Kim Possible

Season 4 Episode 3

Trading Faces

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Feb 10, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Kim has to deal with a shapeshifting theif who frames other celebrities plus the tweebs enter high school as well

    Kim has to deal with her younger brothers as fellow students and even classmates who take great pleasure and advantage of opportunity to tell funny and embarrassing stories about her to others (including rivals) and now some perplexing cases of celebrities brazenly stealing valuables, some of whom Kim knows personally. Later the Tweebs manage to make amends by helping Kim solve the case and prove that Camille Leon the shallow, ditzy, but quite nimble former heiress committed the thefts and framed other celebrities.
  • Crummy characters festival.

    We get new fine villian - Camille Leon. At the same time, she's obvious parody of some celebrity. It's good to see that cartoon delivers some interesting reality references. Sadly, the main part of episode is messed up by bottom-of-barrel minor characters. Both Mc Honey and Brittina appeared earlier - and proved themselves as truly boring minors. What's the sense in using them ,then ? I guess creators needed celebrities for the plot - and recycled the old ones.
    The worst thing is once again action focuses on real menace of the show - tweebs. Once decent minor characters, accepted in team are really as annoying and predictible, that you'll had enough of them after this episode.

    It could have been a really good episode.
  • kim battles a teenage shape shifter

    my faverite episode ever! not just of kim possible but of any tv series i ever saw...ever!the story starts when britina is acused of stealing from a party!then kim meets camille leon/ashley tisdale.meanwhile the tweebs enter high school as freshmen and kim has to act nice around them to remain a good high school reputation.ashley tisdale made the episode way better,this show use to bore me to tears until i saw this episode.ashley tisdale should definitly do more voice overs in he career.she was better as camille in kim possible than maddie in the suite life of zack and cody.
  • I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this episode, especially considering that the entire plot was an instant giveaway, but the humor, the idea, and the odd bit of K/R attention really gave it a good feel.

    Well, the first episode has come and gone, and, even though the enigmatically mixed up airing order has me a bit miffed, I still find myself captivated by this new season, right down to the redone opening theme (something I forgot to comment on in my ‘Ill Suited’ review, so I’ll state now that I love the new footage). Anyway, like I said, this episode went a long way in view of the total lack of a surprise ending. Anyone with access to a Kim Possible-related website, or with more than three individual brain cells could’ve put together that ‘Camille Leon’ sounded surprisingly like a certain camouflaging reptile that (in other cartoon series) has also been a famous alias for shape-shifting foes…Chameleon, I mean, not Camille. I haven’t heard too many foes by that name before. However, this fact was easy to ignore when it became obvious, even to the good guys, that Camille had something to do with the celebrity robberies, and that it gave them an excuse to whale on her less than charming personality. ‘Don’t you know who I am?’
    ‘Lady, the question is: Do you know who you are?’

    I won’t delve too far into the Camille plot, since the last two paragraphs have pretty much covered that, so I’ll delve into the B-plot:

    Jim and Tim Possible. As High School Freshmen.
    In Kim and Ron’s High School. ‘NOOOOOOOO!’

    (NOTE: This seems a lot scarier if you actually have younger brothers that age, and I do, so I was scared…)

    For any of you who don’t know, more than just the Tweebs’ height and clothes have changed this season, as their former voice actor, 19 year-old Shaun Fleming, has been replaced now by 13 year old Spencer Fox (currently most famous for playing Dash from ‘The Incredibles’). With this change has come a certain extent of a snotty attitude on both of the boys’ parts, however, I must admit that I like the change, and hey, kid brothers are supposed to be snotty, right? Now Kim finds that she not only has to put up with the Tweebs at school, where they tend to dispense a little too much info pertaining to their big sister, but on her missions as well (or at least this mission), as they volunteer their ‘services’ in finding this episode’s baddie, which includes figuring Camille’s whole motive and back-story out before Kim’s even considered her a suspect. I had never heard of Ashley Tisdale before this, as I’ve never been a big fan of Disney sitcoms, but I quickly came to like her voice; she pulled off the shallow, stuck-up, Rich Daddy’s girl very well, though I guess the ‘Daddy’s girl’ part should be retracted if he decided to disinherit her…can’t imagine why. Surprisingly, I came to like Camille’s character; maybe because the rich girls in cartoons are usually just background and B-characters, and this accelerated those same sort of characters into a moderately effective villainess. But then again, maybe I just find her appealing for some reason, I don’t know. It actually might’ve been a bit more suspenseful if Camille actually hadn’t been behind the crimes and her name and activities had just been a bunch of red herring clues, but then, it would’ve meant sacrificing a perfectly interesting villain, so-No! No, nothing. Forget I said anything…

