kim: "Dr. Drakken will see you now."

      This is a take-off of a once very commonly used phrase, "The doctor will see you now." Many years ago, whenever the nurse of a hospital or medical clinic came into the waiting room he/she would announce the patient's name followed by this phrase. Nowadays, however, it's usually just the patient's name that is announced.

    • Mr. Dr. Possible: Candy is dandy, but fruit helps you poop.

      This is a parody of a line in a poem by Ogden Nash, titled "Reflection on Ice Breaking." The actual line is "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker."

    • Ron: Wrong door!

      In Star Wars: A New Hope Special Edition, when Han Solo runs down a corridor of the Death Star, he finds himself at the doorway of a hangar that is full of stormtroopers. He promptly turns around and starts heading in the other direction.

      The main difference between his experience and Ron's is the stormtroopers succeed in chasing Han, while Ron blocks the henchmen's attempts to pursue him by shutting the door before they can get out.