Kim Possible

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jun 14, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When Kim is tardy when going to class, she is sentenced to detention. Meanwhile, Drakken and Shego start their next evil plan.

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  • Officially where and when it all starts

    Even though Kim Possible is a globetrotting teen heroine, she's still expected to be on time and thus subject to corrective action. Meanwhile duty calls even during detention and she has to stop both Dr. Drakken and Shego (who will both play major roles in the series) from stealing a nano tick with a bomb on it which becomes attached to her nose.

    Not a bad episode or start, but good enough and the series builds/takes off from there.moreless
  • Average

    The whole plot: Drakken steals nano-tick, attaches explosives, wants to threathen people, but it accidentally gets stuck on Kim's nose. Soo they try to take it back. But, why nto blow her up?P That would make things so much easier for him later. I felt that this episode was merely average. Well, this episode features the actual introduction of Dr. Drakken and Shego, some of the best villains in the series so far. And the whole tick deal was jsut annoying me. I didn't like it. And Kim got detention. Well, that was a good thing, actually, as it serves to prove that nobody's perfect, whcih I felt was important seeing how Kim is close to (but not) perfect.

    Else, I didn't like Prof. Akari, he was just weird.

    Average score. 7.7/10moreless
  • This episode is about when Kim has a little bomb on her nose.

    When Kim is tardy when going to class, she has to get detention. Kim stumbles across the villainous schemes of Dr. Drakken and his sidekick Shego for the first time and foils their plot to use a robotic tick as a miniature bomb. She gets a little more than she bargains for when the explosive ends up attaching to her nose. At the end Ron saves Kim. My favorite part of this episode is when Ron saves Kim. Another of my favorite part of this episode is when Kim and Shego fight in Bueno Nacho which was awesome. I give that part of this episode a 10 out of 10 but for this whole episode a 9.2 out of a 10.moreless
  • One of the best!

    This episode does a great job of setting up the show without screaming "this is the first episode!" The main characters are all well-written and they do a good job of meshing together. Everything I like about the show is in this episode--the clever writing, the twists on convention, the likeable characters, etc. It's one of my favorites.
  • This is an oldie-but-goodie!

    Although it was early in the series when this aired, I personally believe that this is definately one of the best "Kim Possible" episodes ever made. The plot line was so original, and creative. It was action-packed, and full of laughs from start to finish. This is definaltely one of the more hilarious episodes (although, all the episodes are hilarious in my opinion) yet. I think that if you have not seen this episode, then you have been missing out on a lot of laughs. Every time I watch this episode, I crack up, and if I'm ever having a bad day, I watch it and I feel so much better.moreless
Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

Computer Voice

Guest Star

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

Professor Acari

Guest Star

Brad Garrett (I)

Brad Garrett (I)

Big Mike

Guest Star

Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan


Recurring Role

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Dr. Drakken

Recurring Role

Gary Cole

Gary Cole

Mr. Dr. Possible

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • This is the first of two occurrences where Kim's cheerleader uniform comes up to reveal her underwear. The second one happens during the Bueno Nacho fight in Ill Suited.

    • This was supposed to be the first appearance of Dr. Drakken, but due to Disney airing the episodes out of order, he appeared in the earlier episode titled Crush.

    • This is one of two episodes where Barkin has blond hair, the other being Royal Pain. He has brown hair for the rest of the series.

    • When Kim is "introduced" to Vinnie and Big Mike, the lines in her hair disappear.

    • When Kim looks in her compact mirror and finds the nano-tick on her nose, the explosive part of it is missing.

    • When Shego pushes Ron away and says, "Drop the hot sauce and step away from the nose," the camera pans out to reveal that Kim is wearing her usual green tank (rather than the cheerleading uniform she wears for the rest of the scene).

    • As Kim leaps off her desk in detention, her book is missing.

    • When Wade first plays the tape of Shego fly-kicking Acari's security camera, his computer display is blank. When Kim plays the same clip back later, the screen flashes "Upload in Progress" over a green progress bar.

    • When Shego looks at the radar for the nano-tick, her right glove was mis-colored to match her skin.

