Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane

Style Network Premiered Aug 05, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • She may be Fabulous as a person, but her show is just at par

    Kimora Lee Simmons: mother of 2, ex runway model,ex fashion plate and ex to music mogul Russell Simmons. That is where the description should probably end. Another good ex to add to the list would be reality star. Life in the Fab Lane isn't all it should be. Seeing Kimora boss around her staff like a junior Leoni Helmsley isn't really cute or fab, for that matter. Most of all, the show isn't that interesting. I commend her for being able to start a multi-million dollar corporation, but does that necessarily mean she needs a show-I don't think so. Maybe like another overexposed mogul whose into shameless self promotion (*cough* Donal Trump), she should leave the reality shows to washed up rockers and has been B-list actors.