    So overall, it was a good episode with a see-through plot, but in can hardly be held against the episode because you realize that it didn’t need a thick plot to be enjoyable. It just needed some sibling rivalries, some K/R enthusiasm, a spoiled shape-shifting heiress and a joke involving snouts as a mystery meat ingredient.

    But just one question, about Rufus and Debutante:

    Can you imagine the children? Seriously?
  • A very good episode from the creators of Kim Possible

    A very good episode from the creators of Kim Possible
    Kim gets serious issues when the tweebs are skipped ahead to High School, while she has to deal with celebrities executing several thefts.
    The tweebs later come up with their own theory about the person behind the thefts is a shape shifter, while Kim has to be a model to protect a very valuable necklace.
    It is here that she discovers that the tweebs were right. It appears that Camille Leon is behind the thefts.

    Who is Camille Leon? She is an all-new shape-shifting villainess voiced by Ashley Tisdale.
    She is shallow and ditzy, but a skilled actress, and was the heir to a cat food fortune until recently, when her father for unknown reasons disinherited her and she turned to a life of crime.
    Just recently she also underwent a radical surgical technique called nanomorphing, giving her the ability to shape shift, something she used to frame other celebrities for various thefts.

    Ashley Tisdale did an excellent job as the voice actor for Camille Leon, and I (and probably many others) look forward to see if she can do the job just as good in the episode “Fashion Victim”.

    The tweebs are, to the dismay of some people, very featured in this episode, even figuring out who the villainess is, and how she committed her crimes to frame others, something that Kim didn't.
    The fact that the tweebs has been granted much more airtime in this episode, and in Season 4 overall, is something that irritate some people and seems appealing to others, while someone doesn’t really care about them.

    And I’m sure some people didn’t take their eyes of their TV or whatever they were watching the episode on when Kim entered the catwalk as a model with that beautiful dress. I know I didn’t.
    And when Ron said that Kim was beautiful, I just sat there saying something like “Awwww...” I’m sure many others did as well.

    And there is Camille’s hairless… eh… [Some guy:] "Cat! It’s called a cat!"
    Oh, yes, right! It’s called a cat. Anyways, it was freaky. Very freaky. And its name was Debutante.
    It seemed to show some romantic interest in Rufus, a fellow hairless animal, but he's not freaky at all.
    That was just sick and wrong on so many levels.

    Well, that's one negative thing, and many positive...
    It was truly a great episode from Disney.
  • Two much focus on the TWEEBS!!! Like to see a new villainess introduced, but please stop relying on those irritating one-dimensional little brother characters. Why not just run our hands through a meat-grinder instead. It would serve the same end.

    Having a new villain introduced was an interesting twist. Shows get stale when the same characters are trawled out over and over again. But, unfortunately, those annoying tweebs destroyed this episode for me. I find them so irritating that I shall not watch any portions of episodes with them in it. Their characters are so unbelievable, they completely invalidate all that is good about this show. Why not just have a utility belt with a special ray gun that solves all of your problems? The Jim and Tim characters are entirely one-dimensional. So, overall, like writing in new villains, hate the tweebs.
  • Kim and Ron face off against a new villain who is framing their celebrity friends. Meanwhile, Kim’s younger brothers join Middleton high school, much to her horror.

