Black Family Channel (ended 2006)


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  • *Crowd turns to Explode50* Reporter: Explode50, what do you think of this show. Explode50:'s alright......... Crowd: *GASP!*

    Explode50: yeah I think this show is alright
    Reporter: But explode50! It's so crazy!
    Explode50: yeah but that's what makes it good. Wayside is is wacky and I wrote a review on it and gave it an 8.2
    Crowd: *GASP!*
    Reporter: If you like it so much tell us what you think about the show.
    Explode50: I can't really tell if life is harder there or easier. I mean, feeding blueprints to a monster and it spits out seed that grow what the blue print shows. That's awesome. Huge monsters attacking. That sucks.
    Reporter: How could you give such a show a rating of 6.5, It's so horrible!.
    Explode50: It's the kind of show that you watch when nothings on (well there's nothing on at 12:30 in Alberta), and I still don't know what Bob wire means when he calls people frags (Maybe he means f*gs).
    Reporter: Thank you explode50 for letting me interview you.

    Storylines: Original (but in a weird way)-8.6
    Characters: Interesting, I guess-7.8
    Animation: Not so good-7.2
    Theme song: I hate it, I just hate it-2.5