    • When Big Mike says, "I like sparkles," Kim has only painted one finger. After Junior and Vinnie's brief exchange, all of Big Mike's finger nails are painted.

    • Right before Barkin's car is captured by the ray, his watch is missing. And after he's been dropped, it's on the wrong arm.

    • When Kim jumps on a table in Bueno Nacho, look in the background -- the "cheese machine" has been destroyed, presumably by the gravatomic ray. But when Shego tries to get Kim, the machine is back to normal and Shego destroys it again.

    • After escaping detention, both Kim and Ron have drinks. Then, a couple of scenes later, there's only one drink.

    • As Kim pulls her pom-poms from her backpack (just before Barkin retrieves her for detention), the backpack disappears. If she merely put her pack on the floor, it ought to be visible in later, wider shots (which it isn't).

    • At Prof. Acari's, when Kim looks at her Kimmunicator, her gloves are missing.

    • When Shego asks Drakken if she can work the gravatomic ray, the black that tops her collar is missing.

    • In the "South America/School Night" scene, Dr. Possible's (Dad) eyebrows weren't colored in for a portion of it.

  • QUOTES (33)

    • (At detention)
      Mr. Barkin: (annoyed) Detention is supposed to be a punishment; a time of quiet suffering!
      Ron: You didn't count on the Kim factor.
      (Kim is polishing the detention gang's nails)
      Big Mike: I like sparkles
      Junior: I'm next, dude!
      Vinnie: Hey man, I'm next!
      (Barkin sighs)
      Kim: Guys, what do we do?
      Junior and Vinnie: Take turns
      Kim: Right!

    • (After Drakken is beaten)
      Ron: Situation...
      Kim: ...resolved
      Barkin: Not quite. Say what you will about me, but Steve Barkin is...
      Kim: ...tough but fair, I know.

    • (Barkin and the detention gang enter Bueno Nacho whilst Kim throws Shego at Barkin)
      Junior: (to Vinnie) See? This is why I never come here, dude.
      Dr. Drakken: Shego has failed! But she never fails! Nooo! (Drakken slams his head into the control panel and hits a button)
      Computer Voice: Detonation sequence activated
      Dr. Drakken: Uh-oh!
      Kim: Oh, no!
      Dr. Drakken: Aaah! Get me out of here (presses wildly on the control panel)
      Vinnie: Cheerleader's nose is gonna blow!
      Junior: That's weird.
      Wade: I can't disarm something that small! We gotta get the nano tick to let go! Aargh! There must be some way to burn the circuits!
      Ron: This calls for the most dangerous chemical known to modern man... Diablo Sauce! Stat! (Ned throws Ron a pack of Diablo Sauce)
      Shego: Drop the hot sauce, and step away from the nose!
      (Big Mike sits down on top of Shego)
      Kim: Uh, wow.
      Big Mike: Nobody messes with us! Right, Kim?
      Kim: Uh, yeah! Right, Big Mike.
      Ron: Make nice later. Right now let's flick this tick. (Ron starts to pour hot sauce down on the tick) Easy... Easy... That's right, you squeal all you want. I gotcha. Almost... there. (Ron takes the tick into a straw)
      Ron: (panicked) The tick... is in the straw, the tick is in the straw! The tick is in the straw, what do I do? What do I do?

    • (Kim is fighting Shego in Bueno Nacho)
      Kim: (throws Kimmunicator to Ron) Get Wade on the Kimmunicator! There's got to be a way to get this thing off!
      Shego: Allow me!
      Wade: (On Kimmunicator) Ron! How's Kim?
      Ron: (screaming to Kim) Wade wants to know how you're doing, Kim!
      Kim: Fair!
      Ron: Fair.

