Kimikiss: Pure Rouge

MBS (ended 2008)


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  • Season 1
    • Love Fighter
      Love Fighter
      Episode 25
      Megumi Kuryu questions the frivolity of love: its meaning, why people need, and more importantly, can a prefect such as herself experience it. Megumis thirst for enlightenment leads her into encounters with friends as she tries to find her answer.
    • and meet again
      and meet again
      Episode 24
      The Kibana School Festival is in full swing, however Kazuki is somewhat troubled because Eriko is nowhere to be found and he thinks it may have to do with Asuka. Elsewhere Kouichi and Yuumi spend their last day together but there's a weird atmosphere between the two and it may have something to do with Mao. What will be the culmination for these couples?moreless
    • miss you
      miss you
      Episode 23
      Akira has completed all the movie club's preparations for the school festival, so all that's left is for Yuumi and Koichi to enjoy their last day together. During the festival, Narumi's and Nana's Udon Association gets an unexpected guest and Kazuki is eagerly waiting for the friendly soccer match. Asuka has decided to confess to Kazuki once the match is over.moreless
    • time goes by
      time goes by
      Episode 22
      There's only 2 days till the school festival and Kazuki and Eriko are making arrangements on spending time together. At school Kazuki has noticed that Kouichi and Asuka have both been acting weird lately, so he tries to do what he can to help them. Asuka may have acquired her resolve to not do things half-heartedly but Kouichi is still brooding over Mao. The gang later through a farewell party for Yuumi.moreless
    • cutting memory
      cutting memory
      Episode 21
      Mao is already making preparations to move next Sunday, which leaves Kouichi feeling a bit empty inside whereas Kazuki pretty pleased now that he's back together with Eriko. At school everyone is busy preparing for the School Festival and even Nana and Narumi, with their Udon Association are making steady progress. Asuka soon learns of Kazuki and Eriko's reconcilement and she begins to regret her decision but let's hope this won't affect her performance, in the next unofficial match.moreless
    • uncontrollable
      Episode 20
      After running from the movie filming, Mao ends up meeting Eiji by coincidence where they happen to have a little talk. Elsewhere Kouichi is worried about Mao, also Yuumi is worried because she's sensed the feelings Mao and Kouichi have for each other. Back at school Kazuki continues to persevere with his one-sided love with Eriko but reaching her feelings may be a tough wall to scale.moreless
    • true heart
      true heart
      Episode 19
      The new school semester has begun but that is the least of Kouichi's worries, as he is still quite shaken up after Mao declared her love for him. Kazuki has been energetic as always, during his soccer practise but there are still the lingering thoughts of Eriko in his mind. All the classes are preparing for the upcoming school festival and everyone is working hard for it, including the Movie Club that still has the "kiss scene" remaining.moreless
    • rainy blue
      rainy blue
      Episode 18
      In the shocking rain, Mao has finally given in to her feelings and dumps Eiji. She returns home completed soaked and ends up with a fever the next day. Kazuki is lazying about when he suddenly gets a call from Asuka, asking to meet him but all she wanted to do was set him and Eriko up together. They go back to her place to have a chat. Kouichi continues to worry about Mao.moreless
    • her answer
      her answer
      Episode 17
      Kazuki has been taking time of practicing after being dumped by Eriko and Asuka is feeling worried, seeing how she caused it all. Kouichi and Yuumi have been spending the remainder of their summer together, yet he still feels somewhat lonely at home with Mao not being around. Lately Mao has been going out a lot with Eiji, trying to clear her head but she may be overwhelmed by her wavering emotions.moreless
    • stand in
      stand in
      Episode 16
      Mao is able to make it to Eiji's performance in the live concert but she's still feeling unsettled after seeing Kouichi kiss Yuumi. The next day everyone goes out to do some filming for the movie but halfway into it they are forced to take a break. With the next day being a day off, Kouichi and Yuumi go on a date to watch a movie in the cinema. Kazuki and Asuka have some practice together but he's been getting distracted lately and once she discovers the reason she confronts Eriko.moreless
    • now's the time
      now's the time
      Episode 15
      The filming for the movie has begun however it isn't going as smoothly as planned, having Yuumi as the lead heroine. So now a new heroine is needed and fast but the only person that comes to mind it Mao. Later Kouichi takes Yuumi to the beach for a whole day to have fun and Mao heads out to see Eiji perform in a live concert.moreless
    • summer holidays
      summer holidays
      Episode 14
      The Summer Holidays have arrived and Kouichi is trying to find ways to spend time with Yuumi and make memories with her, while he still can. Meanwhile Kazuki is practicing soccer and even after getting serious about it he still ends up as a sub for the upcoming practice match. It is later decided that Kouichi and Yuumi will be playing the lead roles in the movie, they are doing throughout summer.moreless
    • crossroad
      Episode 13
