Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 3

Trading Faces

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Feb 10, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The episode starts off at Kim's house. We see Kim going to get her cheerleading uniform out of the dryer. When she opens it, the top and skirt come flying out with a blue hue around them. Kim is perplexed, and tries to catch them. The Tweebs walk in with HAZMAT suits on asking if she opened the dryer. She grabs her brothers, just as her mom cuts off the dryer, which deactivates the Tweeb's science experiment. Her dad then walks in and asks what is wrong with Kim, and the Tweebs reply by saying that she must have heard the big news.

We go to the high school where Kim runs down the hall as the bell rings. She meets up with Ron and Monique in the hall and tells them why she's late. Ron and Monique explain that she should not worry about them sense she is now a senior. Just when Kim feels better, the Tweebs walk in and announce that they are new freshmen. Kim responds by yelling so loud that it knocks a letter off the school's sign. The opening music starts.

After the credits, we see Kim storming down the hall with the Tweebs following her. She says she doesn't believe them, but when she meets Miss Guide, an observer for the S.K.I.P. program, she is told the whole story.

We go to Kim opening her locker talking about the whole thing with Ron. He tells her to disregard his and Monique's previous advice. Wade interrupts and says their old friend, Britina is in need of assistance, in jail!

We now see the prison where she is at. Kim and Ron get the sitch from her, behind the visitor glass. She says she got framed for robbery from a safe on the show Born to Shop, which as Ron points out features Camille Leon. Just then, Camille walks in and says how sorry she is for Britina. Britina introduces Kim and "that guy" to Camille. Camille says she has heard of Kim before. Then, a hairless cat pops out of Camille's purse and sees Rufus. The cat finds Rufus attractive, but Rufus responds, "Eww!" The cat now begins to chase Rufus as Wade calls Kim. He says he has a fuzzy surveillance video of someone robbing the safe that Britina is accused of robbing. It is clearly Britina who was stealing the money, but Kim still believes Britina. Wade says he will enhance it and get back to her. Camille tells Kim about the Reality Show Awards, and shows her several possible suspects, all of which are going to be there.

We go to the Reality Show Awards where Kim and Ron are up in the rafters. They spot all the appointed suspects except MC Honey. They find her in a back stage room where she is surprised to see her. Meanwhile, Ron and Rufus get preoccupied with a nacho cheese fountain. Kim tells here why she is there. Just then, on the live TV feed of the show on a television in the room, the host says the very expensive goodie bags have been taken. Kim and MC rush out to find out who did it, and the host says MC did it, but she was with Kim the whole time.

We go back to the high school where Kim and Ron are talking to Wade about what had happened the previous night. The Tweebs walk up and say they might have a shape-shifter on their hands. Kim says they should go do to their freshmen activities.

We now see the Tweebs with Miss Guide, walk into Kim's statistics room. Mr. Barkin, the teacher asks them a question, which the Tweebs quickly answer by way of extremely embarrassing their sister. We go to commercial.

We go to the hall where Kim tells Ron and Monique about what happened. Kim tells them to forget about it and think about the senior table. Ron has a flashback to an excellent lunch and comes back hyped about the upcoming lunch. They enter the cafeteria where the senior table is gone. Ron makes a scene, and Barkin tells them that the money has gone to the S.K.I.P. program, which deeply angers Kim. Monique quickly points out that they will have to go back to mystery meat. Just then, Barkin informs the cafeteria that new guidelines say that he must show a short video about how mystery meat is made. Once the video is over, dozens of kids go screaming out the front doors of the school. Back in the cafeteria, Kim notices the Tweebs hanging out with Bonnie and three other girls. Bonnie says they are hilarious, and Kim soon finds out that is because they are telling embarrassing stories about her.

We go to Kim's living room where Wade is telling Kim and Ron about what happened with MC and Britina. The camera zooms out and we find that the Tweebs are being briefed as well with their new Jim and Timmunicators. Wade tells them that Camille will be in the richest mall in the world in Hollywood. After her parents tell her to, Kim brings along Jim and Tim. Wade tells them that he cannot get a ride, but the Tweebs have an idea.