    • (Drakken and Shego are hovering outside of Bueno Nacho)
      Dr, Drakken: If you just tell me what to do, I could do it!
      Shego: What did we agree on?
      Dr. Drakken: I... don't touch anything.
      Shego: Yeah!
      (Shego lifts off and crunches the roof of Bueno Nacho with the gravatomic ray)
      Dr. Drakken: (pouting) I could've done that!
      Shego: But can you do this? (Shego jumps down and into Bueno Nacho) Kim Possible has something that belongs to us!
      Kim: (jumping on another table) Guess what? I don't want it.
      Shego: It's on you? What.. like.. stuck?
      Kim: Hello! It's not a nose ring.
      Dr. Drakken: Take her whole nose if you have to!
      Shego: (igniting her hands) Works for me!

    • (Drakken's hover car stops and he and Shego get soaked, whilst Kim and Ron drive away)
      Shego: You! You don't touch anything!

    • Mr. Barkin: Subject is northbound on a scooter being pursued by an aerial craft of unknown design and origin firing...
      Junior: Who you talkin' to?
      Mr. Barkin: (barking) During a pursuit, never... distract.. the driver!
      Junior: Look out dude, the flying guy is firing some kind of ray!
      Vinnie: Aw, man! That's gravatomic!
      Kim: Ron! U-turn!
      Ron: (on scooter) Huh? Oh, gotta save your boys!
      Shego: (mockingly) Ooh, we got her boys!
      Kim: (grabbing onto the car's license plate) They're not my boys!

    • Kim: Looks bad. He's got some kind of ray-thingy!
      Ron: What kind of ray-thingy?
      Dr. Drakken: (shouting from the air) Gravatomic!
      (Drakken's Gravatomic ray is sucking up Kim)
      Ron: Hang on! (Ron steers away) Denied!
      Dr. Drakken: Stupid gravatomic ray!
      Shego: Okay, why don't you drive. I'll do the gravatomic!
      Dr. Drakken: Its my weapon, I invented it, so I get to wield it!
      Shego: Wield away!

    • (In Drakken's hover vehicle)
      Dr. Drakken: The nano tick is my evil technology, and I want it back!
      Shego: Hey, Dr. D? You gotta get a grip.
      (A beeping sound starts)
      Dr. Drakken: A beep! Is it a good beep?
      Shego: The tracker's got a lock on your bug.
      Dr. Drakken: (hugs the machine) Beep on, sweet machine, beep on.
      Shego: Can you not be weird, please?

    • (Kim runs out of Middleton High and jumps on Ron's scooter)
      Wade: I talked to Wade. He figures Drakken can track that exploding robot tick thing
      Kim: For once, let Wade be wrong
      Dr. Drakken: (flies above them in a hover car) I want my nano tick!
      Kim: (sighs) Wade's never wrong.
      Mr. Barkin: (opens door) Possible!
      Junior and Vinnie: Oooh! Busted!
      Kim: This helps!
      Ron: Don't worry KP. We are outta here!
      (Ron's scooter starts, but it goes extremely slow)
      Kim: I'm doomed!

    • Kim: Junior, Vinnie, Big Mike, what are you staring at?
      Junior: Cheerleader, you've got a zit.
      Vinnie: Cheerleaders don't get zits.
      Junior: Oh. Well, then maybe it's a tiny, explosive device.
      Kim: (surprised) Oh, huh? (she takes out her compact mirror and notices something on her) Drakken's nano tick! Oh, great! Mr. Barkin, I gotta go!
      Mr. Barkin: Not this time, Possible, no excuses. No exit!
      (Kim jumps over Barkin)
      Kim: Sorry, emergeny!
      Vinnie: Check it out! Cheerleader's got some moves!
      Mr. Barkin: (angry) Nobody escapes my detention! Possible, you're going down!

    • (The Kimmunicator beeps)
      Kim: Hi, Wade, what's the sitch?
      Wade: I've got Professor Acari online for you.
      Kim: Oh! Put him through.
      Professor Acari: Oh, thank you Kim Possible!
      Kim: You're welcome, Professor. Well, I've got practice, so I better zoom. Later. (to the cheersquad) Ready? Okay, bring it on!
      Bonnie: (points to behind Kim) Uh, Kim!
      (Kim turns around and Mr. Barkin holds a book to Kim's face)
      Mr. Barkin: I know about the naked mole rat! Cute. Very cute. Junior, Vinnie and Big Mike are looking forward to seeing you again, Possible. That's detention! Right now!
      Bonnie: Detention? Kim, maybe no one's informed you, but we don't get detention!

