Kimagure Orange Road

(ended 1998)




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Kimagure Orange Road

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Kyosuke Kasuga has recently transferred to a new school and while exploring town, he catches the hat of a dark-haired girl who he gets a crush on. He soon learns that the girl is Madoka the Pick, who can hold her own as a strong female lead. As Kyosuke tries to win Madoka's affections, he ends up attracting Madoka's best friend, Hikaru and thus setting up the classic love triangle for the series. Not only that, but the reason why Kyosuke has had to transfer schools so much is because he has special psychic powers that he'll have to use when he's in a bind. Kimagure Orange Road (or KOR) is one of the pioneering anime romantic comedies. It was released in the 1980's and crossed over to the US soon afterwards with the main series spanning 48 episodes, a followup OAV series and movies. Editor's Note: Many of the recaps here were TVTome legacy contributions so if you would like to rewrite them please PM the editor. Pleasemoreless