Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 3

Two to Tutor

Aired Daily 1:30 AM Aug 01, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Two to Tutor
Señor Senior Sr. decides to hire a tutor, who is Shego, to help Junior in villainy. Meanwhile, Kim surprisingly gets tutored by Ron in Home Economics.

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  • good episode....

    Shego starts tutoring Junior and Ron starts tutoring Kim. Interesting, right? Shego teaches Junior how to be an expert robber and he does well. However, Senior is sad that Junior is not spending as much time with him. Meanwhile, Kim is doing terrible in home economics and Ron comes to her aid. She gets frustrated with the equipment and the cooking and Ron tries to get her to calm down. Overall, I like the story of this episode a lot. It was interesting and new and I didn't expect it. Shego as a tutor. That's interesting. Again, overall, a good episode.moreless
  • This episode is about Shego tutoring Señor Senior jr. .

    When Señor Senior Sr. becomes disappointed in the way his son’s villainy is handled, he decides to hire a tutor to ensure his son’s success; which turns out to be Shego. Meanwhile, a hopeless Kim is stuck on Home Economics with Ron but when Ron becomes an expert chef while Kim can’t cook a single thing, Ron is chosen to help Kim out. My favorite part of this episode is when Shego tries Shego tutoring Señor Senior jr. . My other favorite part of this episode is when we see Kim trying to cook but she obviously can't. I hope that you liked this episode very much.moreless
  • Nice, I liked it! Kim found yet anouther challange!

    Kim and Ron get back on a mission to find out that Home Ec is the ONLY class open to them. Mr. Barkin ends up being the teacher, adn doesn't like that fact that Kim and Ron are the ONLY students in his class. So he tells them all that he knows about cooking, Ron makes a comment about it, saying that he knows all about cooking. So Barkin wants to know if he was just bluffing. Ron ends up schooling Kim and Barkin at cooking! But, Kim ends up sucking in Home Ec, so Barkin decides to hand the class over to Ron. Kim gets freakec out that Ron is better at something then she is. She ask Wade if any one needs her at any time.

    Meanwhile, Senior wants Junior to take his villainy more seriously, and hires a tutor. Whcih turns out to be Shego, and she schools Junior. about everything she knows about villainy. So she takes him on a bunch of robberies in Europe. Then she teaches him that they need a plot, so they go after something that valueable and heavly gaurded.

    Meanwhile, Kim is getting annoyed that Ron is succeding in cooking, and now is the pride of the school. She gets angery that she has to do all the crappy jobs just to get school credit. So she tries to see what is behind Shego and Junior. So they end up going to a cookie factory to gaurd a cookie recipe. But the people say that they don't need their help, and give them cookies for trying. But that doesn't stop them. Then Shego and Junior almost succeed in the stealing, but Kim and Ron got there first! So when Kim and Shego start to fight, Ron and Junior do too. Ron runs off ant goes into the factory, but Junior pushes him on the assembly line. Then Rufus takes care of it. Kim gets knocked into the cookie batter, and ends up knocking Shego down! So they end up in Senior's jet, when Senior degiges himself as a police poilt. He lets Shego go, and she ends up going back with Drakken. Then Ron resturant gets closed down because Rufus is a rat and he was serving the food. So Kim ends up staying in Home Ec because of it all.moreless
  • Senor Senior Sr. has hired a tutor, Shego, to teach his son, Junior, becoming an evil villain. Junior learns fast but will he be able to pull the big heist? Meanwhile, Kim and Ron are stuck with the least wanted elective, Home Economics. How will Kim pullmoreless

    A funny and exciting episode. Kim Possible fans know that Junior is a useless bum, this episode will show the great potential in him. Another episode fact to the fans, Ron is a great cook, something Ron is better at than Kim. This episode focuses evenly between the good guys and the bad guys. Good humour to go around. Recommended to watch if you not only love Kim Possible, but also Ron who is talented beyond his apparent uselessness.moreless


Monique [as Raven]

Guest Star

Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan


Recurring Role

Patrick Warburton

Patrick Warburton

Mr. Barkin

Recurring Role

Ricardo Montalban

Ricardo Montalban

Señor Senior, Sr.

