Kimba the White Lion

(ended 1967)




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Kimba the White Lion

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Kimba the White Lion was a Japanese-American co-production. Created by the "god of manga" Osamu Tezuka, directed by Eiichi Yamamoto, and produced originally at Mushi Productions, a large amount of the show's content was determined by the input from NBC Enterprises, and the show's English voices belonged to the top actors at Titan Productions. The original Kimba series was created in 1965, based loosely on Tezuka's 1950 manga, "Jungle Emperor" (Janguru Taitei). It was brought to US TV in 1966, and ran in syndication until 1978. The story centers on Kimba, a lion cub orphaned by hunters, who manages to return to his homeland. His father had worked to create a peaceful society of animals; Kimba realizes that for true peace, his father's idea must be extended to include peaceful relationships with humans. The story arc embraced Tezuka's guiding principle of love for all life.