Black Family Channel (ended 2006)


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Just about everybody would like to know what it's like to be a king. Then again, what if you're only 12, and the door to your kingdom is in your bedroom? That's when things start to get a little weird… Most kids have old socks and dust bunnies under their beds, but 12-year-old Russell Wright finds something completely different -- a secret portal that leads to a fantastic kingdom where Russell is chosen to be…ta da…the King! The Kingdom of "Under" is loaded with quirky characters and endless adventures. Unfortunately, every king has his enemies, and Russell and his wise cracking Westie Gus, are up to their royal necks in them. Take Bob Wire and Auntie First, for example: they'd just love to snatch the crown from the new king. There's no shortage of other baddies, too, waiting to ambush Russell on his strange and wonderful adventures; but with the help of his merry Under band, Loopy, the fun-loving court jester, Vernon, Under's Official Finder Outer and Adviser to the King, and the brave ex-princess Populah, Russell finds fun, excitement and the meaning of leadership in this strange land. And what a strange land it is! Russell, and the viewers who dare to come along, will discover creatures like the Frags, Hoverbeasts, the Skysquid, Slythers, and cow-sized monsters that live in the sea. Not exactly what Russell was expecting when his family moved to the `burbs. But with his new subjects to guide him, and his loyal friends beside him, Russell discovers that it's good to be king.moreless