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Kimba the White Lion

(ended 1967)



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Kimba the White Lion

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Kimba the White Lion was a Japanese-American co-production. Created by the "god of manga" Osamu Tezuka, directed by Eiichi Yamamoto, and produced originally at Mushi Productions, a large amount of the show's content was determined by the input from NBC Enterprises, and the show's English voices belonged to the top actors at Titan Productions. The original Kimba series was created in 1965, based loosely on Tezuka's 1950 manga, "Jungle Emperor" (Janguru Taitei). It was brought to US TV in 1966, and ran in syndication until 1978. The story centers on Kimba, a lion cub orphaned by hunters, who manages to return to his homeland. His father had worked to create a peaceful society of animals; Kimba realizes that for true peace, his father's idea must be extended to include peaceful relationships with humans. The story arc embraced Tezuka's guiding principle of love for all life.
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  • The Real King of the Jungle

    Even though I saw The Lion King way before I even knew Kimba existed I've always liked Kimba over the Lion King.The show is great,it has a good meaning to it and lovable characters.The was my favorite show when I was nine and I still love it.

    A lot of people diss this show but most of the people who say it's bad have never even seen it before or have only seen about one or two episodes of it.Kimba the White Lion is the original Lion King and has a deeper meaning to it than The Lion King.I really recommend giving this show a try.moreless
  • The plot bases in africa where man kills the king, Panja and young Leo continues his fathers legacy to become king.

    I good show I must Admit. Leo is a reall character whom learns respect among the jungle animals and the human's, despite them killing the animals. Problem with The Lion King, It misses the point of this; many fans of TLK give no appreciation to Tezuka for trying to teach our children the important and the conflicting relationship between animals and man. Okay, I know the idea of animals singing together in Leo's Orchestra is a bit daft but you think of TLK, it has no imagination, no passion among character, Simba never learns respect among animals or good rulership, but to take a pointless revenge on his father's death, that teaches our kids nothing. The Racisem in Jungle Emperor I do critic, a white lion fighting of a black lion is gone a bit too far, but thats the 1960's for ya. Leo learns that in rulership, you must respect your people, even if they want to brake the rules of Panja's law, by eating the animals in the jungle. Leo's a pure veggan and inforces a law where all carnivores eat veggies, strange XD. Good show ,good story and a better understanding, let kids see Leo first and let them know what big company's like disney do to originals.moreless
  • Who believes in doing good and doing right? Kimba the White Lion is the one!

    Wonderful! Just simply wonderful! This is such an awesome show! To me, it's the best anime show of the 60's! Kimba and Kitty are so cute together! Pauley Cracker is so funny! Mary is such a jerk! Roger is very kind. Dan'l Baboon is very wise. and Bucky is also funny comic relief! Anyone who watches this show will love it for generations! No wonder why my people love it so much! Who lives down in deepest darkest Africa? Who's the one who brought the jungle fame? Who's the king of animals in Africa? Kimba the white lion is his name!!moreless
  • Great anime of humble origin

    Kimba the White Lion was a mild anime that my sister enjoyed but then I managed to see the greatness of it as I watched it on one of the local channels. It followed the escapades of a talented and strong white lion cub who tragically lost his father to the rifles of hunters and his mother to the cruel wrath of the sea. He swam to Africa, remembering what his brave mother had told him and I almost cried the first time I saw that part with his mother in the stars of the night sky. From that point on, I watched and enjoyed several episodes of the series. It may seema little strange that a horror fan like myself would like a show intended for younger audiences, but I just love stories and adventures of lions and the concept of a white lion was just excellent. I thank Osamu Tezuka for this master work and I hope that maybe it will one day get as much recognition as its sister show Astro Boy.

    Plus, I like the development of the characters, particularly the budding friendship/romance of Kimba and Kitty (or Lea depending on which version of the show). I give this show a perfect score.moreless
  • I loved this show!

    I used to rush home from school to watch Kimba & Speedracer back in 1973.Kimba really moved me as a kid.His bravory and kindness was unmatched in animation geared twords young viewers.I was at a lose when they pulled it? Actually almost everything i liked as a kid didn't last long on tv.This is when i discovered i was among a minority of viewers.That my taste for shows was not mainstream.This is still true today.I actually used to play Kimba the white lion with a neighbour.My memories are a little foggy about alot of this time as i was only 6.But i felt a kinship with this character.And have warm memories of this show till this day.My children enjoyed Leo,which was available some years ago.And i believe it was created by the same writer as Kimba?Disney should be ashamed of itself for the theft of this character,with The Lion King.Or at least should have paid credit to the creator of Kimba,along with some cash too!moreless