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  • Season 1 Episode 22: The Secret Files DVD

  • Tom Kane is listed in the DVD credits but doesn't have any lines.

  • Season 1 Episode 21: Low Budget

  • When Kim and Ron arrive at Francis's door step, Kim's finger is ready to press the door bell in the middle of the door. But when they do a close up, her finger is in the side of the door, getting ready to press the door bell.

  • When Kim paid for the Club Banana pants, she pulled the money out of her pocket despite the fact that she was wearing the new pants, in which she wouldn't have had money within them. Also, the huge shirt Kim was wearing because she needed new pants didn't have any pockets, so it seems illogical that Kim could pull the money out of her pocket when she didn't have no pockets to hold the money in the first place.

  • The cashier from Club Banana can be seen behind Ron and the customer attempting to buy cheese, despite the fact that the Smarty Mart they were at was in another city.

  • When Kim is uploading Frugal's file from the personnel manager's computer (upload in progress), the buttons on the front of the Kimmunicator are missing.

  • When Kim buys her "emergency pants," the clerk allows her to wear the pants and sit on the counter so the label can be scanned. Most stores do not permit this practice because shoplifters tend to try on clothes and then wear them out of the store after removing the tags.

  • When Lucre crashes the internet causing the electricity to go out, Wade managed to get in touch with Kim again, in which he yells "Frugal Lucre Strikes Again!" This stunt was the first time Lucre attempted anything, so how could he have struck again if he hadn't struck before? It could be implied that his initial warning was the first time he struck, but we really don't know for certain.

  • During the scene when Wade strips out Frugal's voice from his message, they replay the message. If you listen, you'll notice that the voice comes in at a different spot.

  • When Kim and Ron confront Lucre in his house, he traps them in a net. Yet when they first enter the basement, there is no net on the floor.

  • When Kim is in disguise to sneak into the personal manager's office, her hair is tied in a ponytail by a band. When she takes off her hat, her hair comes undone on it's own, as if it was pulled thru the hat's adjuster

  • Look at the desk at the Smarty Mart where Kim goes to find out who Lucre is. When she goes over to the computer, there is no little 'Z-Boy' who later fell when the manager returned.

  • In the scene when Wade says "Frugal Lucre strikes again", Wade smashes his cup with his hand. However, shortly afterward, his cup is back to its regular shape in the same place...unsmashed. New cup?

  • In the beginning, Kim's wearing a life jacket, but while swimming, she must swim up to float.

  • When Kim was looking at the pants, they are different colors, but when she starts running after Lucre, they're all one color.

  • When Ron leads "As in..." (following Wade's "It'll have to be an inside job"), his mouth doesn't move.

  • Kim and Ron mock Frugal Lucre's scheme because they don't believe it matches up towards the other villains' schemes. However, if the entire world did send Frugal Lucre the dollar he requested, he would have had roughly five and a half billion to six billion dollars, which is much more than Ron had in the episode Ron Millionaire, which is quite a lot so shouldn't Kim have realized that his plan was better than most thought?

  • Kim's eyes are a gray color in some shots, but when she's in the store, her eyes are green.

  • When Kim shudders when she finds out that Ron buys clothes at Smarty Mart, Ron folds his arms and gives Kim a look, though at that scene his right eye partially crosses over the bridge of his nose.

  • Including considerations for lighting, Wade's skin tone changes several times in this episode, sometimes in the same set of shots (most notably when he's talking to Kim from her locker computer)

  • When Frugal Lucre checks the amount of money that he's made from his scheme, he has $17.28. However, he requested everyone send him a dollar so how did he manage to obtain 28 cents? It could be assumed that people from other countries sent in money, but he requested that everyone send in exactly one dollar's worth in accordance to the exchange rate, so he shouldn't have been able to get the 28 cents.

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