Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane - Season 1

Style Network Premiered Aug 05, 2007 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Kimora Cam-Pain
    Kimora Cam-Pain
    Episode 1
    In this brand new series, we are introduced to the fabulous life of Kimora Lee Simmons as she and her staff attempt to handle her hectic career and lifestyle. The one-hour premiere follows Kimora and company as she deals with scheduling conflicts, the execution of a new KLS collection campaign, and the creation of the Kimora Barbie doll. Plus, see the mom side of this mogul in action as she works with her ex-husband Russell Simmons, attempts to stay in shape and spend quality time with her kids.moreless
  • Fierce and Fabulous
    The first episode of the new series, Kimora takes you behind the scenes of her life as a fashion icon and a mother. In this particular episode, James, Kimora's Senior Director of Marketing, has to put together an ad campaign in which James has to try to stay under the budget.moreless
  • Vanity Flair
    Vanity Flair
    Episode 2
    Kimora tries to get on the cover of Source Magazine. Meanwhile, the Vanity Fair party is coming up and Kimora wants to wear one of the dresses from her new KLS collection but the problem is Brian, her agent, already gave that dress to another celebrity. Will Kimora find another dress in time for the party?moreless
  • The Devil Wears Baby Phat
    In this episode, Kimora wins the title of Designer of the Year but the problem is she doesn't really know how she is going to set up her acceptance speech. Meanwhile, James, has to find a new assistant for Kimora.
  • Kimora Knows she Cannes
    Kimora launches her new KLS collection to Europe at the Cannes Festival. Meanwhile, the new assistant Mallory is put under pressure when she needs to find last-minute items for the models in time for the festival.
  • Secrets
    Episode 5
    Kimora shares her secrets on how to be fabulous and other life long lessons. She also talks about her earlier days of modeling.
  • Keepin it Real Estate
    Kimora is at her home in Los Angeles with her two daughters and she does not feel as though she could call her current house a home so she calls her real estate agent and has him find her a home within 3 days. Can the Real Estate Agent find Kimora a home in time before she finds another agent?moreless
  • In Store for Fabulosity
    Kimora throws a launch party for her Hello Kitty jewelry line that involves EVERYONE. From Feng Shui to young painters, this episode takes place in L.A. with Kimora Lee Simmons, Russel Simmons, Ming Lee and Aoki Lee, James, and B.J.
  • Kiddie Coture
    Kiddie Coture
    Episode 7
    Kimora introduces a new clothing line for her daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee as well as throw a fashion show for their new collection.