    • (Kim walks into Big Mike and he grunts)
      Kim: Oh! Um, oh, eh, hi there, Big Mike!
      Big Mike: Cheerleader.
      Ron: Yo, Big Mike! (Big Mike grunts)
      Ron: I just can't connect with Big Mike the way you do!
      Kim: I do not connect with him, or any of those detention guys!
      Ron: Well, sure, you're only a short timer, but you're one of them now!
      Kim: So not!
      Ron: So so!
      Kim: I am not one of them. I am a cheerleader. They mean nothing to me, I mean nothing to them! See you after practice!
      Ron: Kim! It's a good thing! Nobody messes with them! You got street cred'! (to himself) Man! Gotta get me some of that.

    • Dr. Drakken: I'll wager that you are wondering how I can I use a robot-tick in my evil scheme. Aren't you, Shego?
      Shego: (smoothing lipstick) I'm sorry. What?
      Dr. Drakken: When I join my robot-tick to a nano-explosive of my own brilliant design...
      Shego: "Nano"? (laughing) What's "nano"?
      Dr. Drakken: Nano. Tiny. Mini.
      Shego: Why don't you just say "mini" then?
      Dr. Drakken: Because "nano"... sounds about a hundred times better! That's why.
      (Drakken attaches the nano-explosives to the tick)
      Dr. Drakken: Once the nano tick attaches to a victim, he or she will be at my mercy.
      Shego: And they'll bow to your will or...
      Dr. Drakken: Kaboom! Yes! Imagine the possibilities. It is time at last, for the kids used to tease me in gym! Little...! Agh!
      Kim: (whispering) Okay, we're definitely putting this guy in the Mad Scientist category.
      Ron: Mad angry or mad crazy?
      Shego: (jumps behind Ron and ignites her hands) What do you think?
      Dr. Drakken: Look at this! Why do I even bother with the sharks?
      Ron: Remote controlled lasers! I'll handle this! (pause) I got nothing! Kim?
      (Kim deflects the lasers with her compact mirror and everything starts to explode)
      Dr. Drakken: No, no, no, no!
      Shego: Chain reaction! Aahhh!
      Kim: Ron! Move!

    • (At Drakken's lair)
      Dr. Drakken: I have heard of you. The world-famous teen hero, Kim Possible.
      Shego: And her... chum.
      Ron: Did she have to say "chum"?
      (circling shark chomps)
      Dr. Drakken: And surely you know of my work....
      Kim: Sorry.
      Dr. Drakken: Think for a minute. It- it'll come to you. I'm a genius...
      Kim: I really don't know...
      Dr. Drakken: Dr... Dr. D... Dr. Dra... Doc... Dr. Drakken! Drakken!
      Kim: Dr. Drakken.
      Dr. Drakken: Aha, aha, aha! I see my reputation precedes me!
      Kim: You have something that doesn't belong to you, Doctor... uh, what was it again?
      Ron: Doctor, he said it was, Duh, "Duh"-something...
      Dr. Drakken: Enough chitchat! My pets are famished. Perhaps you two could stay...
      Kim: For lunch?
      Dr. Drakken: I wasn't going to say that.
      Ron: Oh, dude, you were so "for lunch".
      Dr. Drakken: Fine! Yes! Then stay for lunch!