      With summer vacation fast approaching Kouichi somehow managed to finish the script for the movie. Kazuki has been really nice to Asuka lately and just when she starts to realize her feelings for him he tells her that he likes Eriko. Eiji notices something wrong with Mao today so he decides to take some time of to go out with her. Kouichi spends the whole day with Yuumi where she finally reveals, to Kouichi, what has been eating her up inside.moreless
    • passing rain
      passing rain
      Episode 12
      It's a new school day and Kouichi is somewhat worried about Yuumi, after what happened at the train station on the other hand Kazuki is in high spirits with things between him and Eriko going surprisingly well. After school Kouichi and Yuumi send some time together and she's even being somewhat forward, while back at school Kazuki and Asuka are practicing until when Asuka gets injured.moreless
    • tear drops
      tear drops
      Episode 11
      Everyone has been invited over to Mitsuki's mansion, to check out the location where parts of the movie would be filmed. There's uncomfortable atmosphere around Kouichi and Mao and they can't even talk to each other, after what happened the previous night. Yuumi has been feeling down as well and it could have something to do with the phone call before.moreless
    • miss tone
      miss tone
      Episode 10
      It's the weekend and Mao wakes up early after having a weird dream about Kouichi. Tired of the bad atmosphere, Kouichi heads out to the bookstore, where he runs into Eiji. Meanwhile Kazuki is having soccer practice with Asuka. The next day Mao goes out on a date with Eiji but Kouichi is stuck at home with a cold.moreless
    • water girls
      water girls
      Episode 9
      Everyone has met up to talk about the completed movie synopsis, which happens to be missing something but Kouichi is still thinking about the chance encounter with Mao together with Eiji. Then Akira spontaneously comes up with the idea to use the school's swim tournament to get a girl in a swimsuit for the movie.moreless
    • close to you
      close to you
      Episode 8
      Mao has been acting weird ever since the kiss she has with Eiji and not only her but Kazuki has been suspicious cheerful as well. Mao just can't seem to face Eiji so she does her best to avoid him in school but is later able to patch things up with him. After school whilst Kouichi is stuck with Akira, Kazuki goes to a ramen restaurant with Eriko.moreless
    • dear actress
      dear actress
      Episode 7
      The midterms are over so now it is time for them to think about the movie and seeing how Kouichi did a good job on the synopsis, what's left is to find an actress for the female lead. So they continue to discuss this is Narumi's family Udon restaurant. Kazuki feels that he is getting somewhere with Eriko, whereas Arika may have found someone to play the heroine in the movie.moreless
    • each melancholy
      each melancholy
      Episode 6
      Kazuki decides to continue the "experiment" with Eriko but before that he goes to make amends with Asuka. As a 3rd year student Mao is beginning to feel the strain as the first midterms are coming up, well she should be but she has no motivation whatsoever. So Kouichi and Kazuki decide to get everyone together for a study session, in the library.moreless
    • jump up
      jump up
      Episode 5
      Sunday has arrived and Mao goes on a date with Eiji, to a live jazz show. Kouichi is spending more and more time with Yuumi, using the movie club screenplay as a prerequisite. Kazuki has been agitated recently and even Mao has noticed, so she gives him some words of wisdom.moreless
    • step in
      step in
      Episode 4
      It's been a month since everyone went to the karaoke box together and Mao is annoyed at Kouichi, who hasn't made any progress with Yuumi. Meanwhile Mao has been receiving a lot of love letters recently but she only considers them to be a nuisance. Kazuki has soccer practice and like always he is doing things very half-heartedly compared to the star soccer player Asuka.moreless
    • book mark
      book mark
      Episode 3
      It's a new school day and Nana and her friend Narumi are messing about with their frogs. When Kouichi arrives with Mao, Nana uses this as a chance to invite Mao to welcoming party. With Nana, Mao, Narumi, Kazuki and Kouichi planning to go all they need are 2 more people, so it's all up to Kazuki and Kouichi to invite someone each.moreless
    • cool beauty
      cool beauty
      Episode 2
      Ever since he returned from school Kazuki has been thinking about the he had with Eriko and the words which followed. So the next day he asks for some info on her from Akira but is unable to get anything helpful. Today is also the first day for all the freshmen so Nana, who's able to make a new friend, will be joining him from now on. Later Mao notices Eiji playing the sax and is finally able to get through to him.moreless
    • meet again
      meet again
      Episode 1
      It's a bright, sunny day and Kouichi wakes up from a dream only to have a cute girl, he is doesn't seem to remember, intrude into his home. It is only until when his friend Kazuki arrives that he is able to remember that the girl is Mao who moved to France 2 years ago. But they didn't get much of a chance to catch up, because Kouichi and Kazuki are being forced to do something for the Movie Club. The next day is the opening ceremony for the Kibina high school and Mao will be transferring there.moreless
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