Kim Possible

Season 3 Episode 7

Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama: Part 1

Full Episode: Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama: Part 1 (22:54)

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It's time for the Junior Prom; it's also time for the latest scheme from Dr. Drakken to take over the world. However, two things make this attempt different: First, Drakken has a plan that may actually succeed---much to the chagrin of Ron, because it involves a major makeover (and takeover) of Bueno Nacho. Second, the blue-skinned antagonist has been searching for a weakness in Kim, and he may have legitimately stumbled onto something.

This is one of the seminal movies/episodes in the series, as it leads to a very crucial development in Kim and Ron's relationship. Hints dropped in previous episodes come to fruition with "So the Drama".

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