Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 33

Triple S

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Jul 26, 2004 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When Ron says, "Rufus, the visual aids please," the stripe at the bottom of his shirt is red.

    • Pop-pop porter's hair and beard are colored gray in 'All the News'. Here they are not.

    • When Kim shoots the grappler hook at the airplane, her face is missing.

    • When Kim pulls back SSS' shirt when they're diving through the air, the tattoo is in the middle of just below his neck. But at the beginning when she sees the SSS on the tape Wade showed her, it was on the left side of his neck, and higher up.

    • When Kim and Ron are getting into the X-Games, Kim gives a security guard a ticket. The X-Games are free.

    • Just as in "Ron the Man," Kim's upper lip briefly disappears when she rides that yellow bike to chase SSS. into the skateboard ramp.

  • Quotes

    • Senior: You should really have qualified for the X-Games, Kim Possible. Your moves are quite fresh.
      Kim: How do you like this?
      (She kicks Senior's feet and trips him)
      Senior: I'm only trying to take back what is taken from me.

    • Senior: Ah, Kim Possible, come not to like the t-shirt?
      Kim: What about your single life? What about you've won it for nothing?
      Senior: Have you ever taste home churned butter? It's really quite revolting.

    • Senior: But why, Junior? Why? You betrayed your own father.
      Junior: Father, please. I'm turning you on for the reward.
      Senior: Reward? You mean cash? Crisp legal tender?
      Junior: But of course. I'm going to use it to break you out of prison and buy back our island.
      Senior: Ah, an excellent plan.
      Junior: After all, I cannot buy gooey hair gels with more fiber.
      Senior: You've done well, Junior. I am proud of you, my son.

    • Kim: This is so many levels of not right!

    • Kim: Whoa, what's with the fashion blindness?

    • Ron: (After crashing while umbrella surfing) Hey, aren't you gonna interview me?
      Reporter: For what? Having the shortest sports career?

    • Kim: At least you can say that you never gave up.
      Ron: Thanks, Kim.
      Kim: You didn't stop until you were rejected by every team at Middleton High! (Ron arches an eyebrow) That didn't come out right.

    • Kim: Ron? Ron? (Ron opens his eyes) Don't scare me like that! I had to Grande-size to wake you up!

    • Kim: Ron, it's getting a little hot, let's move over there. . .
      Ron: (screams) No umbrellas!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Ron: No date is worth this!

      This line is similar to that spoken by Harrison Ford's character Han Solo in 'Star Wars: Episode IV', "No reward is worth this!", when Han, Chewbacca and Luke attempt to rescue Princess Leia.

    • Old School:

      Ron's gynastics routine is strikingly similar to the rountine performed by Will Ferrell in Old School (2003).

    • XXX:

      The title, SSS, and the tatoo on the back of Senore Senor Sr's neck is a spoof on the movie XXX.