Kindred: The Embraced

FOX (ended 1996)


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  • Good premise fauled by incompetence all around. This is best described as half hearted mixture of some chechkoslovakian gypsy drama and love soap opera. The whole "masquerade" seems kind of a stamped upon make believe even the actors don't take seriously.

    Watched 3 episodes and that's all I can take. Have played the RPG game "Vampire: the masquerade" which this series is supposedly based on. The strength of the RPG was its strong athmosphere and therefore this series should have done something right.

    Well, as today it's already 10 years from its production so we know that the series got trashed on its first season as it deserved to. But all the same here my reasons why it deserved to be trashed:

    If you have seen tv series like "Bold and the Beautiful" or similar soap dramas then this series won't provide anything new. Some "bunny loveheart" producer decided that lets copy the old trusty concept, spice it up a bit with "exotic" vampirism and whip it up with crap budget.

    The storyline is the same old endless trappings of love, betrayal and fake tears you have seen thousand times in soap operas executed in the most predictable stereotypical ways imaginable. You can always guess what the next turn is going to be lot before it happens and you just get bored to wait it to play out in the screen.

    The music must be copied from some cheap unlabeled drama as well as the staging equipment. Bollywood also have extremely cheap budgets but they have a lot better music to offer. Shame on the producers. The game have lot more intense and imaginative backgrounds and a real composed music scores.
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