Kindred: The Embraced

Season 1 Episode 3

The Nightstalker

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Unknown on FOX
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The Nightstalker
A schizophrenic madman, Starkweather, is embraced and goes on a rampage with his newly discovered powers. Julian wants him stopped before he is captured and the truth about him is discovered. He enlists the aid of Frank and Cash to help him in his hunt for Starkweather.moreless

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  • Daedalus falls in love.

    Julian declares yet another blood hunt for a Kindred after a mental patient is turned into a vampire and goes on a killing spree.

    Cash tried to show the newbie vamp the ways of the Kindred with feed only.. not kill. This doesn't work on a schizophrenic patient now vamp and Julian and Frank have to team up to try to stop the psycho.

    Daedalus pulls Phantom of the Opera act on a singer, Elaine, who is performing at club Haven. After she sees his true face after a night together she freaks out and calls the cops saying that the murderer was the one who was with her. When he hears about this it all leads to a showdown at Haven and Julian has to put the psycho down with Kindred justice.

    Not the best episode and nothing really happened. Won't have to watch this one again for a long time.moreless

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    • Cash: You take what you need and nothing more. You take more, you'll want more, pretty soon humans will notice. Humans can never know we're here. It's the Masquerade. Without it they'd hunt us down until we were dead.

      Starkweather: Well, I'll hunt them down, won't I?

    • Caitlyn (to Julian): Why is it we always want what's bad for us?

    • Cash (to Starkweather): I'll protect you. I'll get you what you need.

    • Daedalus: I love her, but how can she love me when I look like this?
      Julian: Daedalus, some things are not meant to be changed.

    • Starkweather (to Cash): I met this chick in the therapy ward, she's cute... dark... like that. So we we're, you know, doing it in the closet and she starts to get kinda rough. And I guess that's when things got a little...weird. She had this fingernail, like a claw, and she ripped my chest open. I tried to fight her but she was really strong. I just blacked out. When I woke up she was gone. I had blood on my mouth, but I don't think it was mine.

    • Starkweather(to Cash): They drugged me. I want to devourer them.

    • Cash(to Starkweather): Your body doesn't feel like it's your body anymore, like you've got a hole inside you that nothing can fill. Your senses are sharper than ever and even though everyone around you says that you've lost all touch with reality.

    • Julian: I am the Prince of this city. You have violated my laws.

      Starkweather: I used to look forward to dying, not any more though. I like what I am now.

      Julian: Death is where you belong. It's the only place you'll ever find peace.

    • Julian: She makes beautiful music.
      Daedalus: It's not the music. It's what's behind it. She's trying to tell us something.

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