Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 33

Triple S

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jul 26, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Triple S
While on the trail of a thief with a 555 tattooed on the back of his neck, Kim heads to the X-Games because the thief has been robbing stores near the tournament’s holding ground. Meanwhile, Ron is dealing with attempting to become a Jock in order to get with the ladies while the Seniors are trying to deal with losing all of their assets in a contract agreement that Junior inadvertently signed.moreless

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  • The Senors deal with destitution while Ron tries to be a jock for the X-Games

    A sleazy and unethical accountant named Vinnie Wheeler weasels Senor Senior Jr. into signing power of attorney over to him and he snatches up the Senors wealth and the Senors are forced to provide for themselves. Meanwhile Ron tries to be a athlete for the X-Games but washes out in every sport he tries out. Later during a moment of clumsiness and freak gust of wind creates a sensation of a new sport of umbrella surfing. Meanwhile Kim is trying to investigate a series of robberies that seem to be taking place around the X-Games events. It is most likely an athlete or someone with strong athletic skills and she suspects Senior Senor Jr. is behind it although he doesn't have great skills to go with that physique of his. Then Jr accidentally spills that his father has the 555 or SSS tattoo feature. Unfortunately for Ron his umbrella surfing sport hits a dead end before it could really take off.moreless
  • Trust that classification, I beg of you.

    Kim investigates a series of robberies perpetrated by a thief who seems to be into extreme sports, so she goes undercover at the X-Games to catch him. There is way too much going on in this one episode. One story thread involves Ron concluding that athletes get the girls, so he nearly kills himself trying out for all of the school's sports teams. Then there's Senor Senior Junior inadvertently signing over financial rights (i.e. the Seniors' fortune) to a shady business associate. We get to the X-Games and Ron creates (or, rather, ends up bumbling into things perceived as) a new sport called 'umbrella surfing', which allows him to - wait for it - be popular with the lady folk.

    One would think that, with all these plot threads, this episode wouldn't be monumentally boring. One would, however, be wrong.

    However, the episode wakes up long enough to remember that extreme sporting is about adrenaline rush, and the mid-air fight between Kim and the thief (whose identity is obvious, if not from the "XXX"-inspired tattoo on his neck, then certainly from the episode's title) provides a mild one. The bit of backstabbing at the end was also a clever touch, if a bit late.

    Not an unwatchable episode, but so very dull.moreless
  • After a long list of attempts to turn himself into a jock go sour Ron gets a new chance to compete in the X games when he and Kim are sent to investigate a series of robberies.moreless

    Kim is looking for a thief with a 555 tattooed on the back of their neck. Kim goes to the X-Games because the thief has been robbing stores near the tournament’s holding ground. Meanwhile, Ron is dealing with attempting to become a Jock in order to get with the ladies while the Seniors’ are trying to deal with losing all of their assets in a contract agreement that Junior inadvertently signed. My favorite part of this episode is when we see Ron invent a new sport and when we see Ron getting all the attention that he doesn't deserve because he accidentally made something that he never wanted to do.moreless
Ryan Nyquist

Ryan Nyquist


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Trevor Vine


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Ricardo Montalban

Ricardo Montalban

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Nestor Carbonell

Señor Senior, Jr.

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    • Senior: You should really have qualified for the X-Games, Kim Possible. Your moves are quite fresh.
      Kim: How do you like this?
      (She kicks Senior's feet and trips him)
      Senior: I'm only trying to take back what is taken from me.

    • Senior: Ah, Kim Possible, come not to like the t-shirt?
      Kim: What about your single life? What about you've won it for nothing?
      Senior: Have you ever taste home churned butter? It's really quite revolting.

    • Senior: But why, Junior? Why? You betrayed your own father.
      Junior: Father, please. I'm turning you on for the reward.
      Senior: Reward? You mean cash? Crisp legal tender?
      Junior: But of course. I'm going to use it to break you out of prison and buy back our island.
      Senior: Ah, an excellent plan.
      Junior: After all, I cannot buy gooey hair gels with more fiber.
      Senior: You've done well, Junior. I am proud of you, my son.

    • Kim: This is so many levels of not right!

    • Kim: Whoa, what's with the fashion blindness?

    • Ron: (After crashing while umbrella surfing) Hey, aren't you gonna interview me?
      Reporter: For what? Having the shortest sports career?

    • Kim: At least you can say that you never gave up.
      Ron: Thanks, Kim.
      Kim: You didn't stop until you were rejected by every team at Middleton High! (Ron arches an eyebrow) That didn't come out right.

    • Kim: Ron? Ron? (Ron opens his eyes) Don't scare me like that! I had to Grande-size to wake you up!

    • Kim: Ron, it's getting a little hot, let's move over there. . .
      Ron: (screams) No umbrellas!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Ron: No date is worth this!

      This line is similar to that spoken by Harrison Ford's character Han Solo in 'Star Wars: Episode IV', "No reward is worth this!", when Han, Chewbacca and Luke attempt to rescue Princess Leia.

    • Old School:

      Ron's gynastics routine is strikingly similar to the rountine performed by Will Ferrell in Old School (2003).

    • XXX:

      The title, SSS, and the tatoo on the back of Senore Senor Sr's neck is a spoof on the movie XXX.

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