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Kindred: The Embraced

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Kindred: The Embraced was a prime-time drama by Aaron Spelling that revolved around the lives and loves of the clan-based vampire society of San Francisco. The series was inspired by the role-playing game Vampire: the Masquerade by Mark Rein Hagen but took many liberties such as allowing vampires who have recently fed to withstand sunlight. The many changes from the source material alienated some fans of the game, and the series never found its mainstream audience, ending after only seven episodes had aired.

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  • Perfect Setting & Vampire Romanticism at it's finest

    Like others say maybe a different day and time frame would have made the me it ranks up there with "true blood".
  • Kindred-The Embraced was a unique take on age old Vampire mythology. A series that was years ahead of its time.

    Kindred-The Embraced was a series that was never given a chance to grow in popularity. It was a unique retelling of that age old Vampire mythology. It presented an actual sub-culture of Vampires that lived among humans in The Masquerade-a series of laws and customs that governed the behavior of The Kindred(the term the Vampires used for their own description). Mark Frankel,in the role of the Vampire Prince,Julian Luna,was perfection. He radiated just the right amount of mystery and sex appeal(as we know all good Vampires must). Frankel's best quality was his use of his eyes to express his emotional torment. Not many actors have ever done this better. Jeff Kober,as Daedalus,the ancient Nosferatu,was beyond amazing. Kober brought the character a sense of world weariness,along with a heartbreaking vulnerability. Deadalus could be ruthless when called for,but he had a side that longed for love just as the rest of the human-looking Kindred. Mr. Kober,knew his character well and exactly how to bring Daedalus off without creating a vampiric stereotype. Kindred-The Embraced was about a decade ahead of its time. If appearing now,series probably would have a much better chance at a longer run. It is also sweet fodder for a large screen treatment-if only the folks in Hollywood could keep to the original television essence and theme. The series is out on DVD-get it. You will not be disappointed!!!moreless
  • A new take on the vampire genre. In San Fransico, 5 clans of vampires work together to keep the masquerade while contributing to society.

    As a fan of the vampire genre, I enjoyed this show and thought it wasn't given a fair shot, canceled after 8 episodes.

    Kindred: The Embraced centers around 5 vampire "clans" in modern day San Francisco. The Ventrue are the leaders and businessmen of the masquerade in SF. The Gangrel are the muscles. The Toreador are the artists, the Nosferatu are the most like the "typical" vampire and are the most ancient of the clans. The Bruja are the thugs, much like the "mob". Julian Luna the "progenitor, or head, of the Ventrue and the Prince of the city. Julian ended the clan war and keeps peace.

    Julian's biggest rival is Eddie, progenitor of the Bruja. He and his clan despise Julian and want to reinstate the clan war and make Eddie prince. Caught in the middle of all this are Caitlin, a reporter with the San Fransisco Chronicle, Frank, a SF detective and Sasha, Julian's niece. Julian and Caitlin fall in love which makes her an automatic target for Julian's enemies. Frank's lover used to be Julian's as well, and when she died, Frank made it his mission to destroy Julian. Eventually they agreed to an uneasy truce in order to bring down Eddie. Sasha and the progenitor of the Gangrel clan, Cash, fall in love. Julian gives Cash permission to embrace her, however, the Bruja beat him to it.

    There is also a sub-plot involving Julian, Caitlin and Lillie, the progenitor of the Toreador clan. She and Julian were also lovers. Then Julian fell for Caitlin and Lillie was left out in the cold. Although she could have had anyone else, she was extremely jealous of Caitlin. She enjoyed being at the side of the Prince of SF. Kindred: The Embraced ended it's run with a storyline focusing on Julian's past as a assassin for his mentor Archon. On Archon's orders, he slaughtered many Kindred. He was targeted by one of victims who survived. When he returns to his mansion, he finds that Archon has been killed as revenge. An enjoyable series. The clan idea was original and interesting.moreless
  • a show about vampires living like normal among us ,but battling with other vampire clans .and the prince who is trying to keep control, while others are plotting his destruction.while he falls in love with a mortal who can never find out about them.moreless

    Kindred The Embraced well i bought the dvd watched the first episode and thought great storyline, but effects were poor . watched the second episode and much better, by the end i wanted to see more.for its time it was pretty well done, think how it would look if made today,It would be awsome.

    i feel moonlight took a few ideas from this show and look how popular it is. (vampires,girl reporter and immortal falls in love with mortal)

    I just think having the different clans and the politics was great, as vampires are meant to have different poweres and strenghs.

    I say Kindred the embraced was a brilliant show for its time "bring on more vamp shows "moreless
  • Good premise fauled by incompetence all around. This is best described as half hearted mixture of some chechkoslovakian gypsy drama and love soap opera. The whole "masquerade" seems kind of a stamped upon make believe even the actors don't take seriously.moreless

    Watched 3 episodes and that's all I can take. Have played the RPG game "Vampire: the masquerade" which this series is supposedly based on. The strength of the RPG was its strong athmosphere and therefore this series should have done something right.

    Well, as today it's already 10 years from its production so we know that the series got trashed on its first season as it deserved to. But all the same here my reasons why it deserved to be trashed:

    If you have seen tv series like "Bold and the Beautiful" or similar soap dramas then this series won't provide anything new. Some "bunny loveheart" producer decided that lets copy the old trusty concept, spice it up a bit with "exotic" vampirism and whip it up with crap budget.

    The storyline is the same old endless trappings of love, betrayal and fake tears you have seen thousand times in soap operas executed in the most predictable stereotypical ways imaginable. You can always guess what the next turn is going to be lot before it happens and you just get bored to wait it to play out in the screen.

    The music must be copied from some cheap unlabeled drama as well as the staging equipment. Bollywood also have extremely cheap budgets but they have a lot better music to offer. Shame on the producers. The game have lot more intense and imaginative backgrounds and a real composed music scores.moreless

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