    • (At Bueno Nacho)
      Kim: Thank you, Ron! Much needed bail out.
      Ron: Credit where credit is due. (Points to Rufus)
      Kim: You don't know what it's like in there. It's a meeting of the lifetime losers club!
      Ron: Yeah. (pause) Hey! I've been in detention.
      Kim: Huh. (Kimmunicator beeps) Wade! Got anything on our mystery thief?
      Wade: I scanned air traffic records in and out of the area. There was this small jet of suspicious origin.
      Kim: Destination?
      Wade: Just a little private island in the Carribean.
      Kim: So villain's lair country.
      Wade: And local legends says, the island is haunted.
      Rufus: Wahh! Haunted!
      Kim: Haunted island? Keep out "meddling kids"? Please
      Wade: Oh, almost forgot. Check your backpack!
      Ron: New toys? Gravy! (reaches into Kim's backpack)
      Kim: It's my backpack!
      Ron: I need to familiarize myself with the equipment. (pulls out a lipstick tube) Like this high-tech... lipstick?
      Wade: Actually, that's not ordinary lipstick.
      Ron: Ooh! Is it fruit flavored? (opens the lid, a net of pink muck attaches itself to his face and sticks to him) Agh!
      Wade: Elastic constricting agent.
      Kim: My compact! I've been looking for this!
      Ron: (nervously shielding himself) What's that do?!
      Kim: (annoyed) It's a small mirror that allows me to check my face. Come on Ron, let's jet!

    • (In detention, Junior is staring at Kim)
      Kim: What?
      Junior: Never been this close to a cheerleader. Your skin is so smooth and zit-free, like a baby's bottom.
      Kim: Ewww! (she touches Big Mike, and he growls) Oh, sorry, Big Mike.
      Mr. Barkin: Quiet, people! This is detention, not a pep rally! (Rufus heads into the room and makes many noises)
      Mr. Barkin: What's that? Vermin. Bald, creepy.
      Junior: Ugh! That ain't right.
      Mr. Barkin: (angry) Want some of this? (tries to hit Rufus) Come on, freak! Let's dance!
      Ron: (whispering) KP!
      Kim: (about Rufus) What could it be, Mr. Barkin?
      Mr. Barkin: Probably busted out of the Science Lab... genetic mutation. When will they stop? WHEN?!
      Kim: Maybe we'd better get out of here!
      Mr. Barkin: Alright, evacuate mutant infested location.
      Kim: Yes!
      Mr. Barkin: GO! GO! GO!

    • (At detention)
      Mr. Barkin: Possible, meet Vinnie and Big Mike.
      Vinne: Sup, cheerleader?
      Big Mike: Hey!
      Junior: (enters the detention room) Is this the assembly?
      Mr. Barkin: Detention, Junior. Sit down.
      Junior: Woah! What's a cheerleader doing in detention?
      Kim: Waiting for it to be over.
      (The clock on the wall speeds ahead from 3:00 PM before Mr. Barkin hits it and it stops)
      Mr. Barkin: Stupid clock's busted again!
      (Barkin resets the clock to 3:05 PM)
      Kim: Urgh! I'm doomed!

    • (The Kimmunicator beeps)
      Kim: Go, Wade. I don't have much time.
      Wade: Oh, cheereleading practice?
      Wade: Nn... detention.
      Wade: Cheerleaders don't get detention!
      Kim: Can we just get back to the case?
      Wade: Okay... look, I took that freeze frame from the security camera. Her name is Shego. She is wanted in eleven countries.
      Ron: Make that twelve! (growls)
      Kim: So not your type! Ugh!
      Mr. Barkin: Possible! Snap to! It's fifteen hundred hours!
      Ron: She has to do fifteen houndred hours? Let the time fit the crime, Mr. B!
      Mr. Barkin: You want a piece of this, Stoppable?
      Ron: Pass. Remember, Kim, chocolate's as good as cash in there. And don't look anyone in the eyes!

    • Professor Acari: Kim Possible. Thank goodness.
      Ron: I'd get someone out here to spray your yard. Got a real insect... (notices that Acari's house is filled with insects) problem. (an insect crawls up on Ron's head) Little help!
      Professor Acari: (to the insect on Ron's head) Oh, don't be frightened, Legs. Kim Possible has come to help us.
      Kim: What excactly was stolen, Professor?
      Professor Acari: That's why I called you. I don't know. The gang's all here
      Ron: M-hm, m-hm. Apropos screensaver (The butterflies on the computer screen flies away) Woah, woah!
      Kim: Hm... screensaver. (Kim looks at the security cam tape) No screensaver. (to Acari) What's on your computer?
      Professor Acari: Oh. Well, its' a very experimental... (gasps) My project! No! They took my tick!
      Ron: (holds his hands on his head) Waah!
      Kim: Bad summer camp memories
      (We see a flashback of Ron at Camp Wannaweep, where his cabin is filled with insects of all kinds)
      Ron: Camp Wannaweep! My scalp was a twenty-four hour bloodsucker buffet.
      Professor Acari: This tick was not alive.
      Ron: Don't play me, prof!
      Professor Acari: On the disk was a digital blueprint for a cyberentic tick that would be virtually identical to the real thing.
      Kim: So you designed a robot tick?
      Professor Acari: Precisely
      Ron: Question: Why?
      Professor Acari: I... have a lot of time on my hands.
      Kim: Who would need a robot tick?

