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  • Season 4 Episode 23: Graduation, Part 2

  • This is the only episode in the entire series in which the primary villains, Warmonga and Warhok, die. The only instance that remotely relates occurs in Oh No, Yono! when Monkey Fist is turned into stone.

  • When Bonnie goes up to get her diploma, she pushes Ron Reeger out of the way. This means that she almost grabbed Reeger's diploma, instead of her diploma, before Mr. Barkin told her that she had to go to Summer School.

  • In the end credits, George Takei, who is the voice of Sensei, has his last name spelled incorrectly as "Takaii".

  • Shego and Drakken becoming more then just business partners is alluded in this episode when Drakken's flower wraps them together in the end.

  • Since Kim has a gold scarf on for her graduation, this signals that she is one of the few kids in her class with the highest overall grades.

  • At the end of the episode, when Kim and Ron finally graduate, Kim goes to hug her parents for a second time. Before the scene, she is in her very beat up graduation uniform. During and after it, she is in a brand new uniform.

  • When he is in full control of the mystical monkey powers, Ron is shown to be stronger then both Kim and Shego. This is evident in the episode Mad Dogs and Aliens where Kim and Shego each had trouble defeating Warmonga.

  • Technically, Kim did not save the world this time. Drakken came up with the plan to defeat the aliens, and Ron used his new-found fighting abilites.

  • The coffee shop where all the villains were talking in the closing tag is the same shop where Kim, Ron, and Shego were at in the episode Stop Team Go.

  • In this episode, the three main buildings featured thoughout the series in Middleton (Kim's house, Middleton High, and Bueno Nacho) are all destroyed by the invasion.

  • Season 4 Episode 22: Graduation, Part 1

  • Kim is startled by Ron while drinking soda and spits a huge mouthful of it everywhere. This joke also appeared in the pilot episode Crush, when Josh Mankey, another boy Kim liked, suddenly surprised her in a similar manner.

  • The joke with the clock breaking down during the Seniors' last hour in high school is a reference to the very first Kim Possible episode produced. When Kim is in detention in Tick, Tick, Tick, the clock goes way too fast and Barkin has to reset it.

  • At Smarty-Mart, Barkin tells Ron, "The center cannot hold." In Ron's memory, Barkin's words are "The center will not hold."

  • When Ron was feeding and watering the animals at Smarty-Mart, he was whistling the theme to the Naked Mole Rap.

  • Kim and Ron kiss twice in this episode. The first time was at Bueno Nacho in this part, and the second time was at the end of the second part when they were flying away in Kim's car.

  • The running gag where someone interrupts Kim and Ron kissing is finally broken in this episode. They did kiss in the episode Oh No! Yono!, but it was brief due to Hana jumping between them.

  • In this episode, we finally find out what Mrs. Dr. Possible's name is. Her husband's brother, Slim, calls her by the name "Annie". This also explains where Kim got her middle name.

  • Season 4 Episode 21: Larry's Birthday

  • This episode shows only the second villain to use a timeshare lair. The only other villain to use one throughout the entire series was Dr. Drakken.

  • Although they appear in this one, Dr. Drakken and Shego both are not actual villains for this episode. Their only appearance was during the end credits as they commented on Dementor's defeat.

  • This episode adds another person to the list who have used Kim's battlesuit. Now, Kim, Ron, Dr. Dementor, and Larry have all worn the battlesuit.

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