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • When Kim goofs in home-ec and batter flies everywhere it lands on Rufus and Barkin, but Kim remains clean.

    • When Ron and Rufus are knocked down to the conveyor belt (after smelling the vanilla :D ), Junior jumps down after Ron, only to be cookie-doughed by Rufus, who is back up on the platform at the controls. How the heck did he get up there?? Ron is never shown throwing him up there.

    • When Kim and Ron are outside the factory(before the dogs)and Rufus is on Ron's head, his tail is yellow.

    • The part in Shego's hair changes frequently from the left to the right side throughout the show. (depending on where she's looking)

    • When Kim wears a hairnet to serve food at Chez Ron, she doesn't tuck all of her hair into it. If your hair is hanging down around your shoulders, it kind of defeats the purpose of wearing it.

    • In the opening sequence, when Kim lands after jumping out of the plane, her parachute is nowhere to be seen on the ground behind her.

    • The coloration of Shego's uniform (most notably the "seat") once again changes around throughout the ep.

    • When Granny is showing Kim her security system inside the vault, the recipe card is not in the case. But it is when Junior (and before him, Kim) go to take it.

    • If Kim went under the cooking mix, to hold on and spin with the mixer, then wouldn't she have gotten dizzy and lost breath from the pressure?

    • When Shego is standing over Kim on the railing, and says "I've discovered the joys of teaching," her mouth doesn't move.

    • The Granny Crocket picture on the corporate logo has just small black dots for eyes, but the Granny that Kim and Ron meet has large blue eyes surrounded by whites.

    • Kim is seen wearing an apron that doesn't cover her midriff.

    • When Shego takes the note from Jr. and says "This isn't the recipe", her mouth once again doesn't move.

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  • NOTES (1)


    • Title: Two To Tutor:

      The title is a parody of the phrase "Two to Tango".

    • Ron: I call it, Seven Layers of Heaven!

      During his presentation in the Home Economics class, Ron named his cake "Seven Layres of Heaven." In the Islamic religion, it is believes that the Prophet Muhammad had a spiritual revelation called "The Night Journey". In it, he passed through the Seven Layers of Heaven and met with the Prophets Abraham, Moses, Jesus and finally Allah.

    • Ron: Now, time for a little cinnamon, and you all know what that means: Booyah!

      Ron's use of the word "Booyah!" as a catch phrase in his cooking demonstration is similar to TV chef Emeril Lagasse's catch phrase of yelling "Bam!" as he adds ingredients.

    • Ron: And that, Kim, is why you fail.

      With the exception of the word Kim, this line is lifted directly from Empire Strikes Back, in the scene where Yoda is training Luke Skywalker in the ways of the Jedi.

    • Kim Possible: Villain's Digest:

      The picture Kim prints out is of a bald villain petting a white cat in front of a laser. This bears parallels to two James Bond flicks: The villain and cat resemble Blofeld and Mr. Fluffy (no relation to Commodore Puddles!). The laser? Well let's say it's from Goldfinger.

    • Star Wars:

      When Kim is in the giant mixing bowl and she sees Ron in her subconscious, it is similar to scenes from several Star Wars films. The voice speaking an inspirational quote is a reference to Episode IV, while Ron actually appearing as a manifestation is a reference to Episode V and Episode VI.

    • Granny Crockett: Granny got some work done!

      A reference to Betty Crocker and her periodic image update.

    • Ron: When I was eight, my mom got me a Granny Crockett Quickie-Bake Mixer and Oven set.

      This is based on Hasbro's Easy-Bake Oven, which derives its heat from an ordinary lightbulb and has been churning out treats for little bakers (traditionally assumed to be girls) since 1963.