    • (Ron and Kim are walking through the jungle)
      Ron: Wait up, Kim! (Rufus falls down) What's that sound? Bugs or birds? Something's on my leg, something is on my leg! (Ron shakes Rufus into a spider web) Rufus! (Kim takes Rufus out of the spider web)
      Kim: We're here. Professor Akari's lab.

    • (At Gustavo's plane over the Amazon)
      Kim: Thanks for the lift, Gustavo
      Gustavo: After you rescued my village from that flood last year, Kim Possible, I only wish I could do more.
      Kim: No big. It was just like swim practice.
      Ron: Except the Middleton High pool doesn't have pirahnas.
      (The Kimmunicator beeps)
      Wade: Okay Kim. I can stream you the tape from the security camera now.
      Kim: Please and thank you.
      Wade: This is the lab of Professor Akari. (Wade streams the security cam video, and we see Shego knocking out the camera)
      Kim: Rewind and freeze, Wade! (The security cam rewinds and freezes with Shego in the view) Who is she? She's good. (Ron slurps his soda) Is that neccesary?
      Ron: Uh, yeah! Every drop counts when you're a thousand miles away from free refills!

    • (The Kimmunicator beeps and Mr. and Mrs. Possible both grab their communication devices and answer)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: The hospital.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: The propulsion lab.
      Kim: It's the Kimmunicator. (Kim grabs the Kimmunicator) What up, Wade?
      Wade: Kim! Got a hit on your website from the Amazon.
      Kim: The Amazon?
      Wade: I set you up with Gustavo for a ride.
      Kim: Gustavo? From the flood! Oh, I remember him.
      Wade: Pack your insect repellant.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: South America?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: On a school night?
      (Kim does the puppy dog pout)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Okay, but finish your peas first.
      Kim: You're tough, but fair.

    • (Jim and Tim are throwing peas at each other at the diner table)
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Jim... Tim... No airborne vegetables at the table. Use the launch pad in the yard. (Jim and Tim hurry away from the table)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Kimmie, you haven't eaten a nibble. Something wrong?
      Kim: (sighs) Mom, you're a brain surgeon, dad's a rocket scientist. What am I? Detention girl.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Detention?
      Mr. Dr. Possible: A Possible has never had detention! Except your brothers, but they're little monkeys.
      (Out in the yard, Jim and Tim are launching a rocket)
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Do you want to tell us what happened, Kimmie?
      Kim: I was a little late for class, it was no big, unless you're Mr. Three Strikes Barkin
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Sounds like your Mr. Barkin is tough, but fair.
      Kim: Dad. I'm a cheerleader. We don't do detention.
      Mrs. Dr. Possible: Really? Who does do dentention?
      Kim: I don't know. Other kids. The ones who break the rules.
      Mr. Dr. Possible: Like you did.
      Kim: Do I have the right to remain silent?

    • (Kim runs into Barkin)
      Barkin: Going somewhere, Miss Possible?
      Kim: (nervously, whilst picking up papers) Mister Barkin… I'm, uh…
      Barkin: Tardy. Third time this month, yes?
      Kim: Maybe… I'm not sure.
      Barkin: I am. Looks like I'll be seeing you after school.
      Kim: At cheerleading practice?
      Barkin: (with loud voice, almost screaming) At detention, Possible!
      Kim: (surprised) Detention?