    “Trading Faces” introduces our first new villain of the new season, Camille Leon (Ashley Tisdale). Leon is a shape shifter who is using her powers to frame Ron and Kim’s celebrity friends, like Britina and MC Honey. In the end, Kim has to go under cover as a model to take this evil vixen down. On the family front, the tweebs, Jim and Tim (Spencer Fox), have skipped a grade and our now freshmen at Middleton High. Needless to say, Kim has a problem with that. The star of this episode is definitely the new girl. Imagine Paris Hilton has a super villain, and you have Camille. Ashley Tisdale does a wonderful job mimicking the famous, or infamous, party girl. And the constant Paparazzi were also a nice touch. I certainly hope we see more of her, because her powers do make her a formidable foe. By the way, did any one else say “aaahhh” when Ron called his lady beautiful. You have to admit, the future Mrs. Stoppable . . . oh, excuse me. I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Kim looked really hot when she was all dolled up. I also enjoyed the appearances by MC Honey and Britina, who we haven’t seen since the very first episode. The other focus is on Jim and Tim. The tweebs are now a year older and our still driving their sister crazy, which will be magnified by them hanging out with Bonnie. I do believe that the tweebs are going to play more of a role in Kim’s adventures. Even though they can be a little annoying at times, they do work well as foils for our red headed hero. “Trading Faces” is another good addition to the new season, which gives us an interesting new villain. And one last note, I don’t want to think about what that hairless cat was doing to poor Rufus at the end. Some things are better unseen.
  • Like looking into a mirror, only...not.

    Kim receives a peculiar piece of news about her brothers: they’ve been skipped ahead. Jim and Tim are now freshmen at Middleton High. But what does this have to do with the title of the episode? I’ll get to that in a moment. Much to Kim’s horror, the tweebs outshine her in class, make nice with Bonnie and spread embarrassing secrets about big sis. But what about the relation to the title? Just be patient. Overall, Kim suffers a personal nightmare not unlike those in “All the News” and “Royal Pain”.

    By now, you’ve probably noticed that it’s taking more time than necessary to get to what the title “Trading Faces” has to do with any of this. Well, I’m just following the episode’s example. So much time is taken with the irritating ‘freshmen tweebs’ story, that the villain plot is almost lost. Britina (all the way from “Crush”) is accused of theft and locked up. Her good friend, heiress and publicity hound Camille Leon, is there for her...but might have something to do with the crimes.

    It felt like someone hit the ‘reset’ button on Jim and Tim, making them just as insufferable as they were in the early days of the show, even if their theory about the burglar turned out to be right. Usually, I find stories with shape shifters tiresome; ‘I’m not the bad guy. He is.’ ‘No, it’s him.’. Here, though, it wasn’t given enough time to wear out its welcome, making it pretty entertaining. And Ashley Tisdale (“High School Musical”) does a good job as Paris Hil-- I mean, Camille Leon.

    A few elements to ‘Trade’ up on, but not too bad.
  • Camille Leon! She definently makes my favorite villain list!

    Kim gets tired of seeing Jim and Tim at her house, to make matters even worse, they end up going to her school. Thanks to the SKIP program, the senoir table gets taken away to make money for that program. Kim gets extremely agree at her brothers, they are in her homeroom at her school, annoying her at her house, and even trying to help her on her missions. To top things all off, many rich famous women get blamed for crimes that they didn't do. Eventhough it shows them on the camera, and where they were really at, Kim tries to see what is going on. Jim and Tim come up with the fact that it might be a shape shifter, Kim doesn't believe them, and just brushes them off. When she heras that the victoms' friend, Camille Leon, is being disinharited, that puts more supition on Jim and Tim's idea. Jim and Tim do some undercover work to see the truth about Camille, they find about that she had surgery that lend to shap shifting. So Kim and Ron go to a fashion show, seeing that it might be a big target for the next robbery. Just when Camille thought it was working out great, she starts to lose control of the shape shifting power, and exposes herself. She gets arrested, and Britnennna, MC Honey, and everyone else blamed are set free. Then Jim and TIm were talking about getting transfered to a different school, but Kim tells them that she wants her brother to stay in the same school she's in!
  • Finally, a female villain that ISN'T Shego.

    Being one of the new episodes that debuted when the long-awaited Season 4 started, I was stoked when they hinted at the new villainess, Camille Leon.

    Aptly named for her shapeshifting abilities, Camille managed to make her first appearence a notable one, using her powers to frame her Hollywood peers for her crimes and leaving the real deals with the blame. Some may call her shallow, and she can be at times, but she is competent enough to be a worthy opponent to Kim.

    And really, how many other notable female villains has this show ever had (aside from Shego)? ZERO! Camille is a nice breath of fresh air to Kim's male-dominated rogues' gallery.

    Granted, the episode wasn't quite as focused on her as I liked, but, all in all, it was a worthy debut for Camille. She'll be back, and I'll be awaiting her return.