Kim Possible

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Daily 1:30 AM Sep 12, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Ron tries to impress Zita

    By impressing her he tries to Ron joins the popular massive online multiplayer game called Everlot. He acts like he's a savvy fan of the game but he can't get anywhere without Wade's aid. However both Ron and Zita must deal with a sore loser of a player who calls himself the Wraithmaster and imprisons numerous other players. Not only are their characters/game avatars trapped but their minds are too. (Which makes me wonder: Isn't that cheating? Heck it could be kidnapping and In order to save Ron, Zita, and possible trapped others from this game like Tron, Kim and Wade enter this virtual environment. They can't seem to defeat the Wraithmaster until the Tunnel Lord (who is Rufus) arrives and the other trapped players give Zita their skills/powers.
  • Greetings, programs.

    Everlot is a popular role-playing video game with the young people of Middleton. Unfortunately, there's a sore loser casting a dark cloud over the virtual environment. He's known as the Wraithmaster, and he imprisons a number of players within the game. Among them are the skilled Zita and the not-very-good Ron, who'd hoped to score some points with his new lady friend.

    There's a super-cool final shot in this episode. Unfortunately, you have to slog through a somewhat boring middle and climax in the distractingly blocky world of Everlot. Also, like a number of this season's one-time villains, this one is more of an annoyance than a threat, no matter what kind of technology he has control of.

    However, Adam Berry's music is quite good, particularly toward the end and there are some amusing moments when Wade and Kim enter the game. The cinematic feel in some scenes is also enjoyable.

    I don't play video games. Maybe that's the reason I was unimpressed...
  • Even Kim Possible has an episode on a multiplayer online game!

    Vir-Tu-Ron was quite an exciting episode which continued from Grudge Match in which Ron is infatuated with Zita. He gets her to think he is good at a onluine game.

    I liked the episode very much and I was glad that such an episode was written because I have been waiting for an episode like this for months! Anyway, Wade although even if he didn't appear in person, he met Ron, Zita and Kim. Monique was a very minor character in this episode. I think Malcolm was an alright omly-episode villianer as I do not think he is ready to appear in future episodes.

    The only thing that I was really dkisappointed with the episode is the fact that the virtual world was very sharp-edgy. Other than that, this episode did quite well for itself.