    • (After Rufus fixes printer)
      Ron: (because Kim didn't believe Rufus could fix the printer) Oh, Kim of little faith.
      Kim: (surprised) No way! The hairless freak did it?
      (Rufus falls down into the printer)
      Rufus: Uh-oh
      Kim: This is fantastic! It's all here! The paper, footnotes, biography, Rufus… Rufus!?
      (Rufus looks down on himself, he has writing all over him.)
      Kim: Guh! I can NOT be late. (Kim prints out everything again, whilst school bell rings)

    • Kim: (impatient) Come on, come on! Print for Kim! (Paper comes out of the printer) Good, good. (Kim reads the paper) What is this?
      Ron: I downloaded cheat codes for "Steel Toe Cyber Slam"! Today Ron Stoppable defeats the boss of Level Six!
      Kim: Ron! I have like, thirty seconds to print my history paper!
      (A paper comes curly out of the printer, and the printer stops)
      Ron: Uh-oh. Paper jam!
      Kim: (angrily) Turn paper jam Ron!
      Ron: Nothing a naked mole rat service call can't fix. (he opens his pocket) Rufus! Emergency! (Picks Rufus out of pocket)
      Kim: (irritated) Ron!
      Ron: Rufus can program a VCR, Kim. I think he can handle this.

    • Dr. Drakken: You think you're all that! But you're not!

    • Ron: Why not otters? I wouldn't mind dropping into a tank of otters! They're fun!

    • (Shego drops down a chute and into a chair)
      Shego: Mmmph! Ever consider a normal door?
      Dr. Drakken: Did you get it?
      Shego: I got it! I don't know why you'd want it, but I got it.
      Dr. Drakken: My plan will reveal itself in due course, Shego. (singing to stolen disc) Who wants to build a robot-tick? I do! I do!
      Shego: Uh... Dr. Drakken. You know you said that out loud, don't you?
      Dr. Drakken: Blast!

    • (Kim and Ron burst through Bueno Nacho's doors)
      Kim: What makes you think we're safe
      in here?
      Ron: I don't think we're safe anywhere, but chases make me hungry... Chimarrito?
      Kim: No, thanks. I'm trying to focus on the thing on my nose... that's gonna blow me up!

    • Dr. Drakken (sobbing): My one and only nano tick, destroyed!
      Shego: Grow up, your nano tick's okay.
      Dr. Drakken: Don't kid a kidder, Shego.
      Shego: I got a lock on the signal, but this is the weird part. The nano-tick is at some high school.
      Dr. Drakken: Oh, Kim Possible.

    • (klaxons sound)
      Shego: Intruder alert!
      Dr. Drakken: Can't hear you! Intruder alert TOO LOUD!

  • NOTES (2)


    • You Only Live Twice:

      The scene where Shego drops through a hole in the floor and comes out a tunnel to face Dr. Drakken recalls a similar scene in You Only Live Twice where Bond falls down a similar tunnel to meet the man that is to be his contact in Japan.

    • Shego: And her...chum.

      In the old Batman tv series, Batman would refer to Robin as "old chum". This implies that Ron is Kim's sidekick.

    • It's Tough to Be a Bug:

      When Ron touches Prof. Acari's computer screen, all the butterflies resting on it fly away. This is similar to a scene in the Disney attraction, It's Tough to Be a Bug, (also directed by Chris Bailey) where a similar effect is employed.

    • Dr. Drakken: Enough chitchat! My pets are famished.

      If you notice, Kim and Ron are over a pool of sharks. Near the end of the James Bond movie, Live and Let Die, Bond is tied up and the villain slightly cuts his forearm to lure in sharks. Of course, Bond gets out of danger thanks to one of his gadgets (same thing with Kim and her elastic constricting lipstick).

    • Kim: "Haunted Island"? "Keep out, 'meddling kids'"? Puh-lease.

      Reference to Scooby Doo, which involved a group of teenagers hoofing about a mysterious, often "haunted" locale before exposing its resident spook as a fraud, at which point the un-masked culprit would invariably pout and claim that he (or she) "would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for those meddling kids."