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  • Escape to a world of your own.

    A show where a boy can escape his problems, or just to get away for fun. Going to school for certain people can be difficult, especially for people who have been bullied. Don't know what thats like. but anyways. After getting teased by Cliff he has to go home and endure more Cliff, who, being the former ruler of under, is trying to get back in. So he goes to under where he has to take on more responsibilities, being the king and all. But still though the show is fun to watch. He gets away from all is troubles by going to a secret world. Something a lot of kids would like to do.
  • *Crowd turns to Explode50* Reporter: Explode50, what do you think of this show. Explode50:'s alright......... Crowd: *GASP!*

    Explode50: yeah I think this show is alright
    Reporter: But explode50! It's so crazy!
    Explode50: yeah but that's what makes it good. Wayside is is wacky and I wrote a review on it and gave it an 8.2
    Crowd: *GASP!*
    Reporter: If you like it so much tell us what you think about the show.
    Explode50: I can't really tell if life is harder there or easier. I mean, feeding blueprints to a monster and it spits out seed that grow what the blue print shows. That's awesome. Huge monsters attacking. That sucks.
    Reporter: How could you give such a show a rating of 6.5, It's so horrible!.
    Explode50: It's the kind of show that you watch when nothings on (well there's nothing on at 12:30 in Alberta), and I still don't know what Bob wire means when he calls people frags (Maybe he means f*gs).
    Reporter: Thank you explode50 for letting me interview you.

    Storylines: Original (but in a weird way)-8.6
    Characters: Interesting, I guess-7.8
    Animation: Not so good-7.2
    Theme song: I hate it, I just hate it-2.5