Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane

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  • A look into the life of Kimora Lee, mother of two beautiful girls..and oh, yeah, a fashionista!

    I really didn't think I liked Kimora Lee, especially after her interview with "Vanity Fair". She came off as pompus, selfish and quite a bore. This TV show has turned it around for me however. Kimora is very "tongue in cheek" about her "Fab" life and can be really funny most of the time. Her daughters are just gems, and they alone are reason to watch! Kimora goes through the 'daily' life of having to be "fab"--and we get to take the ride. She goes to France, buys a 15million dollar abode and yells at her assistants. It's done very well as reality shows of "the stars" go. Interesting and never dull. She actually comes off as someone you'd like to have lunch with. Well, if you were glam that is!