Kimora The B From Hell

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    Kimora Lee Simmons has a serious problem when it comes too treating people with respect.I watch her show Life in the Fab Lane in when I saw how she talk too people I just wanted too punch her in the face.I mean she has people beneath her like she the Queen of the USA.But she a excellent mom.The way she did Malroy I didn't think Malroy was going too last.The ways she pops that gym while she talk too you.She got Brandon running up in down the stairs of her Mansion like its no tomorrow.They have too pack all of the clothes she chose too travel with.She be having at least thirty bag each just too travel.Then she gave Sandra a new position and got another assistant too replace her she told that assistant to peel her orange.Help her take off her boots.I think this frame and wealth is going through her head.I thought Kimora was a sweet person.I use too be a fan of her.I don't understand how some of her employee can live under the same roof as her.I would have too have my own place and report to work everyday.Do those people even get two days off.Do they even have a life on there own.Thats all I have too say
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