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  • Season 4 Episode 10: Fashion Victim

  • When Kim and Monique were fighting the Fashionistas and Camille, the music that was played was the same music played in the dramatic fight scene between Shego and Kim in So the Drama.

  • This is the first episode in which Monique has a direct involvement in one of Kim's missions.

  • In Trading Faces, Camille could nano-morph exactly into anyone, but in this episode she is unable to change the color of her skin and eyes.

  • Season 4 Episode 9: Big Bother

  • During the battle in the first shrine, two KP title references were made in this episode. Ron told Yori there was nothing wrong with showing a little Emotion Sickness when she stated she had no qualm with the fact that Kim and Ron were dating, and Monkey Fist said So The Drama in response to the whole situation.

  • When Ron asks his parents why they didn't tell him about Hana, they say this is our way of telling you. This is similar to the events in A Sitch In Time where they fail to mention that he is moving to Norway.

  • Running Gags: Monkey Fist and his monkey ninjas crashing into an object, causing Monkey Fist to say "That's what I get for letting the monkey drive", and Ron's flour babies keep getting destroyed are running gags throughout this episode.

  • Ron is seen asking for bacon in this episode, but he is Jewish, meaning that he doesn't eat pork. This means that he is not Orthodox Jew, seeing as he celebrates Christmas, not to mention the naco combines ground meat and cheese made from cow's milk, which goes against the kosher law of not using the meat and dairy products from the same animal in the same dish.

  • Even though according to production codes, this episode is after Clothes Minded, Kim continues to wear her old mission outfit clothes.

  • When Ron's father tells him that he installed a new ceiling fan, it is the exact same one as the one in the beginning of the episode.

  • Ron's fighting technique is shown to have improved in this episode, and he is able to hold his own.

  • When Ron is handing his flour to Barkin to get a grade, the wall behind him is blue; however, once Barkin gives him a grade, the wall is orange.

  • When Kim and Ron ring Barkin's doorbell, they are just as tall as Barkin is. However, in Grande Size Me, only the largest Ron could match Barkin's height.

  • For Ron's last flour sack, he calls it MCMXXXIIII. This is not a real Roman numeral since it should be MCMXXXIV.

  • Ron leaves to rescue Kim with his twenty-second sack of flour and arrives with his thirty-eighth one; however, he only kept the flour in his closet, and did not take it with him.

  • In the first encounter with Monkey Fist, his (Tom Kane's) voice does not sound like it usually does.

  • Just before Monkey Fist and his monkeys crash into the tree, we briefly see the road ahead of them, and there is not a tree.

  • In one shot we see Kim's mom starting to make pancakes from scratch, but in the next shot about two second later, they are completely cooked and ready to serve.

  • When Kim and Ron go to Barkin's house to get the second sack of flour, Kim gets is wearing a green shirt. In the next shot, she is wearing a pink shirt.

  • Season 4 Episode 8: Clothes Minded

  • When Ron is being held prisoner by Drakken and Shego, he admits that Kim doesn't know he's there. Yet at Bueno Nacho as Wade reveals to her Drakken's latest hideout, Kim admits that it was the school that Ron was going to visit that same day.

  • When Kim is standing by the open window, her hair is moving in the opposite direction the wind is blowing.

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