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  • Season 4 Episode 8: Clothes Minded

  • When Drakken and Shego see Kim in the samurai outfit her brothers made, Shego says "Where are the fashion police when you need them?". In Kim Possible, there are actual Fashion Police as seen in Fashion Victim.

  • When Kim and Ron visit the Fashionistas in jail, Kim mentions that she and Ron put them in jail, but in Fashion Victim, Ron was trapped in a crate while Kim and Monique did battle with the Fashionistas.

  • When Shego said Kim wore the same outfit season after season after season, she was refering to the previous three seasons of the show, and in turn breaking the fourth wall.

  • This episode marks the last appearance of Kim's original mission outfit that had previously been used for all of Kim's missions.

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Kim's new mission outfit.

  • When Kim and Ron go to the Middleton Magnetic Institute and Drakken activates the giant magnet, Ron's watch gets attracted to the magnet, however Kim's metal spacesuit remains unaffected.

  • At the beginning of the episode the Middleton High School sign reads "Senior Prank Week." The next time the sign is said it reads, "earn keeP Sir Wonk," which is an anagram of the sign's previous message.

  • Since Disney Channel is airing the episodes out of order, the Fashionistas make their first appearance in this episode as prisoners, but we meet them and they go to prison in Fashion Victim.

  • When Kim and Ron run from the imploding college, the window they exit is alligned with the front entrance; however, it should be off the the right as seen earlier in the episode

  • When Wade shows Kim a geothermal scan of Drakken's lair, it shows that the stolen parts are spread out over the lair, but they are all on one machine.

  • When Drakken shows Shego and Ron his plan, he says that there would only be one timezone, but in reality, only a few timezones would be eliminated, not 23 of them.

  • When Mr. Barkin is walking down the stairs at the school with Kim and Ron, the door at the top of the stairs only has blue sky through it, meaning they lead nowhere.

  • In The Cupid Effect, which comes after this episode in production order, Kim is wearing her usual mission clothes, but this episode ends with Kim wearing her new outfit.

  • Season 4 Episode 7: Grande Size Me

  • In the end credits of this episode, Kim is unaware that she is in a TV show, but in The Ron Factor she interrupted the opening by pushing the screen up thus breaking the fourth wall.

  • When all the villains are after Kim in HenchCo, Duff Killigan hits a bag of exploding golf balls towards Kim, yet none of them explode.

  • Ron vows to only eat Bueno Nacho, but he is seen eating the school's cafeteria food, and a box of mini corndogs

  • When Kim's car shows up inside HenchCo, we see it come through a wall, and one second later, she is pulled up beside Ron telling to get in. She would have had to run over with the transducer, get in the car, and drive over to Ron all in one second.

  • Ron bumps his head in the doorway numerous times in this episode being so big. The first time is when he goes to health class and he is taller than the door. But just as he passes Barkin, who is very tall himself, Ron is actually a bit shorter than he is. If that's the case, Barkin should bump his head everytime he walks through a door, but he doesn't.

  • When Ron is mutated, he has on some of his red and black shirt. However, when he changes back to normal, he is wearing his mission clothes.

  • When Ron is about to be mutated, the table that he is sitting at in Bueno Nacho does not have a support under it, but it usually does

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