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  • King and Maxwell Go Bye Bye

    Well I am always looking for shows to watch when my regularly scheduled programs go away for a couple weeks due to holidays or summer break etc. King and Maxwell was on my list of one to try. I have to say that after a couple of episodes, they really started to grow on me and I was also really happy to see Opi from SOA in the second half of the season!! I really missed him and thought it was really neat to see him playing such a different role than the one of teddy bear biker gang guy! I also love MaxwellI watched him in The Closer as an FBI agent and really just adored him!! In this new role he was also cute and scruffy and his easy to watch mannerisms are still there and going strong. So that said, I am sad that this one only made it through one 10 episode season!! It was good but just not good enough I guess!! I never did see it on any commercials or online anywhere so they obviously did not market it well enough at all! I have two more episodes left to watch and I will watch them slowly so I can make it last just like that last bite of cheesecake!!
  • Great Show !!!

    This 70 Yr. Young & younger wife loved it. Good old time crime drama with fun & believable characters and situations. Perhaps it lacked the Glitz, Sex, Violence that attracts the youth / young adults of today, and that resulted in low ratings, because way too many of our generation do not express their opinions in forums of this type.

    SAD to see it go........
  • Cute throwback to another time

    This old fashioned crime show reminds me of the light-hearted detective fair of my youth, although its premise is less gimmicky than that of shows like Remington Steele. The show is breezy and light, and so far looks like it might be inclined to avoid that "will they or won't they" shtick found in almost every male-female TV partnership (except Warehouse 13).

    The show is amusing and the leads are likable, although Rebecca Romijn is a little too perfect looking; who chases a bad guy for two blocks and winds up perfectly put together without a drop of sweat? But then, that's also how things worked in those old crime shows.

    True, its completely insubstantial, but it's such a blast from my past that I can't help but enjoy it.
  • Has potential...

    This show is not bad, it definitely has potential and the lead actors have great chemistry. But with the multitude of cop/detective drams on television, any new cop show needs to be awesome.
  • Tis amazingly mediocre

    This show does not work on any than it has a terrific lead in. Scripts are mundane, and the cutsie-done-to-death banter between the two is nap time. The actor doing Edgar is completely un-convincing. FBI chief is just walking through it. They got zip.
  • Chemisty abounds

    Love the chemistry between the two lead actors. Just spare me any photos of Obama in the been done to nausea m by Hollywood since the guy got elected in every frig-gin show! Gag me!
  • Am stoked for this show BUT...

    I loved the whole concept behind the show. so far he lines and the plots have been meh. Only one I like so far is Edgar the thought of a computer savant working with these 2 has been the only bright sport. Monday is parked with new stuff .so its hard for me to justify watching this as honestly I find some of the dialogue especially between King and Maxwell lame infantile puerile .

    TNT usually gets it right I hope they remedy this and fast or this will be one more for the cancellation.

    PS: And King not carrying his gun everytime is lame especially when they get into dangerous situations too feel like smacking him.