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Submission Guidelines ^_^

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    My Submission Guidelines ^_^

    To ensure that this guide remains neat and clean, please follow the guidelines below. I do not want to come off as harsh or cruel, but if any submission to this guide breaks at least one of the rules below, it will be rejected!! However, I will fix a submission for you (if possible) the first time. After that, I will reject it.

    Rules for My Guide Contributions:

    • Summaries: This is most likely a series that I am or will do summaries for, so make sure you ask first before submitting. If it's a currently airing series I may except it but will eventually edit it for my own once I see the episode myself. So unless I state otherwise, DO NOT WRITE ANY.
    • Re-caps: says the minimum is 100 words but personally I say around 300 words. Make sure recaps are of a decent length and are spell-checked and grammar-checked. If I see a good number of mistakes, I will reject the submission regardless of how long the recap is. Also, do not copy a recap from any site. Write your own. And, yes, I will check other sites to make sure. You may want to PM me ahead of time if you plan to write a recap.
    • Cast: You MUST have a valid source for guest stars and any crew, stated in your comment, if not I will reject your submission.
    • Notes: Plot points are not notes and I will reject them (example: Misty now sees Meia as a big sister). Plot points go in the recap. Notes should be "off-screen" information. The type of note I will always accept are:
      Foreign Titles (example: Original Japanese Title: Majin ga mezameru Hi)
      Opening and Ending themes (example: Opening Theme: "O2" by ORANGE RANGE )
      Original Airdates, when the guide has the English dub airdate (example: Original Japanese Airdate: April 24, 2007)
      Character introductions will be accepted, but please include them in one note. If you notice some are there, but are incomplete, do not contribute a new note to add them, instead edit the existing note, etc.
    • Quotes: Please use the proper tags (< b >< /b >: without the spaces) and the proper name spellings from the guide cast list (example: Akira:...) You do not need to write their full name. Quote can either be submitted from the English dub or from the Japanese version. Lastly, make sure they are accurate and the quote itself usually should start of with the context on the situation, especially single line quotes (example: (Rin tells him about Summer School)).
    • Trivia: Trivia are small details or goofs (mess-ups) in a particular episode, they can be things you noticed "on-screen". Once again, do not submit plot points here.
    • Allusions: Be careful with allusions! They must be in the proper format (that's the name of the character or whatever is being referenced in bold. Follow this up be typing in the explanation.) Remember, an allusion must allude something from another form of media (TV show, comic, manga, historical, etc).

    Here are examples of proper submmissions made in my guides:

    Summary & Re-cap (ef - A Tale of Memories)

    Cast / Crew (Kanon)

    Quotes (Shuffle!)

    Notes (Code Geass)

    Trivia (Zettai Karen Children)

    Allusions (Lucky Star)

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