We now go to a mid-flight private jet where the pilot is thanking Jim and Kim for tutoring his child in calculus. Kim exchanges words when they say, "So not the drama!" We now see the jet flying over Los Angeles and then landing at an airport serving as the mall's parking lot.

We go inside the mall where Ron tells Kim everything about it. Kim explains that she let the Tweebs go in the arcade. The camera turns and shows that Camille is having a book signing. We go inside where Jim and Tim are examining her autobiography. They see that she had some plastic surgery by an unlicensed, rogue surgeon. We go look outside the signing where Kim spots Country Club Banana, the high end version on Club Banana. Kim really wants to go in, but you need credit to do so. Just then Camille walks by and Kim asks if she could use her credit to get in, but she declines. Once she walks away, a policeman yells that the elevator which sports a five hundred karat diamond has been robbed. Kim and Ron go to the control room where they watch the surveillance video of yet another suspect of Camille's being caught. Kim starts talking as we see the video screen and when the camera zooms back out, we are in Kim's locker where Kim and Ron begin talking to Wade.

He says Camille is always being photographed, but during the crimes, she isn't. Wade says she will next be at a fashion show that afternoon. We zoom out a little bit to see Jim and Tim also listening to Wade from their lockers. Wade tells Kim that they have a theory, but Kim refuses to listen to it. Bonnie and her group walk up and take Jim and Tim away. A commercial starts.

We now go to a clothes truck parked outside of the fashion show where Kim and Ron are talking to Wade. Wade tells them of possible targets, and they conclude it to be a million-dollar necklace. They rush inside the building, and we see Camille Leon sit down in the audience. Kim takes a robe into the dressing room so she can try and find the necklace. Wade shows Kim a new gadget, a tracking powder make up kit. Then Kim spots the necklace being carried by a guard down a hall.

We go to the office of Dr. Beaufox, the plastic surgeon who operated on Camille Leon. Jim and Tim walk into the door and greet the doctor. They ask him about Camille. He tells them about his secret nanomorphing techniques or his shape-shifting which he did to Camille.

We now go back to the fashion show where Kim and Ron are keeping a close eye on the necklace. They overhear that the model that was supposed to wear the necklace could not make it. On tells Kim that she should be the model, as she is "beautiful". The makeup artist comes and inspects Kim, and says she will do which delights Kim. His team begins work on her and an anxious Ron watches her makeover.

We go to the runway where Kim walks out all fancied up. Ron takes a look at her and says "Wow!" Kim proceeds down the runway as she notices Camille has left her seat. We see Jim and Tim run in and warns Kim that it is Camille, and about nanomorphing. Kim turns around to find MC Honey who quickly morphs back into the regular Camille and steals Kim's necklace in front of everyone. She then morphs into Britina and runs off. Kim tries to chase her, but falls over because of her very tight dress. Kim finds Ron and fills him in. She sends him off to find her, while she goes the other way. To her surprise, she finds Ron in front of her, and turns around to find another Ron, one of them is Camille. Kim calls for Rufus, and he pops out of one of the pockets while the cat comes out the other. So Kim attacks the Ron imposter. A long fight between Kim and Camille starts. Kim manages to put some tracking powder on Camille before she escapes. Kim uses the powder to follow her. Camille's cat knocks the tracking powder into the air vents, so now Kim has a lock on everyone in the building. Kim walks into the main room where the cat sits on an old lady. Kim and Ron realize that is her and security arrests her.

We now see Kim enter Miss Guide's office where the Tweebs and her parents are sitting. Miss Guide says they should be freshmen, only at a different school because of Kim's reaction to them. Surprisingly, Kim says if they change schools, she does too.

For the credits scene, we see a montage of Rufus and the cat on a date, with Rufus trying to leave anyway possible.

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